Thursday, November 26


My ‘Multiple Orgasm Trigger' Review

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The ‘Multiple Orgasm Trigger' is a product by Jack Johnston, was designed in 1993 and is a seminar that guides you thought making a certain key sound to achieve multiple orgasms, as well as help reduce porn addiction. Here, I look at this product and give my honest review as well as advise you if this actually works.

This seminar claims to help you achieve multiple orgasms using certain key sound, that can continue for as long as you want and without the need to ejaculate. While this product seems to be aimed at males, females can also use the same key sound to increase their erotic pleasure and promote orgasms.

What it looks like when it arrives

The version I received was the 4th edition Audio Seminar, which is 2 CD's and includes the step by step instruction as well as a 20 walk-through with the product creator. But I did buy my version back in 2007, so the product could've changed appearance since then.

What you need to use the product

As my version came with audio CD's, you would need to have a CD player, or use your PC/laptop/ DVD player.

What you have to do to use the product

Quite simply, a relaxed and open mind. Jack Johnston will explain what the key sound is, and will demonstrate to you how to make the correct key sound. I say correct, because if you get the key sound wrong, you simply won't have that much benefit from it, which could ultimately loose your interest in this product.

You would also obviously need a chair or a bed to use, so that you can sit or lay down to relax.

Can anyone use this or a select few?

As far as I am aware, if you can speak, you can use this. It's as simple as that. You do not need to move your full body for this, as the whole point of this exercise is to make a certain key sound via your mouth, and nothing more.

How long for the results?

Well, the first time I did this, I found some results within the first half an hour. I have recently done a 20 minute version, and did feel some effects from this, although it was quite small. To be fair, I was yawning quite heavily throughout, as part of the exercise involves you being as relaxed as possible, and I was sleepy. This meant that I didn't get the full benefit, compared to someone who is, say, much more mentally alert. But that was my issue, not the products.

As long as you don't rush it, you are patient and are mentally alert, you should find even small results after the first session.

Any additional help/resources needed?

Just make sure you find a private, comfortable place to relax, and ideally, away from everybody. This is only because you are making a noise, and it can look a bit weird if people are watching you. You also need at least 20 minutes to do this.

Will this work?

With patient and practice, yes. Whilst I haven't had a whole body orgasm yet, I have had many, ‘mini' ones, which is enough to satisfy me. Having said that, it is best learning to do this when you are not fully aroused, so you do not cave into the temptation in trying to go, ‘solo' in order to speed up the process of achieving an orgasm.

No product is perfect, what isn’t so great about this one?

As I said before, you do require to be in private room, as you are making a noise which most people are not familiar with. Plus the fact that you do have to be patient with this exercise, so don't expect a whole body orgasm within the first minute of doing this. There is not such thing as a quick success story, and this product is no exception.

However, with diligent practice, a relaxed body and a fun attitude, you will find that you will feel certain states of erotic energy which you will feel pleasurable.

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