“Ho’oponopono”: The most powerful technique in the world that you’re not using!



It’s stupid…

Again, seeing something that really pisses you off!

It sucks that you seem unable to do anything about it.

This situation, maybe its your career, maybe it’s somebody that you love…

It gets right under your skin!

And it’s understandable.

You seem absolutely powerless in it.

You’ve been down this road before and yet you seem unable to do much about it.

And you want to know why?

Why does this keep happening to me?

Why am I unable to find peace of mind.

Why do this keep occurring.

After all, it doesn’t seem fair!

I mean, come on! You’re just doing your job, yet you seem unable to escape this horrible tentacle of hurt.

And not only that…

But it distracts you, you can’t seem to focus and get on with your life.

You find you mind cluttered with this horrible, sticky, nasty energy that refuses to leave your conscious.

I was like you once. I used to be like that.

I used to dwell on them to death!

And guess what, it made no difference to me.

In fact, quite the opposite. My work suffered!

Just like you, I used to find a situation really challenging, and really emotionally draining.

I know that is what it feels like for you.

What you are looking for is peace of mind. To get your life back on track.

And yet you have tried the mantras, they don’t seem to work.

You’ve tried using that system. Nothing seems to happen.

It doesn’t make sense… its driving you crazy.

Seriously, you literally loose sleep over this.

And yet, you know you can get over it, you know you can deal with it…

But you can’t!

Your helpless…stuck…vulnerable.

You feel exposed and powerless.

Letting go of this old baggage is one of the most toughest things you’ve had to try and do.

And yet…

You still can’t seem to do it properly.

You look online for help.

And guess what, nothing seems to work.

You even ask yourself, ‘why can’t I get over this?’, ‘What is it about this situation, that is driving me crazy?’, ‘I’m more than this!’

And you know you are!

And guess what?

I know you are!

But you’ve gotta know what you’re doing!

Do it wrong, and your wasting your time. The haunt and the emotional torment carries on…

Do it right, it’s a different ball game!

And that’s the thing about Ho’oponopono…some of the information online focus on the mantras, which is only one part of the equation.

Again to repeat…

It is only one part of it!

Ultimately, Ho’oponopono is about your feelings.

Having done it myself for over a year, I can testify to that!

It’s about clearing and cleansing your energy of the situation.

Lets get something straight, Ho’oponopono is not about the other person, because as the holographic theory would imply, there is no other person! Just you, looking at yourself (warning: there will be some deep crap in this article, you’ve been warned!)

It is clearing your energy.

It is cleansing your soul.

And that is the name of the game.

You see, Ho’oponopono is untimely about your fears, values and beliefs creating a false perception, which always creates the problem.

So it makes sense that cleansing your consciousness will help your beliefs (bearing in mind that your beliefs is part imagery, part feeling).

You see, just like you, I’ve had a past full of regrets. I’ve had hurts, shames and challenges…

And I felt wronged.

I’ve actually felt that I have been wronged by so many people.

Even to this day, I still use Ho’oponopono to clean this, ‘wrongness’ …

And you know what?

It actually does work 😉

But here’s the kicker…

It’s not a 5 minutes thing. Sorry to disappoint you!

Some people think it’s 5 minute thing. You do it once, and you’re set for life.

Nothing couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’m going to burst your bubble right now: Ho’oponopono is a moderate to long term strategy, it’s not a quick 5 minute fix.

If you think it is, you’re absolutely wrong.

So, what really is the point in doing Ho’oponopono?

Like I said, Ho’oponopono is about about cleansing your energy.

You clean your energy, and these situations will appear fewer and fewer in the future (maybe even disappear).

You are untimely helping yourself. That is your ego-self and your ultimate self (soul).

In fact, one could arguably say that you are re-programming the code of your subconscious.

And of course, peace of mind has many health benefits. More things happen, your more joyful, more at peace…

You become more focused, more productive, more effective.

You become more emotionally intelligent.

You ultimately become more smart.

So how do you do Ho’oponopono correctly?

This basic summary applies to just mild and moderate trauma.

Sorry to disappoint, but as I have never experienced major trauma, I can’t testify if this will work.

But if you are still with me, great. Hold on, as this could be a bit of a rollar-coaster ride.

Fasten your seatbelts, coz we’re going for a ride.


Lets go!

I first came across this technique when I was listening to Dr Joe Vitale, as he described how this technique helped a mentally ill criminal hospital. 

This technique allowed a doctor (Dr. Hew Len) to help these patients get their life back together.

And all he did was to simply recite a small paragraph.

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you.

You basically do some inner work, the doing of which will help the other person (at a very deep level).

Now, I know this is going to sound stupidly deep, so keep with me.

Due to consciousness creating form (or physical matter, if you will), and as we are all connected at a deep level, any thing you have In your imagination, (if use use it in a certain way) will have some affect with somebody else at a deep subconscious level.

I’ll give you a quick example.

There was this lady that I knew once when I was doing a job. We were friendly with each other, and said hi a few times, but as she was based at an end of the office, I found it difficult to speak to her.

Anyway, while she was extremely talented, she had a tendency of being wild with the alcohol, and almost getting in trouble with the law.

In fact, there was a case that she could have been in serious trouble indeed.

Now, I didn’t want her to be in trouble (of course not), but I found it difficult to speak to her anyway (even though we were polite and she was quite chatty sometimes).

So I had to do the next best thing; go within instead!

This is where Ho’oponopono comes in. I used this, and within a few months, she had become pregnant and had to stop drinking alcohol, which meant that her trouble days (to date of my typing this) are over.

Was it the power of Ho’oponopono? 

I don’t know, but I did find it a remarkable coincidence that my fear of her having a serious brush with the law inspired me to use my connection to her using my imagination in such a way, that it helped in the end.

The trick (in my opinion) is to feel the feeling change when you recite this to yourself…but anyway, I’m going too far ahead, so let me back track and tell you the theory on how it works.

This is one of those techniques that uses the holographic principal to good affect.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, there is a body of science that tells us that the universe acts like a hologram (which explains how black holes can vanish without a trace of debris…go figure).

Anyway, the reasoning because of this is that the back hole circumference (event horizon) stores the raw, ‘data’, when an object enters into it.

This means that essentially we are all in a form of a hologram.

Coupled with the fact that we are electromagnetic and our electromagnetism affects physical properties at a minute level…

And what you have is a system where our feelings and images in our imagination has an impact on the world.

Anyway…at the risk of boring you to death, this is how it applies to this technique.

Lets take the example that you want to help somebody that you love, yet it is very impractical to talk to them directly (for whatever reason).

Now, you can visualize the perfect ending for them (Not something I’m particularly fond off) or you can let your higher self, your true consciousness, do the helping on your behalf.

Which is much better as this, ‘soul’ is more intelligent than you and I combined;-)

All you have to do, is to sit down and close your eyes.

Take a few gentle deep breaths and be as mindful as possible for about a minute (less if you are good at clearing your mind).

Think about the person that you are having difficulty with, or that you wish to help.

Let the image of the person drift into your awareness, and notice or feel any feelings of frustration/anger, or whatever negative emotion comes up that you wish to deal with.

As you feel that emotion, gently say to yourself, ‘I’m sorry’.

You are not saying sorry to that person, but to yourself for having that emotional reaction as well as being unaware of this situation and potentially co-creating it.

Really try to feel, ‘sorry’ for having the reaction, and notice the feeling in your body.

After a few moments, say to yourself, ‘please forgive me’ again, forgiving yourself for the emotional reaction, as well as asking for forgiveness that you had a, ‘code’ that at some deep level, caused this situation to begin with.

Let the energy start being converted into a form of compassion

Keep the image of the person in your mind.

After a short while, say to yourself, again in a loving and compassionate way, ‘Thank you’.

You are saying, ‘thank you’ to yourself for the emotional reaction, and to help, ‘re-program’ your mind from this problem and to reduce any future situation.

This time, let the existing feelings be, ‘converted’ into gratitude. 

Notice where this feeling is, and if it is moving in the body.

Try to keep the image in your mind, but don’t worry if it is a weak image.

Don’t try to visualize hard with any of this, but keep it just to a general image.

You are being more focused on the feelings themselves, as it is your feelings that is your consciousness.

After a few moments, say to yourself, ‘I love you’, and feel the relief spread over you from the feeling, that was originally causing you anxiety.

I know this sounds weird and sounds like you are taking 100% full responsibility for your subjective reality experience…

But by doing this, ‘inner’ work, you are helping your subjective self experience a new reality with regards to the person involved, as well as helping reduce the same situation from developing in the future.

And as some people say that we are all connected and that consciousness creates form, you could also be indirectly helping this person in the long run.

I’ve done this process for about 10 months almost straight (minus the odd day here and there). It takes me about a few moments to calm down and to clear my mind, and then I just observe and react with my feelings.

After a few months of doing this, I’ve noticed that I am slightly calmer with the person that I had a few issues with, and feel more at ease.

It’s not always been easy, but then the more emotionally involved you are, the more, ‘work’ you have to do.

Give it a try and see if you notice any changes.

This is not going to be a 5 minute thing.

Whilst the process doesn’t take long, you do have to repeat it every day if you can, at least once.

Let me know how you get on. I would love to hear from you.

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