Part 4- Out-of-body experiences, the ‘now’ and the future…

I had come across the concept of astral projection in 2009, but didn’t know much about it. I had watched, ‘The Secret’ and was introduce to the concept of the law of attraction, but didn’t know much about how your thoughts did create. I had even brought and read, ‘Conversations with God’ by Neale Donald Walsh, and although I found the concepts easy to understand, at the time it seemed to have little practical use.

I was still worried every day I went to work, and worried when I went to bed. I was still scared of alien abductions, poltergeists and all sorts of weird stuff. I even remember waking up, and hearing a voice saying, ‘He’s waiting, he’s ready’ At the time I was seriously scared, and thought I was going to be abducted. I tried to say to myself, ‘I’m not waiting’, but somehow my thoughts were weak and I was tired.

It wasn’t until 2011 that a very strange event took place. I remember waking up, but very drowsy (don’t you just love it when that happens;-). I was worried about being abducted (as always…) and falling half-asleep.

Suddenly, two hands pulled my feet, and I went towards the wall opposite my bed! I half-went through the wall, and then got stuck. I panicked and immediately snapped back into my body. Was this an out-of body experience? I was silently worried, but also now very curious. The event took, what, a minute to take place? And that was it!

I pondered the experience. Was it really a dream? In my own bedroom? C’mon! I’ve never dreamt about my bedroom! A couple of months later and I woke up, slightly vibrating inside. It was the morning, and the sun had come up. I was drifting off to sleep, when I floated above my body, and saw three splashes of paint on my wardrobe.

They were all showing clips of pictures, but they were moving very quickly. I suspected that the quickest one was of my previous life, the slower one was my current life, and the largest one was of possible future lives, but I wasn’t sure. The splashes wern’t that big, and the pictures were moving very fast!

I snapped back into my body, and realised that I was having out-of-body experiences! I felt humbled, yet I realised that I couldn’t go back to the way things were… I had crossed a threshold in my life.

Over the coming months, I had learn’t a bit more of obe’s and had brought and (mostly) understood, the Gerald O’Donnell Course, Remote Influencing and Remote Viewing from the ARVARI website. Remote viewing is the ability to move your, ‘inner sight’ or imagination to access anyone or anywhere. To stop your conditioned ego taking off (or to think of random thoughts or images, for example) you were to do this in a very deep form of meditation, called ‘Theta’ meditation (where the electrical brain waves were around 4-7 cycles per second). Remote Influencing was to take this further, by going to 1-3 cycles per second, which is the, ‘Delta’ region. We all go to Delta every time we go to sleep, but very few people can do it while consciously awake…until now!

I brought the course, and was really impressed with the wisdom it contained. I felt humbled that I was being, ‘given’ all this information, but my situation hadn’t changed that much in my life. I was still worried, and stressed out most of the time.

It wasn’t until the middle of 2011 came along, then it began to make sense to me! I had yet another obe (they were becoming common for me now) and floated to my door. Usually I would try and open it, and it would remain closed.

This time I turned the knob the other way, and it opened!

I went into a small courtyard, like a small shopping mall, and saw people! Actual people! It was as clear as day! I wasn’t dreaming, I was definitely here! I tried to talk to them, but I felt I was being guided in a different direction. I snapped back into my body, and felt strangely energised and extremely happy, like my depression had gone!

I had crossed the threshold and over the next year, began meditating on a regular basis, and practiced being more and more into the, ‘now’. I began studying all sorts of books, from Eckhart Tolle to William Buhlman.

I even came across EFT, and used this to dramatically reduce the stress I was sufferring from. I realised who the enemy was…

and it was me!

But not for too long;-) I have sinced trained to become a meditation teacher, documenting most of my obe’s, training to become a sprinter/wrestler and am also training myself to become (eventually…) a professional movie producer!

Who knows? An award may yet still be a reality!!!