30 Things I Wish I Knew At 20!

1- You cannot rely on people, always rely on yourself.

2- Forgiveness is optional, but always recommended.

3- Be aware of your emotional field and that emotions are swirling around you during a difficult time. This helps to keep the negative emotions at bay (and gives you clarity of thought).

4- Try to remain present as much as possible. Thoughts in your mind are just that…thoughts.

5- Try to be more tolerant of your friends. You'll never know when you might need them in the future.

6- Life is all about creation, so create. Try to reduce the things that are done for you and instead learn to enjoy the process of creation (this should stop laziness).

7- Try to learn the art of appreciation. When a moment goes, that it…It's gone! (you won't get it back).

8- Your parents did what they thought was right, so try not to judge them (this will get easier when you get older).

9- While spiritual time is infinite, physical life is short, especially when it comes to sport. If you want to be a pro athlete, best to get into a healthy body routine quickly.

10- Keeping your fitness is simple when you're young, but requires a thing called, ‘effort' when you're older.

11- Try not to judge other people or celebrities, and stay in your heart-space instead. While it may bring cosmetic reward initially, keeping your heart-space is always better (and more healthier to your body).

12- Fashion fads come and go, but class and integrity is always important.

13- Try to keep using your brain smartly. In college, it gets plenty of stimulus, but when you're older, self-education suddenly becomes key (and you'll never know what gem you'll pick up).

14- They say that a healthy mind equals tidy surroundings. That is so true, so get into a habit of keeping yourself hygienic and tidy (and you'll feel better as a result).

15- Learn to appreciate an individuals evolution, especially when it comes to their image. It keeps judgment at bay (and you may start to like them more).

16- Learn the art of melodrama dissociation. Put simply, this is about disassociating emotionally from other peoples personal dramas (especially family). Still send them love, but remain centered at all times. It's better for your heart and your ego!

17- Learn to realize that although there are a lot of scoundrels and murderers out there, there are always people who are sweet and kind as well. Therefore don't be cynical. It gives you a poor representation of society.

18- Learn to recognize and then change your beliefs that don't serve you. Take time out during each weekend to do some, ‘inner work' . Trust me, it's worth it!

19- People have egos and run programs all the time. Therefore, don't take their criticisms emotionally and personally. In most cases, they secretly care about you (otherwise they won't waste their effort).

20- Learn to keep in touch with old friends from college. You'll be surprised how often you'll think about them when you're older.

21- Learn how to be patient. There is no such thing as a quick fix. Things do take time.

22- Try to be rigorous when it comes to following your dreams, but don't be delusional. Be aware of the consequences and the changes of reality while you pursue, and always try to be practical.

23- Learn to see people as extensions to your self. It's great for your heart (and keeps you nearly present).

24- It's one thing to fantasize, it's another to visualize. Learn the difference, and then use it to attempt change in your life.

25- Try to make a person feel important every day. You'll be surprised at the outcome.

26- Do something that makes you come alive. We need more people to come alive on this planet, and you get to feel young at the same time…two for the price of one!

27- Try to learn free methods to keeping your cool… Trust me, it's worth it!

28- Try to set your goals as small as possible when you're starting out, especially if you are unmotivated. This saves a lot of headache.

29- On the subject of goals, it goes without saying that you should never give up, and keep moving forward. But on the other side of the coin, it also goes without saying that you should always learn from your mistakes.

30- One last point, try the art of smiling at a stranger, at least a few times a day. You'll never know the impact it may have on their lives (and should put you into a good mood for a few seconds at least;-)

By Julian

Julian Sirian is a personal development blogger. His blog, Healingbymind.com is dedicated in helping people lead a happier, healthier lifestyle by using natural methods as well as psychological, spiritual and weight loss/fitness techniques.

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