Two stupidly easy ways to become confident within just 30 seconds!


Confidence is something that I wasn't good at during parts of my early adult life.

Sure, I was a little bit cocky when I was a kid, but confidence was something that was being eroded away during my young adult years.

The problem was the insomnia and the stress from doing certain jobs got in the way, and I soon found myself more and more like an isolationist.

The thing is, confidence is one of the qualities that is like electricity…you take it for granted when you have it, but as soon as it is gone, it can be an absolute bugger to get it back.

Back when I was a young adult, I didn't have access to the internet that we have these days, and few people were into psychology, so I kinda had to go this path alone.

The weird thing was, I wasn't really that confident as a kid as I was always scared of my parents wrath.

So I was pretty much anxious as a kid…trying to play it safe, yet unable to really relax and enjoy my inner confidence.

On top of that, there was always bullying as well, which didn't help my social anxiety, as well as the fear of being in trouble with the law.

So needless to say, my confidence really wasn't that high, approaching my exams.

But then, disaster struck!

I found myself at rock bottom when I realised that I hadn't done well in my exams, and I was doing jobs that was not helping my mental health at all…

And on top of that, I was caving in into the seduction of online erotica!

This led to me developing learned helplessness, which also eroded my confidence even further.

That coupled with being subjected to gaslighting, and I was, at times, a nervous wreck.

Now, just a quick heads up.

Gaslighting is a term used when a person tries/succeeds in overwriting your reality.

A quick example…

You play with the TV remote. You play with it often, but you always put it back where it belongs.

Now, your partner wants to watch TV, but can't find the remote. They blame you, but you defend your innocence.

After a short argument, you find the remote. Your partner then settles down, tells you not to play with the remote again, and watches a TV show.

At the same time, you question yourself if you really did leave it in a different place, and the gaslighting is complete.

You probably did leave it in the correct place, but it's too late now, and now you believe that you could be at fault.

Your confidence in yourself begins to erode!

While this is a quick example, it shows the importance in the recognition of when you are being gaslighted. In some cases, it is accidental (Your partner didn't mean to gaslight you).

But in others, it's not!

And not only that, but you also realize that you can only make any real proper life change when, and only when, you get your confidence back (you think you can change your life for the better without confidence…good luck with that).

Of course, me being a lazy sod in my younger days, I only had to try to find the quickest and easiest way of doing this (yeah, because I believe in hard work don't I, not;-).

The problem with insomnia and anxiety, is that you can't wait to find a solution to work within a month. You need something that is going to work very quickly i.e within a few minutes, or as close as.

This took me a bit of time to figure out but once I did find it, it was surprising effective.

Lets get to it;-)

Walking slowly but surely

This sounds crazy, but just the act of walking slowly with a slow but a rhythmic pace, head slightly tilted high, works wonders.

You know when this is working, because your chest area will be slightly elevated and you will feel a warm fuzzy feeling around your heart.

I do this on multiple occasions when I work and I feel confident within about a minute, often less.

Here's how you do it.

Stand with your shoulders slightly back, and your chest slightly tilted upward (you may need to see yourself in a mirror to check this).

Your centre of vision should be slightly higher, and your head will be at a, ‘slight' angle (Note the word, ‘slight'. I don't want there to be any head or spinal injuries due to heads being tilted really hard backwards). 

You should feel a slightly, ‘buzzy' feeling around your chest area. This is oxytocin being slowly released, the ‘feel good' hormone, similar to when you receive a hug.

Now walk in a steady pace, taking about half a second between each step.

I know this sounds crazy, but by doing this alone will help increase your confidence within a few minutes, possibly less.

Anchoring (nlp)

This one can be described as a, ‘hack'.

I don't do this one that often, but when I do, it is bloody effective.

You will be essentially touching a part of your body to release the state of, ‘confidence' in you.

Sounds weird, right, but bear with me.

Now, the thing with anchoring is that you have to set the anchor up for this to work.

Lets begin.

Step 1 – Find a place to sit down, and close your eyes.

Step 2 – Take a few deep breaths to calm yourself down, and just watch your thoughts for about a minute.

Step 3 – When you are calm and relaxed, imagine a time when you were really confident.

Really get into the image, and make the image bigger and brighter, and try to really make this image vivid (if you can, but don't worry if you are not a good visualizer, just do the best you can).

Step 4 – Once you feel the confidence getting close to being maximum, touch a part of your body (ideally a knuckle on your hand, but anywhere where you can touch something easily).

Step 5 – Hold the touch for about 10 seconds and then let go.

Step 6 – Open your eyes, and think of something else for about 10 seconds. Then go back to step 1.

Repeat this process 3 times with different events (if you want to do more, go for it, but no more than 5 times).

Essentially, what you are doing is adding one event of, ‘confidence', with the help of your imagination, onto another event of confidence on this special spot on your body.

Like I said, it will be easier for you if it is the knuckle, but you can use a certain mole on your skin if you wish, whatever works for you.

Of course, you need do keep touching the same place for this to work, but after thinking about 3 events when you were super confident, you should have a good anchor in place (the correct term for this is called, ‘stacking anchors').

Now all you have to do when you require a decent boost in confidence, (providing you have had a decent amount of sleep, of course) is to touch this place and wait for a few moments.

You will bring on the emotional state of confidence, which will help you in most situations.

Now, I know there are people that will say that this is a load of crap, that confidence comes from competence in doing something, which is basically external validation from doing what you are doing correctly.

But if you ask me, while external validation is required for deeper states of confidence and correct technique, the above techniques are kinda like the spark to help get the confidence going.

After all, how the hell are you going to be remotely competent at doing something, if you don't have a tiny belief in yourself first (obviously we are talking about self-improvement here, and not flying a plane or driving a car, unless you have had lessons)!

Anyway, give this a go, and let me know how you get on. I think you will be pleasantly surprised;-)

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