Heart Space and 4 Ways To Keep In It


Heart energy is not only a useful space to keep, but is crucial in helping you not only spiritually evolve but also keep your emotions in check. But what is heart space, and how do you stay in it?

Heart space is essentially keeping your heart chakra opened as much as possible, so you feel compassion and love for most of the day. This has numerous healing effects, as well as allowing you to focus and be more productive. It also helps things happen more in your favor, as you start to use consciousness more towards your benefit.

Keeping in your heart space also helps with reducing stress and helps with your intuitive abilities (which has it’s own rewards). Just imagine what it feels like to do everyday routine chores, but instead of being on autopilot, you simply ask yourself if you should be doing this chore, and you get a loving feeling instead.

Wouldn’t that be great, maximizing that loving feeling, so your day winds up being slightly different than you planned but you felt love and joy throughout?

That is what living in your heart space is all about.

It’s about healing and it’s about intuition. It’s about being guided by your higher consciousness and allowing your life to be easier as a result. Small things happen in your favor, and you simply begin to, ‘flow’ with your life.

Here, we talk about the 4 easiest ways of opening up your heart chakra, and keeping in your heart space. If you require more information about your chakras and their benefits, simply click here.


To help stay with your heart energy, it is often best to be as mindful as much as possible. Being mindful is simply about paying attention to what is happening in this present moment, from the sounds you hear, to what you are seeing, to what is going on with your body.

Usually when you pay attention to the outside noise, or pay attention to your body, your mind-chatter will be reduced significantly, allowing you to feel more present.

When done repeatedly, this feeling can help open up your heart chakra, so you feel heart energy easily and effortlessly. Further repeated attempts can mean that when you become mindful, you also open up your heart chakra, due to increased life energy, or Qi in your non-physical body spreading (kinda like a 2nd reward for reducing your mind-chatter).

If you have issues with being mindful, and would like ways on which to achieve being present, click here for more info.

Listening to a compassionate song

This is a great one if you simply have to think, but are unable to focus that wandering mind.

All you have to do, is to think of a song that allows you to feel nice,warm and healed. A song which is very compassionate, and can even make you slightly tearful (but in a good way).

Next time you have to do a task, and you find your mind wandering from place-to-place (maybe due to the task not being mentally stimulating enough), you can, ‘select’ this song in your head, so you feel more heart energy around your heart chakra.

If you can, try and build up a, ‘song list’ of favorite compassionate tunes, so that if you struggle to remember the tune of one song, you can always fall back on another. This will also prevent another thing from taking place: Boredom of a tune.

Pretending to hug somebody

If you are struggling to feel love, one of the best ways of opening up your heart chakra is to quickly imaging someone that you are in love with, and pretend you are hugging that person from head to toe. This will allow the feelings of love to pass from your heart chakra, and will allow you to feel heart energy radiating out.

Once you get used to this energy, it will only be a matter of time before your heart chakra will open just by thinking of hugging somebody. And once you get good at it, you can simply open up your heart chakra, ‘on demand’ just by thinking of the feeling and letting the heart energy pour out.

Seeing yourself everywhere

This is one that isn’t always taught, but one of the best ways to feel connected to heart energy (and even help the law of attraction due to the reduction of your EGO) is to see yourself at, ‘one’ with everything.

Of course, one could argue (forgive the pun;-); how can you possibly feel what, ‘oneness’ is, if you don’t know what that looks like?

That’s a good question.

The easy answer is to pretend that everything around you, is a personal extension of your self.

So that Computer you can see, that’s you.

That wall behind you…yep, that’s you as well!

But don’t just look at it and half-heartily agree with the concept…actually imagine that you go well beyond your feet and hands, and actually imagine that your surroundings is you as well.

Of course, anyone who has had an out-of-body experience will testify to this,as when you float out of your body, you can literally float though walls, and even be part of the surroundings itself (although for most obe explorers, the excitement itself of leaving the body means that they would rather travel and fly away, such is the awesomeness of obes).

But the reality is, you are more than your mind and more than your body. In fact, your body isn’t just your own personal body, but everybody elses’s as well.

Initially, this may sound like a ridiculously stupid concept to get, and unless you are spiritually incline, will put this down to just plain stupidity.

And yet, when you think of oneness is, can you not think of a better way to describe your consciousness?

When you start seeing yourself everywhere, heart energy becomes a thing of the norm. You begin to question normal everyday dogma, and you start to feel healed. And because consciousness creates form, things will start to happen in your favor.

Keeping in your heart space is crucial to your psychological and emotional well-being. You become less stressed, and start to make life easier for yourself. Give it a go and let me know how you get on. I think you will like the journey.


3 Ways To Reduce Panic Using Heart Energy


Heart energy is vastly underrated!

Did you know, that you can use heart energy to not only reduce anxiety but also influence the super-consious to bring about your desired outcome?

Did you also know, that repetitive use of heart energy can also allow you to slowly help heal yourself and even overcome some psychological issues as well?

I’m not just talking about being negative, but using heart energy to overcome depression, general anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks and much more.

It’s all very well using EFT, PS-TEC, mindfulness meditation, and even NLP, but if you don’t add heart energy into the mix, you are essentially driving a Ferrari in 3rd gear with flat (ish) tires…

Yes, that is how good heart energy is! It it essentially the added lubricant which will not only help the rest of your other tactics to work, but work extremely well.

“But what is heart energy?”

It is essentially opening up your Heart Chakra (or balancing it out if you prefer), so that you feel a deep love and compassion flow from it.

This may not sound much, but considering that love always trumps over fear, you will be essentially calming yourself and your Amygdala down (the very thing that is causing the issue to begin with).

Using heart energy, you are able to be more relaxed (reducing stress and even OCD) which in turn will help you be more focused, so that you can think more clearly and have a more healthier and happier lifestyle.

So what has all this got to do with panic attacks, then?

Well, put it like this…

Heart energy will make recovery from panic attacks that little bit more quicker.

When you consciously start using heart energy on the deliberate basis, more love comes into your life (due to the fact that consciousness creates form, law of attraction, etc…).

This also means that you become more calmer and reduce your panic, which ultimately mean that you start to re-program your mind to think differently in stress-inducing situations.

So, what are the best ways of doing this then?

Well, there are 3 main ways which I use, which should yield the best result for you.

1 – ‘Touching your lover’ technique.

Ok, the first one we will look at is the one which I first started with.

The technique is actually pretty simple.

All you do is to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths so you go within, and then to visualize hugging somebody that you absolutely adore. Somebody who will really love and admire.

When you do this, notice the feelings of warmth and compassion feel your heart area and how it slow floods your very being.

This is your heart energy!

Feels good, doesn’t it;-)

Try to be in this loving state for about 5-10 mins, so you get used to the feeling of unconditional love. If you want to be really clever, try to tap with a finger of your choice (such as your wedding finger) a few times to create an association.

When you open your eyes to come out of this altered state, tapping with the finger before should be able to, ‘activate’ the feeling of love.

But if you want to, just simply pretend and fantasize you are hugging that same person as you go about your day.

2 – ‘The Naughty One’ technique

I’ve called it the, ‘naughty one’ for a reason, as it involved self pleasure and sexual imagery.

But it’s not to be dismissed either, as when you get into a habit of it (especially you people with a high sex drive), it can be a great way of activating your Heart Chakra and can even help you prolong an orgasm.

Again, pretty simple: Begin to massage your pleasure area, and as you become increasingly aroused, using just the power of your mind, let the sexual imagery rise up your spine.

As you keep doing this, two things will happen: you’ll prolong the sexual feelings without ejaculation (semen control for guys is an absolute must!) and you’ll also open up your Heart Chakra.

Two for the price of one!

If you can get really good at it (and if you’ve got a really good imagination), next time you see a pretty picture (over 18 years old, of course!), try to move the lustful feelings without even touching your-self, into your Heart area.

After a while, you should feel more calmer and more relaxed.

3 – ‘The people’ technique.

I’ve saved the best one ’till last, as not only does it help reduce a panic attack (especially if you suffer from a form of social anxiety), but it also helps promote the oneness with the multi-verse as well. Bear with me as I try to explain…

Basically, what you are going to do is to use other people and objects to open your Heart Chakra without actually fantasying.

Sounds mad, but stay with me here…

Next time you are in a social situation or standing in a queue, try to see the people as extensions of your EGO.

You might need to pretend first (that’s fine), but try to see your EGO extending beyond your body, and involving other people as well.

Try to include other objects for better results, and you’ll find that love will start to poor from your heart.

These three techniques I personally use, and have yielded great results.

Adding heart energy to your array of weaponry against ongoing panic is a surefire way to success in recovering from a panic disorder.

And you may never know, you may even have a great life as well;-)


Panic attacks in the workplace and 6 ways to cope with it

I’ll never forget the time when I had panic attacks in work.

It wasn’t sudden, but a build up of over a few years. One minute I would be fine talking to customers on the phone, the next minute I would be getting very hot under the collar, very clammy, and really panicky at saying the wrong word that could trigger a customer to start getting irate.

I hated it.

It’s funny that you can look back at these things years ago and sort off smile…but back then, it wasn’t funny. It was deadly serious. But I didn’t know what it was.

I sort of knew about panic attacks and extreme stress, but I had no idea of what a burnout was. I was in my mid twenties for crying out loud. Life wasn’t meant to be like this. But it was, especially for me. This was my life, and I was supposed to just accept it, not complain about it, deal with it and move on!

So that was it…for a period of about 2 1/2 years, I was constantly clammy, constantly rubbing my hands, constantly sipping water to trying to comfort myself; wandering whether the next customer was going to be nice or mean and wandering why I was panicky, feeling light headed and felt like I was going to pass out. I had know idea that I was able to use little techniques to eliminate a panic, and I certainly had no idea that I could use mindfulness to overcome those feelings of dread. For me, panic attacks at work was a way of life.

I even tried some Bach’s flower remedies to try to relax myself, but even that didn’t always work (although sometimes it did). I will say, looking back at it now, that I made the situation 10 times harder than it needed to be.

I should’ve gotten my sleep, yet at the time, 5 1/2 hours was luxury

I should’ve used mindfulness meditation, but at the time, I was more into Qi meditation than mindfulness…not a bad meditation to be fair, but it’s not going to do much to reduce the effects of an over-stimulated Amygdala.

Panic attacks and anxiety in the workplace is responsible for over $37 billion of the mental health bill, which pretty much means (that at the risk of sounding harsh), if you are not able to cope with and eventually eliminate your condition, not only is it sucking the life and soul out of you, it is also part of the problem that is costing billions.

Yet most of us understand the symptoms of excessive anxiety in the workplace: they range from being unable to focus, to sleep deprivation (including insomnia), from panic attacks to worrying excessively to the point of paranoia, plus much more.

So how do we improve our coping skills so we don’t feel our soul being sucked away from our life, and are therefore able to at least enjoy the aspects of the job that we find simple to do?

1 – Practice mindfulness throughout the day

Doing this alone will help reduce your anxiety in a very short space of time and will reduce the onset of a panic attack. Just taking a few minutes when the going gets tough is all that is required to restore a mental clarity and resume focus, so your main work doesn’t suffer.

You can achieve being present in various ways, but one of the easiest I have found is to widen your peripheral vision. This alone will help you reduce the mental chit-chatter and will restore a peaceful mind.

2 – Take exercise during break times

Maybe a short walk or even walking your car, whatever it takes to get you outside. This will help, ‘walk off’ the anxiety and will allow you to slowly relax, and take your mind of the anxiety or panic attack. Practicing mindfulness while doing this is a great way of getting better at being mindful.

3 -Meditate during your lunchtime

If you can do it, meditating in the privacy of your own car during the lunch break is a good way of reducing the anxiety and help reduce the onset of a future panic attack. I used to do a form of Chakra meditation, where I would visualize a spinning colored flower, the color dependent upon the Chakra that I would like to open and balance, but any kind of meditation should work for you, as long as you can get into a relaxed sitting position in your car.

4 – Practice deep breathing

Doing this will help calm yourself down and will also help reduce a current panic attack. It will also give you a clarity of mind that will help reduce the onset of any future intense anxiety.

Just by taking a minute to breath gently but deeply should allow the current anxiety to slowly subside. If you wish, take a deep belly breath via you nose, hold for 4 seconds, and then slowly release through your mouth. Doing this for a minute will help calm your nerves down.

5 – Get your sleep/power-nap

Getting your sleep is vital for reducing future panic attacks, but admittedly it can be a viscous circle. You can be that stressed at work, that getting your required 7-8 hours can be a huge task. If you find that you cannot switch off when going to bed, and end up getting a poor nights sleep, trying looking into supplements to help you relax, or try Bach Flower remedies.

For the immediate short term, trying getting a power-nap during your break times. Just 10-15 minutes of a nap is enough to keep your energy levels up, and will allow you to have some mental focus back.

6 – Open up your Heart Chakra

I put this one last, because of its spiritualistic nature, but what you can do if you feel panic coming on is to see people as extensions of yourself. I know this may sound weird, but it does strangely open up your Heart Chakra, so you can feel a deep compassion swell and fill your heart.

This has a nice soothing effect, and will even help reduce a future panic episode. Using the combination of opening up your Heart Chakra while being present can be a very powerful duo in combating anxiety attacks and restoring peace of mind.

Try the above and let me know how it goes on. Suffering from panic attacks in the workplace, when you’re trying to enjoy life and do work, is not only a terrible thing for a sufferer to go through, it’s also a waste of a precious life. By doing the above exercises, you can be sure that a recovery isn’t too far away.


Top 6 Reasons Being Spiritual Rocks!


Do you believe in spirituality, or an existence of a soul? Do you believe that we all have a bigger purpose than what is consciously seen here? Or do you simply believe that we are on this planet to work to pay our taxes, get a family, get old, and just die?

Maybe you don’t believe in a different way of seeing things, and that would be fine. Being spiritual is a game changer, because essentially you are now changing the rules. And believe it or not, most people are simply not comfortable with that idea (otherwise, the world would’ve changed a long time ago!). Some people even go so far as to believe that we have to suffer on this planet to achieve paradise in a perceived heaven. That’s fair enough, I respect that. I don’t agree with this, because this asks way to many questions than are answered. And quite frankly, some (if not most) of these people would be arrogant. Quite a harsh thing you would say, but consider this. Suffering is not a normal state of being. The body (and mind) was meant to thrive (hard to believe sometimes, I know). The example of this is in the body (in most cases) to self-heal, while the mind can self-heal using various spiritual techniques (one will be discussed shortly).

So it’s quite obvious that you were not meant to suffer on this planet. Yes, in some circumstances, suffering is needed to stop an action, for example using courage (whether you are a battle worn soldier, or suffering from OCD/paranoia). In this case, in order to overcome a mental obstacle, you need to suffer (slightly) and use courage to, ‘beat’ the subconscious. That is called expanding your comfort zone, and is a must when it comes to self-improvement. But notice how I said to suffer slightly. It’s not normal to endure any intense emotional or psychological suffering. But courage has it’s own rewards, and at the risk of sounding inhumane, it all starts with suffering (the trick, obviously, is to keep the suffering to a low;-).

So it’s very clear that we are not meant to suffer on this planet (apart from the time you need to expand your comfort zone, but that’s it). While I appreciate that there are medical cases where suffering is due to intense injuries, for the most part, the body and mind doesn’t like it. And that’s not surprising.

But at the risk of digressing, being spiritual is a game changer, because it does help reduce suffering. And in this modern day and age, where psychological suffering seems to be at an all time high, being spiritual is turning into an absolute must. But why be spiritual? Below, I list the Top 6 ways why being spiritual rocks. Hopefully you’ll be inspired.

1. Feeling peace on demand

Being spiritual is a great easy (and free) way to feeling peace on demand (or if you wish to be slightly religious here, Goodness On Demand, ‘G.O.D’;-). As hinted earlier, the mind has the ability to self heal in a number of ways. One is through being in the, ‘now’ or commonly known as mindfulness meditation.

You don’t have to sit down, and try to think of nothing for this to work, you can be mindful in doing everyday chores and activities. The trick is to keep your attention to strictly your body or the outside noise (or even your peripheral vision). All three are excellent ways of being consciously present in the here and now.

When you do this, your sacral chakra will spin more, allowing a rush of energy to pour into your non-physical body (click here for a guide on the chakras). This energy increases your personal power, and is one of the energies responsible for the law of attraction working quickly for you (more on that later). Quite simply, if you feel depressed, or feel like you are the victim of negative circumstances, one of the best ways of reducing and (sometimes) eliminating it is to be in the here and now. But being in the here and now helps you in other ways as well, which leads me nicely to my next point…

2. Less easily manipulatable

Being spiritual means that you can observe yourself more easily, as you are less from EGO and more from a higher state of consciousness. This also means that you get to see other peoples power games as well. While not always nice to observe, your empathy and compassion does increase, as you get to see how other people conduct their affairs rightly or wrongly, so you can learn from them.

This also means that you can observe yourself more easily, and thereby improve how you conduct your own state of affairs, watch your own emotions, and generally find ways to stand your ground when the going gets tough. This is invaluable, as it helps you keep your inner peace when other people are going through their own melodramas. This also means that you are not easily swayed by other peoples opinions, which allows you to do and experience things that you wouldn’t normally do, which leads me to my next point…

3. Feel more natural and less ashamed.

This is a big one as I believe that a lot of people feel shame/guilt and fear. Essentially, being spiritual means that you are going against the very grain of society, due to the fact that most people are normal and not natural. By being spiritual, you are becoming more emotionally healthy, and therefore reduce your past and emotional burdens, which can sometimes (subconsciously) be passed onto other people.

Regrettably, some people feel ashamed for feeling ecstasy or any form of goodness that they experience (harping back to my earlier point that some people think that we need to suffer). Being in the here and now is one great way of feeling more emotionally healthier, but there are other techniques. Being emotionally intelligent is a great way of finding out how aware you are with your emotions, so you can be more focused and improve aspects of your life.

4. Have out-of-body experiences.

This is another big one, yet it sometimes surprises me how many people are spiritual, yet haven’t had an out-of-body experience. This is a shame, as the two really should go hand-in-hand. You can be the most cold-hearted cynic all you want, but the second you have an out-of-body experience (or a few of them at the very least) most of your cynical beliefs goes out the window! Why? Because you finally get how life works. Essentially, by being more spiritual you reduce the electrical activity in your brain, which allows you to (sometimes) separate yourself from your body when you are in bed.

But why have an obe to begin with? Put simply, have an obe substantially allows you to experience your higher-self, or divinity first hand. No other experience beats it. You essentially see, ‘behind the veil’, so to speak, and you finally get what most religions and spiritual textbooks talk about. The benefits of out-of-body explorations are numerous, but one of the main ones is to greatly reduce the fear of death (which is oh so crucial for your EGO), substantially increase your love and respect for life, and helps you see first hand the law of attraction due to the fact that you are within time/space so there is no time delay between thought and event. This leads me towards my next point…

5. Experience the law of attraction firsthand.

Being spiritual is a great way to experience the law of attraction, as you are more conscious of the desire turning into an event. You get to count how long it takes from a desire to manifest into an event for you to enjoy experientially, which as a result, stops you from being the victim of your circumstances and instead be the powerful co-creator you always were (and incidentally, you are co-creating with your soul). You know how well you are doing when it comes from manifesting your desires, by seeing how long in space/time it takes from a desire to turn into your reality, and then trying to improve upon it (see it like your own personal competition;-)

Being spiritual allows you to reduce your personal anger, past/historical issues, and allows you to be more in the here and now, which helps the manifestation process. This all guides you towards being 100% responsible for your creations (although for some part, it will be subconscious and you won’t be aware of it). This of course eliminates your cynicism and reduces your negativity, which not only helps your body but also makes you more of a healthier and happier person. Food for thought;-)

6. Feeling unconditional love

I put this one last, as this is the key ingredient and also the key experience behind being spiritual. Essentially, you get to feel more love for yourself and your neighboring souls. This is done by seeing the unity of everything, or if it’s easier, seeing places and people as extensions of yourself. By doing this, you feel more love pour into your non-physical body, via your Heart Chakra and you become more peaceful and happier in the process.

As unconditional love is the language of the multi-verse, you also use it to manifest your desires more easily, due to it’s strong connection to the spiritual world (they do say that your Heart is the gateway). Unconditional love is vastly under-rated, and has been known to not only heal supposedly incurable diseases, but also helps you become more charismatic, and allows you to manifest your desires when used with being mindful. Feeling and experiencing unconditional love is key in helping evolve this planet. But if you don’t want to hear me proselytize, that’s fine. Just take it from me that you will feel more natural, more healthier and more stronger when you get into the practice of feeling love wherever you go.


A Quick Intro Into The Law Of Attraction, And The 1 Thing To Do To Ensure It’s Success!

Do you believe that intentions work? Do you know what an intention is? Some people think that they do, yet struggle with the law of attraction, or finding any results with their desires. Maybe you are one of these people?

Do you even believe in the law of attraction? Maybe you are too cynical for it. Chances are you are skeptical about it, not even trying any visualization exercises whatsoever, yet refuse to completely reject it, because at some deep level you believe that there is something towards it that you simply cannot explain. Maybe you have read books and seen DVD’s. You may even had a few successes, yet nothing huge. If this doesn’t sound like you, and you completely reject the premise of thoughts turning into things, then you have my best wishes, and good luck.

And you’re going to need it, because you may find that along the way you may begin to find similarities between having a desire, and seeing some form of manifestation taking place. It won’t be much of course, and it may even be quick (I’ll explain why later) but it won’t amount to much. But the sad thing is, you’ll become more and more cynical, because due to the very definition of beliefs creating events, you will subconsciously sabotage yourself, and you’ll find yourself living more in a cynical world. Essentially, you’ll be experiencing exactly what you are denying.

If on the other hand you are not cynical, but have tried all hands of the law of attraction, this article may be for you. Now, I’m going to lay my cards straight here, and be brutally honest right up front. I’m no guru when it comes to the law of attraction. I’m not writing this armed with false trophies, making out I’ve got this sussed out, because I haven’t. I’m writing this because of a few experiences I’ve had, which I strongly suspect that the law of attraction was behind.

Some of these experiences have been metaphysical, and some have been downright physical. But before we carry on, a word of warning. I’m giving you results based on subconscious (and conscious) tests that I’ve done. When the law of attraction has worked for me, without any prior conscious knowledge (i.e. I’ve had a fleeting desire, and within a week it’s manifested…I’ve done no prep work, no visualization, or anything like that) I’ll be calling that a subconscious test. Simply because I’ve had very little conscious awareness of it. A conscious test on the other hand, will be on with prep i.e. visualizations, being in the now, feeling love…I call this a conscious test, because I am clearly consciously trying to manipulate my reality. I am consciously trying to think my thoughts into physicality. But being straight up front here, my subconscious tests have easily beaten my conscious tests, most of the time. Again, I’ll explain later.

It all boils down to what you believe an intention is, and how it manifests. Now when I first came across the idea of setting an intention, I wasn’t sure the best way to go. Is visualizing the best way, or vision boards? How about affirmations? I’ve tried all three, but over the years, I’ve discovered a few things which have hindered my conscious progress. Of course, subconsciously, I have manifested every desire that I’ve had, both negative and positive. At times this has been annoying. But having had out-of-body experiences, I can testify that you thoughts do form up in the non-physical dimensions. It all boils down ultimately to a few things. Again, (for the last time:-) I’ll explain more later.

So, what is an intention, and how do you set one? Many people have differing ideas to what an intention actually is. I’ve heard many definitions, from a single thought, to focused thought packed with emotional intensity. In my experience, there are two types of intentions, due to the fact that thought by spiritual definition is creative.

Type 1 – Fleeting Intention.

A fleeting intention is essentially having a single thought, or more accurately, a fleeting desire. Desire is the key here, and when I say a fleeting desire, I mean just that. It’s fleeting. It’s a secret quick desire. Kind of like when you walk into a supermarket, and you see somebody that reminds you of somebody you used to fancy once upon a time. You then have a fleeting desire to see them again, but it’s only a quick thought, and you soon forget about it. You then carry on your supermarket shopping and go home. You’ll find then that in a few days to a about a week, you’ll see that person in real (and you’ll wonder what a coincidence that was;-).

The amount of times I’ve had this experience has boggled me. I’ve had many fleeting desires, or fleeting intentions and most of them have come true. But why is this? I imagine it’s because of the, ‘letting go’ process. Essentially, to make any desire a reality, you need to set the intention (fleeting, or focused) and then let go. These ones I call subconscious tests, due to the fact that there is very little conscious awareness behind them (you just have a quick desire and that’s it….takes like less than 10 seconds!). And due to me letting it go (I’m focused on other stuff) there is no resistance to it manifesting. There may be an odd thought that it won’t happen, but that’s it. An odd thought. And in most cases, an odd thought is not going to stop a fleeting intention from manifesting.

Of course, if you are cynical, you won’t necessarily see the connection between the original desire and the physical outcome. Chances are you’ll write it off as a coincidence, or act likes it’s a pleasant surprise. And of course, due to the desire being fleeting, in some cases, so will the outcome.

Type 2- Focused intention.

A focused intention (in my opinion) is a desire that is consciously focused upon…that is, loaded with emotional power. Or put simple, unconditional love (or gratitude…both work extremely well). This is what I call a conscious test, because you are preparing your subconscious. That is, you are doing action that the subconscious recognizes; that is, imagery (visualization) unconditional love (feeling, nature of soul) and affirmations. Of course some of you will do more and that’s fine. But the crux is, you are actively and consciously manipulating your reality.

Now I’m going to be honest here. This has only worked once for me, and there are reasons. For this to work, you need to be close to the present moment as possible. This allows the manifestation to be quick. Secondly, you need to let go. This is the part I believe, that trips most people up, and is the single reason why the subconscious tests work so well, compared to the conscious tests. Or put simply, a fleeting intention has more chances of manifesting than a focused intention.

Why is this, when you are essentially adding more thought in the non-physical realm by visualizing? When you have a fleeting intention, you let go quite easily. There is almost, zilch resistance. Your subconscious does most of the work. When you are doing a focused intention on the other hand, your ego objections kick into gear. You become emotionally attached (even if you know better and you don’t want to be). Essentially, you are not letting go!

And this is big news, because the art of, ‘letting go’ is an art indeed. There are ways of trying to let go, but this isn’t going to be easy. Most of us have been brought up to be emotionally attached to outcomes. We become desperate for success (some of us anyway). This desperation has led to the law of attraction for some people working sporadically at best.

So, how do you let go?

In my experience, there are a few ways (or one way spread over different formats, if you will). The easiest is by being grateful for the here and now, and sticking to the present moment as much as possible throughout the day. On top of that, you can also let go by trying to understand that everything happens by design. That is, whatever happens to you is part of a larger plan. Being grateful in the here and now is probably the best move for most people, and you can do this by being present or even feeling unconditional love (which does help to remove some if not most of the resistance) towards other people as much as possible (please click here for the simple exercise to help open up your heart chakra to feel oneness with everything). Letting go, consciously, is tough. There is no other way to describe it, and especially for a newbie who is just discovering the law of attraction for the first time.

Interestingly, when you are in the now, you do mostly exhibit the theta brainwave state, and is a similar feeling of presence you have when you have an out-of-body experience (an inner dimension where time doesn’t exist. Things manifest almost instantly there). It seems that thinking lots of thoughts requires more brainwave electrical activity (which when you think of it, makes sense). The least amount of thoughts and the more presence you feel, the least amount of electrical activity is needed.

Letting go does require an art, so don’t be surprised if your desires don’t manifest that easily. As long as you practice gratitude as much as possible, some form of outcome will take place (it may not be much, but something does happen, most of the time). Being grateful is a great way of letting go, as long as you do it on a constant basis (and especially if you do it when negative doubts kick in).

Give it a go. I’m not going to promise that it will be an easy ride, but let’s look at it another way. What’s the worst that is going to happen? You’ll feel more love and peace than ever before, and your personal power will increase.

And you never know, something better may come along instead;-)


What, ‘Oneness’ is, And Why It’s Important To Your Health And Lifestyle


How do you achieve oneness with the universe? Do you believe oneness is even possible, or even exists? If you are like most people, you might be asking why we even need to remotely contemplate why to bother seeking oneness, or even spiritual enlightenment. After all, if you are like most people, all you’ll care about is getting stressed out at work, coming home to feed your family and paying the crappy bills at the beginning of every month.

This is how many people operate. Fairly routine, bog standard way of living. As regular as 9 to 5. I don’t mean to judge here (and I have my fair share of bills to pay, don’t worry;-) but you do have my sympathies. At the risk of proselytizing, but you are majorly missing out in your life. In fact, not only are you missing out in your life, you are in fact making life tough for yourself.


Because you have failed to understand or grasp the concept of what consciousness is, and how it affects you directly. And, when I say directly, I mean everything that word implies. Because if you did even have a remote understanding of consciousness, like most spiritual seekers,you would be involved in meditational practices, trying to achieve oneness with the universe, and achieving your dream goals (well at least most of them, anyway).

But you could ask the question, what has consciousness got to do with oneness with the multi-verse, and you would have every right to ask that question. And here is my answer…consciousness controls the multi-verse. You control consciousness, and you are controlling your version of the multi-verse (or as a certain great teacher says, ‘Bubble Of Reality’). And this is why. Consciousness manipulates the ether (or the etheric plane as some seekers call it) which is the very fabric that every dimension, including the plane of 3D physicality, is built on. So by controlling, or rather manipulating consciousness, you are manipulating the etheric plane, which ultimately means that you will be manipulating your physical environment.

And you do this, routinely everyday (just to make you aware!). You may not know that you are doing it, but you are. Most of you are doing this on an unconscious level. That is, without full conscious awareness of what you are doing.

So you could be asking, what is it that I’m doing everyday unconsciously, which is creating big enough vibes to manipulate my physical reality? And the answer is simple…your feelings.

Feelings are the language of the soul. You may have already heard of that, and some of you might even be curious about what it actually means. But lets back up here, because we’re getting slightly ahead of ourselves. First things first, you do have a soul. I know that seems hard to believe, but trust me, you have a soul. All of you do, including the worse among you. And secondly, that soul is pure vibratory particles of light, which created the multi-verse to begin with (i.e. big bang). Light creates. Simple (I believe that is what the bible meant in Genesis, when it said, ‘let there be light’ but I could be wrong, and I don’t really fancy adding anything religious to this article, for socially acceptable reasons, but you get the idea).

This all means that your soul is your multi-verse, and your EGO is the, ‘little you’ in a physical human body (EGO being your identification with your thoughts, which is a projection of your consciousness). And you manipulate your soul by your feelings, which allows the consciousness to manipulate the ether allowing you to create (or-recreate) your bubble of reality.

Now, if you are still with me, and haven’t been put of by now by this article, good! And you know why? Because there is evidence to support this. Even most scientists agree that there is consciousness that is behind everything, and there is also an ether as well (some scientists call it the, ‘zero-point field’. Some of you may argue that, which is fine).

But what some of you may not know, is that your very own feelings actually manipulate the electromagnetic field of physicality, hence why certain things happen when you have feelings for them.

So, hopefully you can now see, that by seeking oneness or spiritual enlightenment, you are essentially seeking more control over your life. This helps life go by more easier, reduces stress and anxiety, and allows you to self-heal many things, as well as attract your goals and dreams towards you quicker than ever before.

I must confess, before I started this spiritual game, I was very cynical myself. I had every reason to be. I was brought up with cynical parents…I had a cynical atmosphere in my job, I had a mildly cynical friend. It got so bad that at one point in my mid-twenties, I was asking what the point of it all was. I mean, was it really to indulge in other peoples power games, just to get a monthly sum of money, pay your bills, get old and die? Was that really what life was about?

It wasn’t until one spiritual moment in 2006 did my life started to slowly make sense. But I was still cynical, and didn’t believe easily. So I began to find out bits of evidence here, and experience there. Little by little, like a jigsaw, the next 7 years would start to slowly unravel the mysteries of the multi-verse to me. I began to see a common pattern by philosophers…that we are all one, and that love is the underlying engine of it all (and when I say love, I mean the proper version, unconditional love).

I also began to notice how my feelings were creating my reality. I noted that the fantasy’s I had when I just woke up, (when your brainwaves are mostly showing the theta brainwave state) began to manifest very slowly into the physical world. It seemed to me, that you really had to control your feelings and images in your imagination. Quite simple to do during your normal waking day-to-day running of your life, but not so easy first thing in the morning. When I had a negative fantasy (i.e one wrapped in fear, or something I was scared of happening) it would manifest very slowly, usually within 6-9 months. Yet, when my feelings were wrapped in love, and it was a deep, genuine desire (i.e. something I really wanted to have happen, or do) it would manifest within 5 minutes, to up to 3 weeks.

A significant improvement, I thought! So it seemed unconditional love, mixed with the theta brainwave state, would not only de-stress me, and make me a more happier person, but would also manifest my desires almost effortlessly.

Now this wasn’t supposed to be an article about the law of attraction, but I just wanted to show you the power of oneness and what it can do. So often, we talk about doing things with your hands and feet, like they are the only ways of creating stuff. We get taught this stuff at such an early age, and this is reinforced throughout going to school and going to work. Yet if I were to tell you that your own imagery in your mind (which is connected, incidentally, to the sea of infinite quantum possibilities) also helps create, how would you then begin to use your imagination more carefully?

So, it does beg the question, that if oneness allows us to do all this magical stuff, and theta allows it to happen fairly quickly, how do we get to theta to begin with?

And the answer is simple…be in the present moment.

Now most of you reading this will understand the benefits of present moment living, or to put it another way, living mindfully. Mindfulness meditation is still one of the most popular ways of meditating (not the only way, of course, but one of the ways). It is said that being mindful helps your brain stabilize itself, helps you emotionally be in control, as well as allowing you to be at, ‘one’ with everything (if you do it long enough).

What you may not know, is that being present is a great easy way of getting your brainwave state to the theta waves . Interestingly, people who have out-of-body experiences (where you get to go within the inner dimensions of the multi-verse, and experience first hand a desire manifesting without having to, ‘wait’ due to time) also show there brainwave state being in theta as well. I know this because the feeling of being in the, ‘now’, and the feeling when you have an out-of-body experience is exactly the same. You mindless inner chit-chatter is reduced and you have to be really careful what you think about, due to the restriction of time being taken away.

Of course, any scientist, philosopher or spiritual seeker will already know this, that there is no such thing as time. That all we have are, ‘now’ moments strung together. And this is true. The past and future exist only in your imagination. There is no moment, but, ‘now’. We are right here, right now, in the space-time continuum that some people call the multi-verse.

So, being in the, ‘now’ helps creation a lot faster and helps connect you with the, ‘all that is’. Feeling unconditional love helps open up your Heart Chakra (please see this article on, ‘The Chakras’ for more info) and allows you to connect to the all that is. Both can do it. And of course, there are ways you can activate both, so you start to live your life with both chakras opened.

To open both chakras is pretty simple enough, and in fact if you open one, the other (sometimes) will open by itself (it’s as if the two are linked in some way).


To open your Heart Chakra

The most easiest way of doing this, is to act like everybody and everything else is an extension of you. Just walk around and see other people as parts of you. I know this sounds strange, but believe it or not, this does work. You will find your Heart chakra will open, and feel love pouring into your body. Why? because in truth, they are parts of you. We are all the same consciousness, just different, ‘fingers’ of the same hand. And when you experience that, your whole outlook on life begins to change, your, ‘presence’ increases (because your Sacral chakra opens in some cases) and you’ll eliminate the illusion of separatism. This also has a great knock-on effect of reducing your stress levels, allowing you to be more compassionate and forgiving, and also allows you to manifest a bit more easily (don’t forget that thought, mixed with love, immediately creates in the non-physical world. Constant focus will eventually allow that to gain a, ‘3D’ shape and manifest into the physical. This is how the law of attraction works;-).

You’ll also find that you’ll be more emotionally calmer over bad events, and as you can dissolve fear based scenarios by showing love to them, you’ll find that bad events, although won’t necessarily go away, won’t be as bad as you thought they would be.


To open up you Sacral Chakra (be in the, ‘Now’)

There are many ways of being in the present moment, and feeling oneness with the multi-verse as a result. The easiest way I have found (thanks to Eckhart Tolle) is by feeling my inner energy body, which helps divert my attention away from my idle EGO created thoughts and allows me to be more, ‘present’. Alternatively, you can watch the gap between your thoughts, or the gaps between the words in your thoughts, to bring you into the present moment of, ‘now’. You’ll know when you are close to being present, when a huge flood of peaceful energy floods into your Sacral Chakra (close to your belly button). This helps increase your inner personal power, and also helps you not judge situations, and see them as merely outcomes (which is what they are anyway). This brings more peace to your life, and will automatically re-condition your subconscious. If you practice enough, and close your eyes, you may even be able to remote view, and see distant places/people using just your imagination. (If you are unable to do that, this ARVARI CD package is a great substitute). Being in the, ‘now’ is said to be where you meet with your soul halfway, due to there being no such thing as time (I also believe that this is what is mean’t by the saying, ‘Be still (now) and know god (unconditional love)’).

When I first tried to do this, I already got quite good at being in the present moment, and found that by seeing people as extensions as myself, I felt my Heart Chakra open up, with my Sacral Chakra not too far behind. Life had more richness and energy towards it, and I could feel nature more effectively. Also, my intuition had increased, allowing me to sense things and people differently. Bearing in mind that when you are, ‘present’, you are in the theta brainwave state, so your subconscious is also being automatically re-programmed. So if you find yourself in a job or doing a task that you don’t like, try to be, ‘present’, and you’ll re-programme yourself to begin to enjoy it (or at least tolerate it a bit more).

Feeling oneness with the multi-verse, when done long enough, will help your life in numerous ways as well as manifesting your desires a bit quicker as well as promoting self-healing. Acting like you are separate from everybody else is really like living life the hard way. See yourself as one with everything, and you’ll find that you’ll start to enjoy life more and more. Give it a go. You’ll be pleasantly surprised;-)