Julians Story- Part 1

Part 1- My Early Years

I wanted to explain where I came from and how I became spiritual, so that people realize that I know what I’m talking about. Too often I’ve put my trust in people without knowing their history, only to be led down a, ‘dark alleyway’. I don’t want this to happen to you!

I  grew up with a form of dyspraxia, where I didn’t speak till I was 5 years old. Apparently (I’ve been told) I was, ‘normal’ until about 6 weeks after I was born, then there were some discoveries. I had been, ‘wired’ slightly differently to the babies of my age, and the doctors soon discovered that I was a bit, ‘different’

I choose to describe it like this, as I believe that we are all different and to be honest I’m getting sick of people saying that there is something, ‘wrong’ with a child, just because they exhibit behaviour which isn’t, ‘normal’. But, back in those days I was none the wiser, so I accepted that I had a, ‘problem’ with blind faith.

The autism I apparently had, was a form of, ‘Aspergers Syndrome’ (although a recent medical report was to later say otherwise). Now Aspergers wasn’t as common as it was in the 1970′s to the 1980′s, so I was a rare find indeed!!!

I don’t remember much of my childhood, although I was very sensitive and cried a lot. I do remember having a lot of fun, and also having a girlfriend for a short amount of time (around a couple of weeks, but we were both too young to know what a proper relationship was;-) I suppose other kids were not used to my sensitivity, but I did still manage to make friends, and go on some cool holidays with my primary school. I’d just figured that I would get by ok, and didn’t worry about my future (too much).

I did witness my parents having arguments a few times, and this would later install beliefs that relationships wasn’t to be trusted. But, at the time, I tried to get along, and generally found the road easy going.

But people did misunderstand me, and this would be reflective in my high school years.