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My Review!


Affiliate disclosure.

 I must advise that I am an independant publisher, and the opinions and review below are my own. The links in this review are affiliate links, and I will be paid financial compensation if you purchase though these links. But, as I enjoy using these courses and my intuition has increased, I have no issue with highly recommending these courses to anyone.

‘The Complete Remote Influencing System', and, ‘The Complete Remote Viewing System' are both created by Gerald O'Donnell, of and is designed to help you achieved meditative states to access ultimately consciousness in its rawest form.

Created around 1997, is aimed at allowing individuals to access their super-conscious in such a way as to enable them to receive information about their past, present or future as well as influence their own reality, all by the use of your own imagination and your intentions as well as taking inspired action.

The package can be bought as a whole or can be bought individually as The Complete Remote Viewing Training system (remote viewing essentially being able to view a destination or event outside, ‘time') or The Complete Remote Influencing Training System (Remote influencing meaning to influence remotely, i.e using your imagination).

You can buy them as separate courses or both. I bought them as both.

But why use this system to begin with?

Well, by reading their numerous articles and listening to their audio's, it's pretty clear that know a few things about consciousness and your interaction with it. Simply put, this whole package is a way to view or manifest things with the help of your imagination (as well as taking inspired action, of course;-). This is great for people who are into the Law of attraction, healers, or people who are looking for more information on the power of your consciousness. You buy it simply to be able to meditate more deeply, and to make your life better.

What it looks like when it arrives

When I ordered my package, it came with a big box full of the two CD boxes of the courses.

remote influencing and remote viewing

The remote influence course contains 14 audio disks and the remote viewing course contains 8 audio discs. Simply put, you put the discs into your CD player to play, and you simply listen to the instructions.

What you need to use the product

As these CD's take you into deep meditative states of consciousness, it is required that you have a Headphone set powerful enough to listen to these low audio frequencies, as the Theta Brainwave state is 4-7Hz, and the Delta State is 1-3Hz. That, as well as a CD player and a good chair or bed, so you can sit or lie down to listen to them as well.

What you have to do to use the product

For the most part, just listening to the CD's is all you need to do to get some benefit from these courses. There is the Remote Viewing Ebook on one of the CD's for you to view on your PC/laptop and likewise with the Remote Influencing course.

By sitting/lying down and being as relaxed as possible, you will be guided by Gerald O'Donnell's voice to reach deep meditative states of being.

Every CD (apart from the Ebook) contains different guided visualizations, that allows you to get deeper into a meditative state, allowing you to receive better forms of answers, as well as perform various visualization tasks.

Can anyone use this or a select few?

Believe it or not, I was a beginner when I first purchased this course, and have realised many benefits as a result of it, most notably my intuition has increased.

But it does help you to practice mindfulness meditation, as well as the ability to use peripheral vision to receive the information you may be getting. So if you are a complete beginner, don't worry, it will work, and you should be able to find peace after one session (provided that you follow the instructions), however you may need to stick with it to get some serious benefits.

How long for the results

For me, I began noticing my intuition increase more and more after the first few sessions, but everybody will be different.

For some, it will be less, for others, more. I remember visualizing as intensely as I could (which in my opinion looking back at it, is not the way to go. You just need the desire/fleeting thought), but then I was a novice at meditating, and realised that I was jumping into the deep end.

Like I said, for some people they will notice a difference after one CD, but for others, it may take a few sessions. The trick as always, is to be patient.

Any additional help/resources needed?

As I mentioned above, it is preferable that you begin to mindfully meditate first, to get you into the swing of letting your EGO go, and it is also preferable that you learn to incorporate peripheral vision during the day, which can be used to receive the information once you are in the deep meditative state.

Both of these things can be learned, so it is just a matter of time. It must be stated here, that I was new to meditating at the time (I bought this several years ago) but have gotten a lot better ever since.

I've also begun using peripheral vision in some of my day-to-day tasks, including using it during driving (peripheral vision can be good for noticing people and judging a situation, as you are also connecting your conscious mind with your subconscious when you are using peripheral vision).

I have also leaned a bit about NLP, and anyone who has leant or has an interest in NLP, will also find that their NLP knowledge will help them with this course. If you wish to know more about NLP which includes learning how to use some parts of your subconscious mind, please click here.

Will this work?

It depends if you are in this in the short or long run.

For some of the, ‘instant' type of personalities, although you will get some benefit from this, it won't nearly be enough than for those of you who have a long term investment in these courses.

Simply put, if you can stick it out even after a few sessions or doing the course a few times, you will get tremendous benefit such as feeling more healthier and better intuition. But like anything in life, practice makes perfect.

No product is perfect, what isn't so great about this one?

Good question.

You do need to be able to mindfully meditate (in my opinion) to get good benefit from this course. The reason being, mindfulness allows you to reduce your own EGO'ic chatter.

You also need to be able to visualize a tiny bit as well, although don't worry if you are not a good visualizer as you don't need to be an expert.

Being in peripheral vision will help with receiving answers (in my opinion) but sometimes you may receive conflicting information, so you do need to keep practising and finding out how well you are doing in this world, i.e using a bit of trial and error.

Like I said, anybody who understands (for the most part) on how the subconscious mind works, especially with NLP, will benefit with this course.

Tips and Tricks

  • It goes without saying, that as this is about meditative states, you need to relax, so please do! Try not to worry about negative thoughts, as it is the feelings which take priority here.

  • Don't worry if nothing seems to be happening at the first time of asking as your subconscious listens to every word that is being said. I've done this course when I have been tired, and accidentally nodded of (this can happen, and is perfectly normal), only to wake up being slightly refreshed and realising the next day that I'm a bit more intuitive.

  • As with everything in life (driving the only obvious exception) persistence and having a playful attitude is key to getting the best out of this course, so try to incorporate those things into your life and into these course

  • Don't forget, your subconscious resides mostly in the right-hemisphere of your brain, with your conscious logic in the left.

    This means that, as you get deeper and deeper into the meditation, you will only need to loosely visualize (if that). If you start thinking, you are still in the left hemisphere of your brain. The trick, therefore, is to go as deep as possible without thinking much at all (i.e, bounce around deep alpha and theta, by thinking only slight thoughts and then being mindful/peripheral) and then have a desire which will come from your right-hemisphere of your brain.

    Put simply, try to do as little thinking as possible and just go by desire (again, based on my experience)

Now, it must be stated that this review is based on a product that I bought in 2010. Needless to say that the courses may have changed since then, and may even be in a different type of format. If that is the case, please accept my apologies for this slightly dated information.


I do highly recommend these courses as they do increase your intuition quite a lot. That, as well as that it does also promote deep peace, compassion and helps you feel healthy.

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