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2 crazy ways to increase your focus when you feel like a zombie!


It’s crazy isn’t it, yet another wasted morning!

Once again, you had some things to do…

And once again, you failed!

You feel helpless. You may even feel stupid, maybe even sick.

And feel completely and utterly incompetent!

You look at everybody else. They just seem to focus with ease.

And that really pisses you off!

It’s almost like somebody has put their hand inside your brain and turned your mind off.

And you feel absolute vulnerable. And before you know it, its now 6pm in the evening, and you feel like crap.

Well, guess what?

You’re not alone…

I’ve been there as well!

I’ve had days where nothing seems to have happened to me…worked so hard, and yet sod all to show for it.

That’s the problem with focus. It looks easy on the outskirts, and yet the reality is far different.

The truth is, we find it very difficult to focus. We seem to be part of an attention-deficient based society!

We have distractions left, right and centre.

Even sitting down at our computer or laptop, even for 5 minutes, is a challenge of the absolute highest order.

Just imagine yourself being able to sit down, and do nothing but work for a solid hour.

Wouldn't that be nice?

The problem is, despite a lot of, ‘productivity porn’ out there, there are very few techiniuqes that can actually help you stay grounded and focused.

Sure, time management is one thing, and that’s great. But without the initial focus, you may as well shout at a wall.

Fat lot of good it will get you.

And the thing is, especially with modern society; there are targets to meet, deadlines to achieve…

And it is so easy to feel overwhelmed with multitasking (even though, in truth, there is no such thing;-).

So, what is the solution?

Some would say that it is making sure you are maximising your productivity with your natural energy levels, at the right time.

Long story short, always do big tasks when your energy is naturally higher.

Here's the main issue with that…

In some situations (normally in an office), that is not possible or feasible.

It’s not practical. Management probably wouldn’t allow it.

You can’t just stand up, and have a nap when your tired, when you have to finish that project by 2pm.

Not if you value your job.

And that’s the thing, there is only so much you can do, management permitting.

So is sustaned focus an impossible dream for some people?

Not at all.

Being focused is pretty simple, once you know what you are doing.

And this is coming from a guy with an attention deficit issue, as well as insomnia.

Not only that, but I’ve also worked in an office for over a decade…

This means that I’ve discovered little ways to help maintain the focus when the going gets tough.

But, now the tough love…

So far I’ve been sympathetic. I’ve kinda lulled you into a false sense of security.

I don’t want to put you off, but this needs to be said. After all, if this doesn’t work, the rest doesn’t follow (actually it can, but it’s much more difficult).

You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s worth repeating.

You ready?

Here goes…

Get your sleep!!!

There, I’ve said it (told you you’ve heard this before;-)

Seriously, focus is improved by as much as 30% once you have a decent night. Could even be higher!

If you have insomnia, then you need to find out what’s causing it. It’s either your thoughts, an upset body, the comfort of your bed, or the temperature levels of your room.

Get that sorted first, and the focus will follow…

If you’re struggling, do your diligent research on supplements that can help you relax and go to sleep.

Don’t forget diet, and a good exercise plan, especially HIIT (That can work wonders too;-)

There is no point me giving any recommendations, as stuff that works for me may not work for you (sorry to disappoint).

If you’re still with me, we’re good to go.

What I discovered is that there are two things which will allow you to remove some of that brain fog and help you become grounded.

The first one is tapping your fingers to help you become grounded.

I know what you're thinking, what a load of crap!

Not really…

Doing this type of tapping is surpisingly effective.

Now, be careful here…

Don’t confuse this with EFT, which is about tapping certain, ‘meridian points’. This isn’t what we are doing here. In fact, you probably won’t find this information anywhere else online.

It sounds crazy, but is pretty simple really.

But there's a catch…

It does require a bit of a knack, because sometimes you will be day-dreaming like mad and you don’t even realize it.

You do need to have some form of self-awareness at hand, otherwise no technique is going to work for you.

So next time you catch yourself day-dreaming when you know you have something far more important or productive to do, find a way to tap rhythmically with your fingers, whether it is your body, the wooden desk you are sitting at, or even tap on your own skin.

Try to resist the temptation to tap really fast (I’ve tried this, and trust me, your wrist and fingers get tired pretty quickly).

I know it sounds crazy, but doing this for around a few minutes can help you achieve mental clarity that was previously missing.

But that's not all.

The second one is even weirder (don’t you just love weird techniques;-).

What we are going to do, is to simply zoom into the image so we mentally move past it.

Stay with me now…

Next time you are aware of being in a day-dream, let the image move towards you and move past it.

While not as effective as the first one, it can yield some surprising results, and can help you become slightly mindful.

For example, I now tend to do the first technique when I’m in front of people, or when I lose a sense of mental clarity or find myself ungrounded.

I find that by tapping my trousers when I’m standing up (or sitting down) increases my clarity.

Just imagaing yourself tapping when you are at a desk, or sittng down in a meeting. Nobody will even be able to twig what's going on!

And the best part is that you are not doing this for long, just a few minutes (heck, you will get some results after 10 seconds).

I find that I’m more, ‘present’ when this happens, which also helps me to say more appropriate things, and feel more at ease with the situation.

Think of it like having the ability to turn your mind, ‘switch' on!

I’ve also done this when I have tried to go to bed, but found myself with negative imagery that is promoting my OCD, as well as tap slightly when I am in bed to help me get to sleep.

And not only that, but if you do struggle with mindfulness meditation, you can use this to help calm yourself down a minute before you start to do your meditation practice.

All you have to do, is to lie or sit down (whatever you normally do) and just tap a part of your clothing as you take a few smooth deep breaths to relax yourself.

If you do this for about a minute before you start your meditation practice, you should find yourself a little bit more relaxed and mentally a little bit clearer.

How awesome is that?

Don’t forget, sleep is also important as well as diet. So of course, it is all about moderation, and trying to achieve a balance with your brain and body.

For what it is worth, learn the art of juggling. Juggling balls also helps you focus more comfortably as well.

And they do say that juggling for half an hour helps your brain out.

When you practice these techniques, you will become more grounded easily and effortlessly.

Imagine how easier it will be to go for your goals, without fear of disraction.

Give it a shot, and see what you think.

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