6 Ways to get your confidence back if you suffer from anxiety!

Millions of people worldwide suffer from an anxiety condition, which means that millions of people have confidence issues as well.

Suffering from lack of confidence will have a debilitating affect on your life, and severely limits your work productivity to your social circles.

Yet people who have successfully recovered have gone on to enjoy greater confidence and have learn’t how to re-take their life back.

Confidence is a priceless commodity. With it, you can enjoy life more fully, have more experiences, and be more happier and healthier in mind, body and spirit.

But if you do suffer from an anxiety disorder, confidence will seem like an alien concept. Lets look at 6 ways you can bring confidence into your life, so you are more engaged in life actively and are leading a healthier mind.

1 – Take small steps to being with.

Sounds obvious, suffering from an anxiety disorder means that even the most slightest challenge will seem like a big deal to you, so take it easy! Learn to start small, and actually congratulate yourself once who have successfully completed one task!

2 – Learn to recognize the anxiety and accept it.

This is going to feel painful and even feel dangerous. But the thing this, accepting the feeling of anxiety, and trying to be comfortable with it is a secret that many recoverers have found.

Of course, this isn’t easy to begin with, and you will stumble and fall a few times. Try to be kind to yourself, and say ‘I can do this’ and carry on. The feelings of anxiety will pass, which leads me to…

3 – Be more nice to yourself!

Sounds weird, but your self talk is crucial to the road of recovery.

You must learn to put the effort in consciously, and replace any negative self-talk with positive ones.

Initially this will feel weird (your subconscious doesn’t like change) but if you keep going, you will find the self talk easier, which will ultimately promote compassion and then confidence

4 – Be more active with exercise.

You may not think it, but to have more confidence, you need to feel good. Nothing beats an increase in Endorphin production in your brain, than that of exercise.

This can be anything, of course, but try to go walking in woods, or skipping. If you are feeling adventurous, a great way to increase your Endorphin levels (and also increases the release of Human Growth Hormone when you sleep) is sprinting. Sprinting itself has numerous benefits, and one of them is to have a healthier body, which in turn will lead to a healthier mind.

5 – Improve your posture.

Your physiology is of great importance to recovering from anxiety, and has the added benefit of actually influencing your thought pattern.

While it may sound strange, try to get into a habit of sitting straight, with shoulders back and your chin held up slightly high. When done correctly, you should feel a nice warm feeling coming from your chest (heart chakra opening up) and you will feel slightly more confident and even motivated and focused.

6 – Practice overcoming obstacles.

This will take place once you have practiced the above for about a month, you’ve learn’t how to accept the recovery, and your more nicer to yourself.

Learn to practice overcoming challenges, so when they inevitably crop up, you are not unprepared. It can be anything, life rehearsing being more assertive to a bad co-worker, to being more kind and forgiving to a mean parent or friend.

By rehearsing overcoming these challenges, this will also help increase your confidence, and you will also learn another valuable skill: learning to say, ‘no’ when you need it!

Try the above out, and you should find that your confidence levels will improve within a short span of time.

Anxiety does knock the confidence out of you, but by using small, manageable techniques, you can learn to recover from anxiety, be more confident in the process, and learn to love your self and life again.

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