How to make peace with your past, even if you’re sick to death with life!


It can be really annoying…all this self-improvement stuff!

I've got into self improvement big time since 2006…bought all sorts of stuff…tried all sorts of stuff out…

Had a few of my dreams crushed because some things didn't work, and experienced a few surprising highs.

But I couldn't figure out why I wasn't going anywhere in my life.

You see, the problem with self improvement is that it isn't just about reading the reviews, buying the book and reading it.

You've got to actually apply this stuff for it to make any difference to your own life.

And you can only apply this stuff once you believe that it will work.

You can't be wishy-washy here, you have to be totally convinced that this stuff is going to work for you…

But that's only the half of it.

The other stuff (what you don't always realize) is that you have to actually be disciplined to take action…

Every day…to start seeing the results!

And I can bet your bottom doller that you won't see it straight away. You may have to wait at least a month for any changes to yield any type of result!

This is a big ask for some people (was for me) and I couldn't understand why I couldn't keep the momentum, discpline and excitement up for at least a couple of months.

Until it hit me.

I still had thoughts in my head that this still wasn't going to work.

I could see the logic…I understood various systems pretty well, yet I had neglected to do the one thing that ultimately stood in my way…

I hadn't made peace with the past!

Yes, learned helplessness has a big shout for this, but when you go beyound leaned helplessness, you realise that there was crap in the past that held you back.

So, what did I have to do to help myself when it came to self-improvement?

Use Gratitude

With a twist.

Let me explain…

I'm not talking about reciting affirmaitons out loud, like how you are grateful for this or that to happen in your life when you are driving to work in the morning (not that this is a bad practice, mind).

I'm talking about seeing the blessing in your lifes plan from the moment of your childhood to the present day.


That form of gratitude.

For you to be grateful for your lifes journey (and to begin to change your life properly), what I did was to learn how to forgive.

Forgiveness is about letting go of the past, which isn't easy because you feel like you have justified their actions.

But there's a certain way to it.

Ok, this is going to be a little rocky, so bear with me…

The theory goes that we are in a sort of hologram, or waking dream state.

And not only are you part of this hologram, but you also influence it with your thoughts and desires (or aspects of your consiousness).

The next part of this process is to also realize that, whatever creation you find yourself involved with was for the most part co-created by you at some deep level (as I'm typing these words, I can feel that some of you will already be nodding off at this time, or getting angry…but hold on for a little while longer).

This means that you created (to some degree) the negative events that happened in your life…for the most part!

But this has a flip side, which means that you also created the positive events that happened in your life as well (we like that bit, don't we;-)

But the third part is where it gets really interesting.

Not only do you have to realise that you are part of a hologram based reality, and that you influence this and co-create with it, but you also have a higher self or, ‘soul' that is the hologram itself.

This, ‘soul' is like your number 1 biggest fan (which doesn't seem to make sense in some sitautions, but there you go).

This, ‘soul' that you have, which is the real you, wants you to have the best, given its life missions.

But sometimes you have to experience a negative situation for you to make the correct choice.

I know, this at times makes bollocks sense, but keep with me on this one…

Once you realise that stuff happens for a reason (I know a lot of cynics at this stage will say that this is a load of crap), which is to ultimately help with your own level of evolution, you get to retain your peace of mind and make peace with your past.

As well as your imagination.

Your faith becomes more stronger, which creates a new form of conscioussness (prolonged feelings of compassion and love) which also helps influence the hologram.

You become more of a benelovant being.

Now, I've tried this theory out for size, and having some forms of out-of-body experiences (a topic for another day) I can say that this isn't as hocus as you think it is.

Having said that, it can be a bit of a stretch when I go through crap, and I have to keep telling myself that I co-created this and to keep my strength.

Talk about messing with your head:-0

So, I had to find a technique that helps me realise that this isn't more crap that I've looked into, and to actually, ‘feel' my, ‘soul' to prove that I am in a (sort of) hologram.

This is called the, ‘unity' exercise, and is amazingly effective and simple to learn.

To do this, sit down on a chair near a table and take a few deep, relaxed breaths and center yourself (feel, ‘present').

Then look at the table, and pretend (which you will have to do to begin with) that this table is also, ‘you'.

Try to sense the fact that you could lift the table with your mind, that you are somehow, ‘connected'.

Once you've done this for a minute, try to hold any sensation you have, and see yourself connected to your window.

Again, hold this thought for about a minute, before trying to go for more objects in your reality.

All you have to do, is to imagine that your body doesn't just end with your legs or arms, but also includes the desk, chairs, windows, clouds outside…pretty much everything else as well.

When you do transcend your ego like this, you wil feel you Heart Chakra open up, and you will feel the unconditional love of your, ‘soul'.

This exercise can take anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes (it can be quite tricky if you are new to meditation), but with persistance it is well worth it.

Not only will you strengthen your faith in doing this, but you will also learn to forgive more, as well as appreciate your lifes journey more effectively.

Don't get me wrong, I still slip up every now and then (get angry at the most stupidest thing), so don't be surprised if your ego kicks back hard.

But by doing this on a more regular basis, you will be more better at coming back from negativity (in most cases)

This also helps you try out new things to bring better change into your life.

Give it a try and find out for yourself. I think you will be pleasently surprised.

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