My return, new directions of the blog, and your help with a survey

Wow, lots of things have happened in the last 12 months since I last posted on my blog…Christmas has been and gone (6 months left to the next one…just saying 😉 the bypass near my local town is starting to be built, and soon, the Rio Olympics will be here (including the current Euros bringing up a few surprises…well done to Wales and Iceland!)

This blog has also had a few changes as well!

I was writing initially about panic attacks and recovery form them (that was the initial first aim, back in 2011). The idea being that I could write about my experiences and ways to help reduce them.

That all changed in 2013, when I began to change direction towards more of stress management (stress can cause panic attacks), and how to help eliminate stress. Then it turned out, that stress wasn’t the bad monster we thought it was, and so began a slight tweak into how to manage your stress levels…

Well, I have to change my blog again, towards meditation and consciousness. I kinda figured that this was the direction it was going, and I can still talk about mental health issues as well (I do still wish to blog about panic and anxiety attacks, as I know I can help). But I will be focusing my blog on most things meditation and consciousness based.

This can include many subjects. I have had out-of-body experiences and lucid dreams (more the former than the latter), so I will be able to blog about those, and I do mindfully meditate on a regular basis, as well as do a, ‘Heart energy’ type of meditation (more of that in a later post). In fact, come to thing of it, I do have a certificate in meditation teaching, so I know I can use my knowledge to help others.

So, talking about The Chakras, mindfulness, mental health, obes and lucid dreams…well, there is a lot to get through, and I am kinda excited as to where this blog is going. Blogging has always been (in my opinion) a great source of information, help, and constructive opinions, if chosen wisely. Hopefully this blog will be no different.

And to finish things off, to really get a good idea of what you guys are talking about, I’ve designed a very short survey that hopefully will give me a better indication on where this blog is heading. Please feel free to check it out here. I would love to here your feedback, which could help other people (there is a short video explaining a few things, it’s only about 5 minutes).

Well, that’s it for now. Once I have completed my blog post diary, I’ll start posting again. As always, your good opinions are always welcome.