How To Reduce The Effect Of A Negative Person In 3 Simple Ways!

Watch out for people who suck out your energy!

They may come in various disguises and in various forms. You may find them in high authoritative positions, or it could be even as close as members of your own family or friends.

Watch out for these people, because when it comes to recovering from a panic disorder, and ultimately going on to the spiritual path, these people will block you from success.

They may not even be consciously aware that they are doing it!

So engrossed in their own behaviors and programmes, that they will justify their actions saying that they are only, ‘looking out for you', or that you may be, ‘weird'.

But if you really want to keep your stress levels low, and as a result, recover from your panic condition, these people need to be recognized and weeded out of you life.


Quite simply, they will stall your recovery!

So you suffer from panic attacks, or you have anxiety related depression, and you want to recover and lead a happier lifestyle…

Do you seriously think this is going to happen if you are under the roof of somebody who continuously drains you of negative energy, by listening to their negative thinking?

Of course not!

In some circles, these people would be called energy vampires. I don't necessarily call them that, but I mention that term here for your reference.

So, how do you stop them?

You firstly need to recognize their main characteristics. They often display the following:

-Slightly-to-severe narcissism



-Slightly-to-severe in-approachability

-No consideration for your feelings (obviously)

-You feel their negative energy, even if they are not outwardly aggressive

-Slightly-to-severe form of righteous

-A form of arrogance

The trick, ultimately, is to feel sorry for them.

Feeling sorry for them stops any anger buried deep inside of you from springing up and stopping you from being, ‘present' and allows compassion to flow from your being.

They act like this due to social conditioning. Their life has been far from perfect, but instead of admitting that they have made a few mistakes (like we all do), they develop an arrogance and try to consciously (or subconsciously) bring you down.

Don't forget, their life wasn't great, so yours shouldn't be either!

So how do you overcome these people?

I have personally found 3 main ways which work:

1 – Mindfulness in the moment

This is one of my favorite ones, as it really helps, ‘ground' yourself and allows you to keep your inner peace.

Sometimes you feel that much negative energy, that the only way you can stop your personal energy being, ‘sucked out' is to keep yourself being, ‘present' which helps your subconscious thoughts not get too influenced by their thinking.

The easiest technique I have found for being mindful with these people around is to simply keep my attention on my breath. This alone, whilst it may sound simple, is a great way to keep yourself being focused in the present moment which will naturally help increase your inner personal power and will also keep your inner peace so you don't feel drained.

2 – The Ball of love.

Sometimes you have no choice but to engage in a conversational activity with these people.

You have to actually think, which of course will loose your presence and could open yourself to be subconsciously influenced (actually think and say thoughts which are not necessarily your own).

The easiest way to deal with this situation is to imagine a big ball of love envelop and, ‘cocooning' your body, so that any negative consciousness heading in your direction is, ‘repelled'. Again, sounds simple and works an absolute treat.

3 – Sending compassion their way

If you can, (and you are psychologically strong enough) open up your Heart Chakra and mentally, ‘throw' love in their way. This alone will help diffuse any negative energy and will also help reduce your current stress levels, leaving your chances of recovering from a panic disorder a lot easier.

Sending love or compassion is always a great way of distant healing anyway, so you will (at a deep subconscious level) be helping them overcome their own negative imagery that they will be having.

By loving them as best you can, not only will you be stopping yourself at getting angry and stressed, but you will also be helping them get to their inner peace as well.

Recovering from a panic disorder is a tough nut to crack, but being with people who suck your positive energy out of you isn't any better either, and you'll have a hard time trying to recover.

Don't be one of those people wanting to recover, but who surround themselves with negativity.

Be positive, be spiritually smart and be spiritually strong. You'll be glad you did.