My Top 10 Mistakes, And How You Can Learn From Them!

As I've just past my birthday, I wanted to see what thoughts and beliefs really counted, and began to realize which ones I need to throw away. I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 beliefs which I’ve observed to be true. You may be able to relate to this. But then again, you may not…see what you think;-)

1. Thoughts mixed with fear WILL MANIFEST…slowly!!!

I’ve lost count on the number of times of unwittingly visualized negative events to happen. Oh, you may call it fantasizing, but it’s visualizing nevertheless…at the earliest times during the mornings (say, between 6-8 am when I’m half asleep) These thoughts were fear based, and ones that I didn’t want to come true!. I’ve visualized them while in theta or alpha state (basically when I’ve come out of a dream!!!)

They do come true, when left long enough…Although it can take between 3-6 months for them to happen! Now, this is a good thing! Why? Because it means that the process/illusion of time is working on your side. It means, that everything you have feared will have plenty of time, NOT to come true.

Tip 1– Don’t take your negative thoughts too seriously. You would have to be visualizing for a good month (if not more) before ANY manifestation will begin to take place. Learn to keep you thoughts happy when you just wake up, or if you are daydreaming

2. Being Cynical isn't being smart, its being stupid.

Having been brought up a cynic, throughout my young adult life, I can tell you that being cynical might seem like a good idea, but it does soon backfire. Soon, you'll find yourself alone, very little friends, and probably little money. And the sad thing is, you'll think this is normal.

Fortunately, it isn't. Once I broke free from being cynical, I realized how much of my life I wasted. I had to take a good look at myself and be really honest with my beliefs…something very few cynics do. Don't get me wrong, I'm still skeptical to this day, and that's not a bad thing. Skepticism, in this modern day and age is a good thing, as it means you are on guard from fraudsters and scams. Having a healthy does of skepticism means that you are not likely to be gullible to people who pray on your weaknesses and manipulate you.

Tip 2- Be skeptical, by all means. Be on the lookout. There are an awful lot of funny people around. But not everybody is funny, and you can always find people who have similar interests in you, and are not motivated by self-interest. Yes, they do exist.

3. Visualizing doesn’t manifest straight away, just improves your subconscious…

which CAN lead to improved changed!!! This one took me many months to discover, and finally get. You subconscious faithfully records every experience, so it’s logical to believe that if you want to affect your subconscious (which, by the way, controls how your life plans out in more ways then you can imagine…), visualizing is the best way of doing it.

HOWEVER… don’t expect to receive that $1m dollar cheque to appear overnight, just because you visualized a million dollars!

What usually happens is that you change your behavior at a deep level, which will get you to be inspired to take certain action/create new behaviors…which THEN could lead to improvements (even financially;-)

Tip 3- Visualize by all means, but only expect to achieve certain behaviors which is necessary to achieve a particular outcome.

4. What you resist, will always persists!

God, I hate this one…want to know why? Because I could have changed my personal circumstances a long, long time ago had I, ‘got this’!

When you start hating things with a passion, you'll subconsciously attract them to you in little sizes. You'll find it very difficult to motivate yourself, and you'll find yourself dwelling on things that you don't like, rather then appreciating the here and now…which is what you are supposed to be doing. Yet, when you finally accept the things you hate, and make peace with it, you essentially let it go. As consciousness goes into making form, you'll find that you will start creating a reality that you enjoy doing, or at the very least, tolerate more!

Tip 4- Don’t resist reality. Trust me on this one! Just don’t resist reality!!! It may be awful (and I’ve suffered depression and suicidal thoughts during the last 10 years) but if you resist it (and, ‘resisting’ is defined as inner talk along the lines of, ‘oh Ihate my job/my life‘ ‘this lifetime sucks‘ ‘I can’t take it anymore‘…you get the idea!), it’s not going to go away (or it will take a long time).

At the very least, be at peace with the situation. Keep meditating, and things will turn out for the better;-)

5. Passivity works with meditation, not with, ‘doing things throughout the day’

I’ve suffered depression and have got OCD (getting reduced as each day goes on). One thing I’ve noticed…you’ve got to be more aggressive with your thinking when it comes to doing stuff, hopefully to achieve a particular desired outcome. Being passive while doing an OCD thing doesn’t work…apart from getting you stressed at 2am in the morning, trying to lock the door!

Tip 5- Be ruthless with achieving your outcomes (and be ruthless in a nice way…you know what I mean;-) But keep passivity with meditating…unless you’re in the present moment (in that case, keep, ‘being’ until you have to, ‘think’ again…)

6. Mixing the, ‘Now’ with love is the key to manifesting at lighting speed…

This helped me to get better jobs. Stopping the resisting, being in the, ‘now’ as much as possible and opening my Heart Chakra (as your soul is love, and it is your soul which gives you your reality).

This got me a nicer job within just 3 weeks!

Tip 6- Meditation will help you manifest…visualizing will help you manifest (although in most cases, indirectly) But the real secret? Act from love (try to imagine kissing someone you love, or holding their hands, and use that feeling of love to spread over your body…trust me this works;-)

7. Don’t waste your precious mental energy on negativity!

I was driving to a mates house, when a startling thought hit me…I was wasting up to 50 % of my mental thinking on negative, aggressive events. What a waste. And if thoughts are creative, how destructive as well!

Did any of those thoughts come true? 99% of the time, no. So why did I do it? Habit!

Tip 7- Get into a habit of being more focused with your thinking as soon as possible. Do something to achieve a desired goal by taking just 1 hour a day doing it…that’s it! 1 hour per day, and you will soon start seeing fruits of your labor before too long (as well as a sense of getting something done!)

8. Get your self-talk constructive, not negative.

I’ve played online games with a few friends of mine. I’ve played Badminton and football at a club during the year. What’s the common theme I’ve noticed that links the successes and the failures? The thinking behind them!

When I’ve had a good day at work, and I feel confident, I play well. When I’ve had a bad day, I play crap. What’s the key? Your inner talk. It’s more important than you realize, and when that inner talk is loving, excited, or constructive, great things WILL happen.

Tip 8- Keep the self-talk positive at ALL TIMES! (or at least, at peace with the situation.) Keep practicing. This isn’t about being delusional, it’s about being dangerous (just kidding!!!) Seriously, keep the inner talk loving, or at the very least, peaceful. You will be AMAZED at what you will achieve (or even turn around;-)

9. Find a discipline (and this includes meditation) and STICK TO IT LIKE GLUE!!!

I’ve been undisciplined for about 9 1/2 years of my life. I’ve also been disciplined (for some part) in the last couple of years. Which period has been productive in the achievement of my desires and goals? Yep, you guessed it, the last couple!

Tip 9- Have a discipline. Doesn’t have to be a long one, but have a discipline, where you do your stuff to achieve your goals at least an hour a day (if not more) and you will soon see rewards. Add some meditation into this for added fruit-bursting flavor.


This one is a BIG guilty pleasure of mine. Fantasy/escapism and visualization, some people would argue, are different. NEWS FLASH…THEY’RE NOT!!!

How do I know? I’ll tell you why! When you fantasize, your using your imagination. You fantasize for escapism reasons (you’ve seen a lovely hotel in a brochure, and you suddenly daydream being at a beach somewhere). What’s visualizing? Using your imagination!. What is the most powerful gift GOD/SOUL has given you? Your IMAGINATION. What eventually manifests? YOUR IMAGINATION…get the message;-)

Now, the odd day dream here and there is harmless enough, but don’t make the mistake I made and fantasize 10 years of your life away! Use your imagination to achieve your desired outcomes, change beliefs/behaviors etc…

Tip 10- Fantasizing and day dreaming is nice isn’t it…but totally a waste of mental energy!

That same mental energy, when more focused can help you achieve your outcomes much more quicker! As a famous actor once said, ‘You really gotta focus!’

Visualize by all means. A good 5 -10 minute focused visualization, mixed with love, can do wonders for your subconscious. But try to keep the fantasizing at bay!

This is a list based on my observations of my own experiences this year. Feel free to add your own… together we can help the world;-)

By Julian

Julian Sirian is a personal development blogger. His blog, is dedicated in helping people lead a happier, healthier lifestyle by using natural methods as well as psychological, spiritual and weight loss/fitness techniques.

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