Top 8 Things About Being Spiritual From A Former Cynic

Being spiritual is not an easy thing to do, as you are having to go up against what most people think. It tends to be for people who have endured a lot of suffering in one way or another (it was for me anyway) and certainly decreases a lot of arrogance/assumptions you may have had about life itself. Strangely, despite the huge amount of suffering taking place on this planet, there is still a lot of arrogance, as if people think they know what to do and are trying to force square pegs into triangular holes

The sad thing is, I’m ashamed to admit, is that I’ve been there myself. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been cynical, and was brought up in a cynical, religious family. I’ve had my fair share of people ranting at the TV, as well as heated opinions at the dinner table. I know how easily it is to be manipulated by your peers. Breaking away from that isn’t easy.

Which leads me to ultimately believe, that the people who are spiritual are people who are searching for answers, and are desperate to find meaning behind the chaos. When this mentality is embraced, arrogance gets thrown out of the window, and you are now primarily searching for your truth. Here, I list the top things I’ve realized trying to be spiritual. Hopefully you’ll take something good out of this;-)

1- Having an obe/lucid dream is more advantageous than you realize.

I know this is a tricky one for most people, but by having some form of a regular obe session, or even lucid dreaming, will be hugely beneficial to your self/spiritual growth (as well as helping you with the law of attraction). The reason? Having an obe will constantly remind you about your spiritual truths (as you are now separate from your body so you can explore more stuff with your mind) and you get to do many wondrous things, like visit your loved ones, heal yourself (yes, it’s possible), speak to your soul guides, plus much more. Even having a lucid dream (which is like having a partial obe) will still yield some spiritual benefits which will help you with your spiritual self-development.

The only problem for most people, of course, is that achieving such a state is tricky. You do really need to watch your conscious thoughts when you drift of to sleep, or even easier (from what I’ve read) get up after about 4-5 hours, go somewhere else (like a living room) settle down in a chair and watch your thoughts carefully as you relax your body into the vibrational state. This does require practice and self-discipline, which in this modern day and age, not everyone has.

But when it works, it’s an amazing adventure;-)

2- Being present is very simple to achieve, yet super difficult to maintain.

The art of being present, in my opinion, isn’t so much achieving presence per say but to maintain it. It’s one thing to feel present when you are walking on a nice country path going to your local village. It’s something quite another to feel present when you are in the office, and you have lots of work to do, lots of customers to speak to, etc… That is when it counts. This is where fantasizing, while giving you a coping mechanism for your EGO to use, is actually more of a hindrance than a help.

Keeping present when you are mentally at work is an art indeed, and requires lots of practice. Your EGO will try to fantasize/day dream/create melodramas out of nowhere, so you do have to watch your thoughts very closely. However, if you can do it, you’ll find that your general work stress levels will be reduced significantly, and you will also be more attentive and more mentally sharp (as well as more emotionally in control of the situation). Food for thought.

3- Having an understanding of your Chakras is pivotal for self-growth.

It’s all very well meditating and reading about stuff on spirituality, but if you don’t get a good grasp on your Chakras, and learn to use them/balance them, you are majorly missing out. Your non-physical vortices, which connects you to your non-physical self do need to be maintained. True, meditation will help you do that by default. Also true, Yoga helps as well as sleep. But if you don’t do any of the above, you do need to actively cleanse/balance your Chakras.

The problem when it comes to psychology, is that the chakras don’t often get taken into consideration. And yet the Chakras do govern your psychology all too often, from how you speak (Throat Chakra) to how emotional you are (Sacral Chakra). By learning about the Chakras, and then taking active steps to help them when the going gets tough (including using EFT), you get to help the Qi energy flow into your physical body much more easily.

4- Meditating is simple to do, but you do need routine.

Meditation isn’t difficult to do. I mean, it’s all about creating a sort of, ‘space’ in your imagination, so you can feel the peace/deep love from your soul/higher conscious. Now, you can do this while being present; or you can imagine a spinning object, and once you have your full attention on the object let it start to slowly fade away. You will be left with a blank space, meaning that you are therefore meditating. And of course, meditation has numerous health benefits, from increased attention, to the reduction of the aging process, plus much more.

The problem with meditation (I find) is getting into a routine where you do it on a regular basis. Of course, if you go to a Yoga class, (which you’ve paid for) routine isn’t an issue. If on the other hand, you don’t have any schedules outside of work, getting a routine and sticking to it can be really tricky for the undisciplined amongst us. It does go without saying that be creating and sticking to a schedule will do numerous benefits to your body and mind. So it is really worth it to find a good technique out there (there are may meditational techniques to choose from) and sticking to it. You’ll thank yourself 1 month from now!

5- You still need your sleep, or you’re playing catchup!

You can be spiritual all you like, and can read about the spiritual laws, or how we are all one, or how to visualize for perfection. But take it from me, if you don’t have you’re beauty sleep and are exhausted the next day, being spiritual is pretty much useless. The only exception to this, is that you can try to meditate in Theta to have a few quick energy bursts during your break times, or use a Theta/Delta CD to have an hour nap if you’re at home (whatever works best for you!).

Just because you understand (to some degree) what spirituality is all about, doesn’t mean to say that you skimp on sleep. Far from it, and this is a hard core lesson that has taken me years to overcome. Why? Because I had got into some real bad habits of going to bed and to sleep later than I realized. And of course, it doesn’t help if you suffer from anxiety, which perpetuates the situation even worse.

I won’t go into the benefits of sleep too much (this article does a good job of doing that), but needless to say if you do want to take maximum advantage of your souls power, getting your beauty sleep is an absolute must!

6- You can still enjoy EGO melodramas, but keeping to your heart-space is better.

This is a tricky one, because melodramas are a proven money maker, especially when it comes to the visual arts. We all love to see a good thriller/drama, and we all love that exciting, almost intense feeling of justice and right and wrong, and seeing the villain ultimately getting crushed by the hero/heroine. And some of us take this to the next level, by fantasizing that we are the hero, and that we can beat everybody that crosses our path. And we feel so righteous about it as well…

…only except that the feeling of happiness when it comes to EGO melodrama pleasures are actually cosmetic. I once tried to differentiate a feeling of happiness from EGO and happiness from the soul, by trying to observe my emotional state while fantasizing being in a heroic situation, versus being present and in the now, and seeing everybody as extensions of myself (oneness). The results were spectacular…while I did feel excited when I had my EGO fantasy, the deep love and peace when I was experiencing oneness (albeit for a brief moment) went deep into the soul, like a warm gentle dagger to the heart. There is simply no comparison. But it’s not easy either, as you have to make a conscious choice to actually try to live fully present, and actually stay there. But the rewards of exuding unconditional love and presence are numerous.

7- Letting go is super tough when you need something badly or are stressed.

This is back to the old law of attraction, where you have to let go to get what you choose. Trouble is, your EGO has more control than you give it credit for, and for most people who practice the law of attraction, letting go is tough. You are essentially accepting on blind faith that something IS going to happen, and that you are thankful for it in advance (of course, for those obe explorers amongst you, you will already know that you thoughts are, ‘physical’ in their own right in the non-physical world, so blind faith is no longer required…just patience;-). And when you are stressed, this makes the situation even more complex, and feels like you are going though hell. Not a great way to practice the law of attraction, believe me.

So, what is the solution? The ultimate trick, (and this is going to sound harsh and insultingly cliche, but here goes…) is to try to be genuinely grateful for what you have. That is the secret to letting go. Being grateful for the here and now, and realizing that you are not attached to the outcome. Sure, it will be great if it happens, but you are grateful whatever happens. I know, this does sound insultingly borderline unjust, but the truth is, this is how the multiverse works. Practicing gratitude has long been an old spiritual concept, and it is no wonder why certain religious textbooks also promote this as well. But the ultimate trick is to be genuinely grateful, which may require a change in perception for some people.

8- Changing your mental perception is not a 5 min thing!

Being formally cynical, and then being spiritual, is not easy. There is a lot of deconstructions taking place, and you do feel like you are loosing your sanity along the way. Plus the fact that you might still be hanging around with the same people who got you there to begin with and are themselves also cynics and zapping the energy from right under your feet. True, certain spiritual/psychological techniques, like affirmations/EFT etc do help, but you do have to be on your conscious guard nearly all the time, especially if you are with people who love coming out with negative opinions on why life is hell.

Try to give yourself time to adjust, as life won’t suddenly change for you overnight (if being spiritual was that easy, everybody would be doing it). It takes a thing called, ‘time’ for the changes to reflect in your behavior, and then your physical reality. It’s not a 5 minute thing. Most successes aren’t. Changing your inner perception and then your attitude is always the crucial first step, and must always be taken. You cannot think of helping the world, unless you help yourself first. Harsh but very true.


Top 8 Most Influential, Self-improvement Experts


I was reading a few articles, when I realized that in all of my years of self-improvement and spiritual learning, I haven’t had a top 8 list. I’ve read so many books, and listened to so much stuff that it has been mind boggling. So it got me thinking of the best self-improvement experts out there, for the newbie who was starting to slowly get into this.

Now, before I carry on, just a few things. Firstly, I don’t really believe in the word, ‘guru’. I think it conjures up to many negative connotations. The following list are people who have inspired me, but just because they have inspired me, doesn’t mean they are going to inspire you. Inspiration is subjective. Secondly, being brought up in a cynical family, it takes a heck of a lot to change my core beliefs. Not because I don’t want to, but because it takes a lot of effort. The following people are people I believe who are so good, even a cold-hearted cynic would find it difficult to disprove them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they could quite easily, for their own beliefs will understandably reflect in their reality, thereby confirming that their beliefs are correct. I’m just saying that it takes a lot to convert a cynic into somebody who likes anything self-improvement related, and the following people certainly get my tick.

And finally, the following people are not new at all, they have been around for some time (some since the nineties). They’re good, and draw in huge crowds, so their influence are huge. This means that they can create change quicker than most people.

So, in no particular order, I present the top 8 most influential ,self-improvement experts online.

Read and enjoy;-)

1. www.freenlphomestudy.comMichael Stevenson

I came across this almost by accident, and to be honest with you, I’m glad I discovered it. Probably one of the very few times an email address gives so much information, as when you subscribe you get around 10 hours of video footage of the founder, Michael Stevenson in action. It’s a very good intro into NLP, which if you don’t know, stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It may sound technical, but it’s all about how the mind operates, consciously as well as subconsciously.

Watching the videos (and I haven’t even finished them all yet;-) was a real eye opener for me. There are some great case studies involved, as you get to understand the inner workings of how your mind works. Be warned though, this isn’t for the faint hearted;-) You’ll find out how easily it is to create good rapport to help influence someone (or even a group) and you’ll also get introduced to conversational hypnosis. All in all, it’s a great introduction into a subject which I believe everyone should be aware of.

2. www.deepakchopra.comDeepak Chopra

I’m currently listening to one of his audiobooks called Synchro Destiny, and it is a real eyeopener to me. But on top of that, Deepak Chopra has authored many books, narrated many audiobooks and seems to get the nature of the cosmology of the universe all too well. And to top it off, he understands how to get the best out of your life using simple tweaks to your lifestyle. Having listened to some of his stuff, I can quite easily testify that this guy knows what he is doing. He has a great soul, and a lovely voice which soothes yours when you listen to him, so his truths are easily accepted.

His website contains many articles ranging from Health issues to Conscious itself, and they are very insightful, as well as a huge video library and book collection.

3. www.nealedonaldwalsch.comNeale Donald Walsch

I came across (and even met) Mr Walsch many years back, and have brought some of his books and audiobooks. Quite simply, this guy is the real deal. He has a fantastic sense of humor, and delivers his truths with such clarity, it’s hard to ignore. While he may be most popular with the, ‘Conversations With God’ Trilogy, the first book I read from him was, ‘Tomorrows God’, and found myself agreeing with almost everything he was saying.

It takes a lost of guts and courage to openly and honestly talk about religious matters in the modern day and age, and yet Mr Walsch makes it looks so easy, it’s hard not to fall in love with him. Anybody who has a slight to moderate religious background should read (or listen) to his stuff, as it makes for compelling reading. As it stands, ‘Conversations with God’ is one of those books that you pick up to read just 10 mins of it, only to discover that you end up loosing about half an hour instead. That is how addictive it can be;-)

4. www.eckharttolle.comEckhart Tolle

I still rank the audiobook of, ‘The Power Of Now’ as one of the best audiobooks I’ve listened to. The reason? I just keep coming back to it again and again. Being present has never been so popular in the modern day and age (which I suppose says a lot about modern society, doesn’t it;-). And yet, trying to distract the attention away from the EGO is something that is very seldom talked about in most peoples lives, and I’m not quite sure why.

Sure, mindfulness meditation (another form of being present) might be just another great way to meditate, but the health benefits from being present are too big to ignore. Apart from keeping your youth on your side (yes, there are articles I’ve read that say it reduces aging) there are also numerous cognitive and anxiety related benefits as well. In this society which seems to promote fast talkers and quick thinkers, it’s refreshing to know that there are several mechanisms that can turn it off (or in most peoples cases, reduce it).

5. www.psychicbutsane.comAnna Sayce

So far I’ve done mostly guys from all areas of the self-improvement niche, but I thought, (in the balance of equality;-) that I’ll include a lady which I believe is super inspirational. And that’s Annas site, It’s great for a number of reasons. Like me, she’s read some of the authors in this list (so I automatically like her for that;-) secondly, she also knows about spirituality all too well (she is a psychic, what do you expect…) and thirdly, her website has probably one of the most coolest sounding names out there!

I once spent a couple of hours reading her articles, they were that articulate and good! And the good news is that they are not running out. Her website is full of great, intuitive self, ideal if you want to develop your psychic ability (because as we all know, we all have that 6th sense) and great about ways of discovering your soul and life purpose. Highly recommended if you have 2 hours to burn 😉

6. www.probablefuture.comGerald O’Donnell

I came across this website almost by accident, and yet to this very day, I’m still learning new things about the nature of reality. Quite simply, the most straightforward, transparent viewpoint on life and the cosmology of the universe out there, but it gets better. It lets you experience it as well, giving you a direct experience on the powers of creation. As they sometimes say, it’s all very well knowing the theory, but it is real life tests that give you the experience, and the 2 courses do just that.

Now, I’m not going to make out I’m an expert at creating from thought alone (I’m still re-listening to some Remote Viewing CD’s that I brought a while back), but even I’ve managed to Remote View a few places thanks to the course. Now, before I carry on, let me explain some terminology. The website is offering 2 courses (as well as interviews and articles for you to listen and read) and the 2 course are about Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. Sounds a bit technical, I know, but essentially Remote Viewing is the ability to meditate very deeply so you can see distant places, people and events, without never having to be there. Remote Influencing takes this even further by allowing you to meditate even deeper than before so you can actually manipulate events in your favor (and hence allow your desires to come true).

Now, this may seem a bit too much for some people, but anybody who has brought the course will testify, it is money well spent. The website offers a forum, where people who brought the course meet up and give a helping hand to get the maximum out of the materials. If you are into the Law of attraction, the website and the information on there is a must.

7. www.stevepavlina.comSteve Pavlina

Unless you have been in a coma for a long time, you must have surely heard of Steve Pavlinas website, or read one of his articles. Quite simply, this guy knows his stuff, and isn’t afraid to challenge core assumptions (I’m still loving the article he wrote on the nature of subjective reality, but I’ll leave that for you to discover;-). Very spiritually articulate, and also anything self-improvement related (just in case you have something against being spiritual). His articles are the longest I’ve ever read, some well over 5000 words. But it is certainly worthy of an hour of your time spent on his website, because his knowledge is just that good.

Steve Pavlinas website is one of those places where you read one article, hoping to read it is just 5 minutes, and out of nowhere end up using a couple of hours of your time! It’s that good. But don’t just take my word for it, go there and check for yourself. The articles are on all sorts of things self-improvement related, from finance to the law of attraction (obviously) and some more. Be careful though, once you read his stuff, your life might not be the same again☺

8. www.repeatlessness.comDr. Joe Marshalla

Ok, so you’ve meditated a few times over the years, and you understand about goal setting. You may even have heard a bit of the science behind how all this works. What you need right now, is somebody to come around and round this information up for you, in one neat tidy package. That guy is Dr. Joe Marshalla, and between his videos and his book, you are pretty much set for life.

Again, very spiritually articulate, but has the added bonus of balancing EGO/mind nature with the nature of the soul. His videos are not short (and that’s a good thing) and yet, just like some of the above authors, you’ll end up re-listening to his stuff time and time again. He shows you how to completely change your life in the most easiest way possible, from goal setting to a great neat way of being in the, ‘now’ (and this technique was new to me). Highly recommended for anyone who wants to make quick and profound changes in their life.

So there you have it, authors who have had a big impact in my personal and spiritual growth, and who I believe are the biggest influences in the self-improvement niche. Each one has there own spin on the nature of reality and how to achieve your dreams. Be careful though, once you read their stuff, you may not want to go back to your old way of life again;-)


How To Rid Yourself Of Unwanted And Disturbing Thoughts In 5 Simple Ways!

How do you stop obsessive or compulsive thoughts? How do you stop a certain negative thought pattern? Do you even believe it is possible? Maybe you haven’t heard of the, ‘White Bear Syndrome’, or don’t believe it is possible for you to control your thoughts. Some people don’t. There are some people who have such a rich imagination, yet they seem unable to use it as a constructive, harmonious tool. They instead let it run riot, causing themselves and their families heartache. Maybe you are one of these people. If you are, you have my sympathies. I’m not trying to be polite, not trying to humor you, but you do genuinely have my condolences, because believe it or not you are not your mind.

I’m being serious, and anybody who practices mindfulness mediation, or even had out-of-body experiences will testify to this. You are not your mind, nor your body, but a spiritual being, inhabiting a 3D holographic (of sorts) physical body. You thoughts are who you think you are…or to put it in the words of a famous master, Eckhart Tolle, your EGO is your identification with thought.

Did you read that correctly, your identification. Not you, but what you are identify with! And this is a huge concept to get. You in the purest form, are soul (or higher consciousness if you don’t believe in souls). And that is awareness itself. That’s right…pure awareness. And what you give awareness (or attention) to, is ultimately what you give energy to.

So, at the risk of breaking your bubble, but you are not EGO. Sure, you may use the EGO to create, and that’s fine. That is what it is there for. A very useful tool to be able to create multiple things, think multiple things, calculate multiple things (or at least consciously, a few things), and much, much more. And that’s great, because you are a creative being, made in the image and likeness of source (what I call source, and I use that term to make this article more socially acceptable;-).

That is why it has been written, that most masters are mindless. That doesn’t mean to say that they are brain-dead (far from it). But they simply choose to give thought it’s correct priority, and as a result, live lives in peace and create almost effortlessly. Of course, as a master, you probably wouldn’t be thinking about creating lots and lots of materialistic wealth. Masters generally have the frameset of STO (Service-To-Others) whereas most people (don’t mean to generalize here, forgive me) have a mindset of STS (Service-To-Self). The reason for this being that masters see the oneness of everything, and understand consciously (as well as super-consciously) that what they give to the multi-verse, they get back 10 fold, because they and everything else is ONE (i.e. one with everything). They see people as merely extensions to themselves, rather than being separate. This helps promote unconditional love, as it opens up their Heart Chakra (don’t believe me, try it…I know this works, because I have tried this myself).

Of course, most people don’t understand this. They see the illusion of separatism, and as a result, don’t see oneness with everything (well, perhaps a few may in meditational exercises, but that’s it). As a result, most people have a STS mentality. And this of course is understandable. When you rely solely on your eyes, and you haven’t had much spiritual education, you expect nothing less.

So this is why, to get back on topic, most masters are mindless. They understand that they are not thought, but pure spiritual awareness. Or to put it another way, consciousness is being aware of itself!

It took a long time for me to get this. I myself understood spirituality, at least intellectually, I just couldn’t get it experientially. Having had OCD, and negative, paranoia inducing thought patterns for most of my adult life, I genuinely at times, didn’t believe that I could tame this monster in my mind. I would go to work, and my subconscious would run riot. I would have little control. It wasn’t until a few obe’s and reading, ‘The Power Of Now’ did I get that be being in the present moment, does one help reduce the mental noise. And not only that, but you can tame your imagination so it works for you rather than against you (which is what it is supposed to do).

But lets say that you are not spiritual, you have no interest in being, ‘present’ (which, incidentally, helps you get into the Theta brainwave state, where new beliefs and as a result, new experiences can form and take place). That’s fine, there are other, psychological techniques you can do to help get rid of, or at the very least significantly reduce your OCD/obsessive thoughts/ negative thought patterns.

Now, I will warn you, what you are about to read, you may already know! I’m under no illusion that you already know this, so see this as a reminder. They seem deceivingly simple, but don’t let that fool you…they do work! Again, I should know, because I try these out every day. If you give the following techniques a go, at least for 30 days, you will see a huge improvement in your psychological and as a result, your emotional state.


Acting Healed

It sounds mad, I know, but just the simple intention of acting like you are healed actually goes a long way to help recovering and ridding yourself of unwanted thoughts and OCD. By acting like you are healed, you are re-programming your subconscious to behave in a certain, different way. And that’s a good thing, because it is your subconscious that is causing all the problems. It’s not your subconscious fault…it’s been trained to do it by yourself (not trying to be mean here, just saying the facts). By at least pretending you are healed, you’ll find yourself acting more and more confident and finding yourself least anxious (which is causing the problems to begin with). Charles Lindens, ‘The Linden Method’ goes into more detail as to why your anxiety is causing you to have OCD and panic attacks.

When I tried to act like I was already healed, I began to observe that not only was I more confident in myself, but that my anxiety and worries were nothing more than just past fears trying to exert control over me. By acting super confident (or at least trying to), I found that I didn’t have the anxiety to begin with (or it was substantially reduced). This resulted in my OCD automatically being reduced, and more control over my thoughts.


Embracing/Hugging It

This is a tip I got from ‘Release The White Bear’. By embracing your unwanted thoughts mentally, you actually release the energy that is keeping it there. I normally have the image of the unwanted thought in my mind, and then try to hug it. I let the anxiety/negativity slightly consume me, but I quickly realize that my mind soon lets go after about a minute (usually less). Why is this? In the words of famous spiritual teacher Neale Donald Walsh, ‘What you resist, persists’ (If truer words were ever spoken). Essentially, by resisting a thought (or reality, for all of you law of attraction practitioners out there…), you keep it firmly in place. By embracing it, sending it love, etc…your mind lets it go. Try it and see for yourself (I did this in work once, and within a few short weeks, found myself in a new department).



Being grateful, by default, automatically raises your inner vibrations so you’ll find that your unwanted thoughts will be at a minimum. Of course, it’s very hard to be grateful, when you fear the worse, but it is good practice to try to have a grateful mindset when the going gets tough. The trick, always, is to remember. Gratitude invokes the same principle as in my last point; that is to say, you are sending the thought love (although in this case, it’s more indirect than direct). Next time you have unwanted or depressing thoughts, don’t be too harsh on yourself, and just try to find a way to be grateful. You should find that this will reduce it, as you are switching your attention away from the negative thought, and to positive imagery instead.


Getting Your Sleep

This is one which I famously sometimes struggle with, but by going to bed on time helps with your OCD. Why? If you are tired and fatigued, you automatically are ratty and sometimes in a bad mood. Your unwanted thoughts/ OCD will be at an all time high (unless you find a way to chill out or relax…yes it is possible). By getting your required dosage of sleep, you’ll automatically increase your inner vibrations, and your attention span will be sharper. You’ll also find that your critical conscious, Beta brainwave self will be more alert, which means that you’ll reduce your obsessive habits or ignore the unwanted thoughts in you mind more quickly, or won’t pay that much attention to them due to an increase in mental energy.


Being In The, ‘Now’

I have already touched on this before, but wanted to give it a better hurrah by making it the last tip of this article. Put simply, living in the present moment is vastly underrated and underutilized. Mindfulness meditation is the most common form of practicing it, but there are other ways. Being in the, ‘Now’ helps reduce your brainwave state to Theta, which is where re-programming of the subconscious takes place (and in spiritual terms, where you meet your soul/higher self, so from a law of attraction point of view, you create more easily).

Being in the present moment reduce general mental noise to an all time minimum anyway, so that will naturally include OCD and disturbing/unwanted thoughts. In fact, when you observe your mind from one state to the other, it’s actually fascinating to watching how your thoughts seem to, ‘melt away’ or dissolve altogether. The thing though, with OCD, is to keep being in the mindful state after you’ve done your chore (otherwise you’ll find yourself going back to do it again and again.). Don’t make the mistake I’ve made a few times, by getting into the, ‘Now’, do the chore, congratulate myself (by thinking again), only to be a bit anxious and go back! Trust me, this doesn’t work, and if you are not careful, you’re going to believe that this doesn’t work.

What you’ll find is that by being in the, ‘Now’ for a few minutes (in psychological clock time) you’ll do your chore, and do something else, but this time it will still be in your immediate memory. This means that if the worry does pop-up in your mind, your subconscious will automatically give you the image that the chore has been done (of course, for the severe sufferers out there, you do also have to believe the image or you’ll simply repeat the chore again). Therefore it’s best to be mindful for a good few minutes after you’ve done the chore, to keep the negative imagery to a low.

What you’ll find from practicing the above skills is that you’ll be combining one or more to get the best results. And don’t delude yourself into thinking that your OCD will go in the next 5 mins. It will still take a tiny bit of time for it to fully flush away. Even if you use EFT, your anxiety might not completely go (don’t get me wrong, EFT is still a great tool. Click here for the article on it). But by at first recognizing you have a problem (which is a crucial step in and of itself), and then taking some active steps to actually try and resolve the problem using the above techniques, you’ll find that in a few days your OCD and unwanted/disturbing thoughts will be at a minimum.

I must confess, despite still going to bed sometimes late (bad habit, I know;-) when I have tried the above exercises, not only has my general mood lifted, but I also feel strangely powerful as well. It’s as if I’m re-taking control back from my mind, and use it as a great tool it was always meant to be. Your thoughts and imagination are great tools, but they do need to be disciplined and trained, and that sometimes does take time. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you find that after a few days, your OCD is still there, or you keep having really strange/ unwanted thoughts that really don’t want to go away. As a famous spiritual teacher once said, don’t take your thoughts too seriously! You are not them.

And that’s a good thing;-)