About Me

Hi, my name is Julian Sirian. I am the founder of HealingByMind.com

JulianSo, you suffer from anxiety and depression, and yet, want to connect to your higher self to lead a more abundant and peaceful lifestyle…you are in the right place!

You see, many people suffer from depression and Stress (stress causing the US economy over $299 billion yearly!) and yet, many people are also discovering that they have a higher self that guides them to make better decisions and lead a more healthier and loving lifestyle.

There is a gap between people who want to heal their anxiety condition, and people who want to learn to meditate and bring themselves closer to their higher self.

Well, I'm here to bridge that gap!

With this blog, you will learn:

  • How to connect to your higher self using the quickest and simplest methods available
  • Learn how to recognize your little voice within
  • Learn how to dissolve fear-base scenarios and create a more healthier and loving atmosphere
  • How to use an inner energy (that we all have) to help create more of a lifestyle that you choose
  • What the Chakras are, and how they can help you

…plus much more

But fear not, if you suffer from anxiety conditions such as a general anxiety disorder or suffer from panic attacks or depression and want help, I've got you covered!

You see, I wanted to have a blog which helps connect people who want to help their anxiety condition, with learning to recognize and connect to their higher self. A sort of panic-to-spiritual haven!

But why me, when there is so much great information out there!

Well, you see that's the problem. There is a lot of information on the web concerning anxiety related issues, as well as spiritual stuff.

I'm here to marry the two.

You see, I've suffered my fair share of panic attacks and anxiety related conditions, ever since the late nineties. I've suffered from panic attacks, social anxiety, anxiety related depression, OCD, clinical depression and even suicide ideation!

Now, I apologize if this sounds way too deep, and let me assure you that after many years, and reading and testing many exercises, I now lead a more happier life. Of course, I'm not perfect, and do sometimes fall into the old habits every now and again, which leads me to another thing…

Brutal honesty!

Look, I'm going to be straight up front, I'm not 100% fully recovered. I still have the odd panic attack once a year (very small, believe me) and I still have a few anxiety-related depression, ‘sessions' every now and again (usually after a bad night sleep…yes, sleep is that important).

But after trying many self-help therapies, I will advise you on the ones that work really well, based on good ol'fashioned hardcore nitty-gritty experience.

So, if you want to hear and read from someone is a perfectly healed from every anxiety condition, this blog may not be for you…

But if you want to hear from someone who is honest, and knows some of the best techniques available, this blog is definitely for you!

If you do want to hear my full story from the grass roots up, you can of course check it out here.

If you have any problems/Issues, you can always contact me at:  support-at-healingbymind.com.

If you would like to hear more from me, just send a blank email to awlist4329796@aweber.com and I will put you onto my mailing list.

I'll see you on the other side;-)

 Julian Sirian