Mistake 2: Visualizing in point of view

I was told the same advice; act like you've got the car, the bank balance, or the girlfriend/boyfriend, and that's it…And did it work?




As they say in Europe, ‘nil points'.

Visualization is supposed to help change behavior, so you work towards your goals without feeling tension or any form of resistance.

It's supposed to help change your conditioning, when done correctly. Do it incorrectly, and your subconscious THINKS it has already achieved the goal. Therefore, no further action is needed.

Some people even said that this works, but that this type of visualization was very hit and miss…

‘sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't work, it's very hit and miss…you've just got to keep practicing…'

Hit and Miss??? Really?

If I had hit and miss, that would have been an improvement! I would have loved hit and miss. I would have taken that any day of the week. Trust me, I had no hit and misses. The ugly truth was that it was just miss!

It was nothing but failure. And of course I got discouraged. Guess what I did next

I tried experimenting and doing other stuff, and the floodgates opened!!!

I got into EFT (tapping for your meridians), mindfulness meditation, even remote viewing. And you know what, I had some success. I got SOME hits.

EFT, I found, was ok. Once coming back from a job interview, I used EFT to calm my nerves. It sort of worked. I sort of understood what the meridians were about, however I found that EFT worked in some cases, didn't in others. Maybe I wasn't being taught well, who knows.

Remote viewing, believe it or not, is legitamate. The only problem here was that my mind was racing, so it was difficult to calm down and try to, ‘receive' the intuition, ‘packages'. 

I had to resort to mindfulness meditaton to calm it down, and had better success (I still do mindfulness to this very day).

However, I hit another stumbling block…