Loving-Kindness Meditation: The Secret To Great Compassion?

Imagine opening your eyes, feeling at peace with the world, any form of anger almost evaporating from your soul…

Imagine opening your eyes feeling that little bit lighter, and for once, optimistic about your day.

Imagine feeling more relaxed with yourself, and feeling more focused so you can get out and do more of the things you love.

Wouldn’t it be nice to start you day feeling lighter, more calmer and feeling more love?

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel your Heart chakra open, so you can feel slightly energised and peaceful, any lingering anger almost gone?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple way to improve your compassion and love skills, so you can feel more younger and become more of a healthier and happier person?

There is good news for you, because there is a simple exercise which does just that!

Enter in the arena a new weapon for your compassion skills.

This one exercise is arguably the best compassion exercise there is.

It not only allows you to feel love, but also Appreciative Joy, Friendliness, Equanimity and of course Compassion.

All rolled into one!

And not many exercises can do that.

And it gets better

By daily practising this technique, this will naturally make you more into a compassionate person, which has its own rewards.

And not only that, but you will reduce pity and increase genuine compassion aimed at another person (Pity merely copies the quality of concern, but doesn’t have the empathy that compassion has).

With increased practice, one develops a sense of Appreciative Joy; Joy, which any law of attraction student will tell you, can help the process of manifestation (but this will be for a later article;-)

Loving Kindness Meditation is a simple but powerful tool to help you go through your day, whilst increasing your compassion skills

You see, Loving kindness meditation has its origin in the early Sutras of Jainism, but may have been inspired by early Buddhist texts.

This simple exercise can not only help you not only feel compassion but also helps your forgiveness skills as well as open up your Heart chakra.

And don’t get me started on the health benefits this spiritual wonder has for you. Loving kindness can help:

* Increase emotional processing with the brain

* Reduce the sign of Ageing

* Increase the volume of grey matter

* Decrease PTSD

* Decrease Chronic Pain

Plus much more…(Thanks to Emma Seppala for this insight)

So, how do you activate this apparent health promoting, compassion inducer within yourself?

Are you ready?

Here goes

Loving kindness meditation essentially is about using feelings of kindness and goodwill towards someone.

You can do this by either;

* Reflecting on the good qualities of the other person

* By reciting a mantra out-loud (which is what I do) and visualizing a person.

* Or by visualizing directly, a Joyous version of that person, and wishing them good feelings.

The way I personally do it is to use 3 sentences as a form of a mantra to help promote success and emotional well-being.

While they can differ (this exercise is also flexible…of course;-) the below is an example of what you can say

“I wish myself success, I wish myself happiness, I wish myself good health”

That’s it.

(Alight, a bit more then)

So the exercise involves you saying this to not only yourself, but to 4 more people.

One person you love

One person you like

One person you are neutral about

(probably the hardest part of this whole process, because of our quick nature to judge. If it makes it any easier, think of a shop assistant).

And someone you dislike (again, can be tough for some of you)

If you wish to do my version, all you have to do is to think of someone and say these 3 statements to them.

This takes me about 5 minutes

It sounds mad, but the exercise above will do wonders to your emotional well-being.


Not only that, but it can also help increase mental clarity, so this will also help you with your intuition, and should help motivate you to taking more intuitive action.

There is a part 2 to this

Once you have sufficient practice in the above exercise, try to then send the warm feelings towards the north of you, then the east, south and finally west.

I.e. Try to direct the feelings towards not only people that you speak to, but also your local area and ultimately other countries and the world.

This could take longer, but take comfort that you are helping the world at an energetic level.

Buts there’s more…

How would you like to use this exercise in conjunction with a way to deepen your meditation skills and meditate deeper than ever before (and when I say deep, I’m talking about deep Alpha, if not Theta brainwave state),so you can feel more at peace and more healthier, so you can have more fun in your life?

What would you say if I told you that you can do this with some good headphones and a a CD player?

Basically, there are 2 courses that will help you meditate deeper than every before.

This stuff is powerful

So powerful, that you can go into very deep states of meditation, so you can increase your intuition as well as some other cool stuff.

By increasing your intuition, you can get a better chance of noticing your gut feelings, as well as find better ways to get creative which should help with your life style.

I’ve even written a review for you, so you can get my honest opinion on the courses.

Simply click here to read the review.

Until next time


P.S. Loving Kindness meditation is a great simple exercise which helps you not only begin the forgiveness process of a person, but can also help you increase your compassion and loving abilities.

This in turn helps with your body, as well as help you with your emotional well-being.

This allows you to let go and can help you become a more calmer, happier and fun person, helping you release emotional baggage from the past, as well as helping you concentrate on more important things in life.

Mindfulness meditation is another great way to improve compassion. If you wish to learn to meditate very deeply, please read my review of the ARVARI course by clicking here.


What ‘Oneness’ is and 3 steps to achieve it

We hear this term splashed everywhere especially in the new age community. It is said that, ‘oneness’ helps with the law of attraction, but what exactly is it?

I came across this term years ago. Having been bought up as a Roman Catholic, I viewed God as someone who demanded respect, and to be also slightly feared. I was also apparently to treat this guy like he was my friend. Needless to say, the concept of, ‘oneness’ was not only a completely new outlook on life, but was also complete blasphemy. I mean, to think yourself as, ‘one’ with the big guy was disillusionment of the highest order!

So I was stunned when I came across my first spiritual book, after having a low point in my life, and realised that God (or whatever name you would like to call it) wasn’t what people were saying he was.

All it took was one small meditation session, and I realised that I couldn’t go back to my old ways again. ‘Oneness’, it seemed, was the ability to feel complete; to feel, ‘whole’, to feel unconditional love…that is, to feel love with no strings attached. It was a pretty neat idea, considering that some peoples definitions of love was more of a, ‘give and take’ variety.

To feel, ‘oneness’ or being, ‘complete’, means ultimate to transcend your EGO, that is, the thoughts you are having. It means that you go from a thinking state to a more, ‘being’ state; that is, you turn yourself into a Human, ‘Being’. There a 3 steps to achieve this:

1 – To start with, imagine your ego extends to the screen that you are watching. This may sound strange, but try to pretend that the screen in front of you is also, ‘you’. If you need to close your eyes to try to imagine seeing from that view point, go ahead. Try to act like the screen that you are watching is also a part of your personality, or if that is difficult to imagine, try to think that you could, ‘float’ there, as it you were in a first person shooter game, and you could float out of your body.

When done correctly, you should feel a chunk of feeling starting to move in your Heart area. Depending on what feeling you have, some people would call this unconditional love, or compassion. It may be very subtle at first, so don’t be too put off if you are unable to feel it straight away.

2 – In my opinion, the first step is always the most difficulty, because you are having to extend your mind, which most people cannot do. You’ll be glad to know that from now on this will get easer.

So now you have got your perception to the screen in front of you (maybe the corner of the screen, but that’s fine), we are going to extend it even further! Try to imagine that, ‘you’ are now not only including your screen, but also the wall behind it.

Again, if you want to loosely visualise being able to, ‘see’ on a speck of the wall to the left or your right, with your eyes open or closed, that’s absolutely fine. And try not to include just the wall in front of you, but also the contents in front of the wall, like the stationary, any papers you have lying around, that cup of coffee, etc. Really try and get into seeing yourself as also part of the wall and the enclosed surrounding area.

You should now feel that lump of energy around your heart area increasing in intensity, and you should also be slightly, ‘present’ or mindful (this is a great way to becoming, ‘present’). If you can, try to let the feelings spread across your body, so it not only encompasses your heart, but also you lungs, back, legs and hands. Try to feel your body getting more energised by this feeling.

3 – Not we have expanded our ego to not only include the screen that we are using to read this, as well as the wall behind, we are now going to take the final step, and move our ego or perception beyond into the wild.

Again, like before, slowly move your perception to a nearby tree, or if that is too difficult for you to imagine, act as if that tree is also another arm that you possess, that you can move it with your heart, as if it was your real arm. This may sound really silly, but it is brilliantly effective and can help you really get in tune with your surroundings. Try to act like every object you see can be moved by the power of your heart, as if it is an extension to your heart.

You should now feel that energy in your heart getting stronger and more intense. You could also describe this feeling as very healing and very, ‘complete’…feels good, doesn’t it;-)

What you have experienced, is what I believe many people and masters over the millennia have described. You were, at, ‘one’ with your multi-verse, and in doing so, have transcended you ego in the process. You didn’t, ‘need’ anything, as you used the power of only your perception (and maybe a tiny bit of visualization;-).

Try to get into a small habit of doing this every day, even if it is only for about 60 seconds, and you’ll find that not only will it become easier for you, you’ll start to see life in a different and more accurate way.


Feeling Under The Weather? Think Again!

Credit: Youtube / Dr. Joe Marshalla

Coming across a video like this makes you realize how important your feelings, as well as how important monitoring your emotions are to your health.

I first came across this video a couple of years ago. I had just heard about Dr. Joe Marshalla, but didn’t know too much about him, or Repeatlessness. I had watched some of his Mind control videos, thinking (stupidly) that it may be on how people used mind control techniques on you (maybe I was going a bit into too much conspiracy theory mindset here, I wasn’t sure…).

This video is a clip from one of the mind control videos, and beautifully shows how the effects of emotions and feelings, specifically love and fear, has an effect on your overall physical strength.

What it simply shows, is how you emotions has a direct control over how strong, or how weak you will be. And of course, you emotions also help govern your immune system, so if you are going to be really negative, your immune system will suffer. If on the other hand you are going to feel and give as much love and compassion out, your immune system will be boosted (I once had the luxury of feeling compassion at work once, whilst sneezing and having a cold, and my cold symptoms temporarily alleviated).

It goes without saying that your emotions affect your behaviour, so by controlling or redirecting your emotional state, you behaviour will change in certain ways where you can become more productive at work, at home and start to make changes in your life.

These days, I try to exude as much love as I can. I’m not saying this is easy, as most of us have had stressful and hectic moments in our lives. Trying to exude love in the workplace can feel like trying to achieve the impossible to some of us, so we have to be careful not to be too emotional if we can help it.

But if we can, somehow, control our emotional state (which usually involves a change in perception), we can make small but significant changes in our lives. And as they always say, every little thing counts;-)

Watch the video and see for yourself. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Intuition and My New Beginning

A few days ago, I begun to start using my intuition on a more deliberate basis. I’ve had feelings of love before (for many years) but after a recent insomniac episode, decided to make a conscious attempt at trying to use it.

The results have been quite surprising.

You see, we all know that Intuition has many benefits, and yet it is an art to try to master. I say this with a sigh as intuition has sadly been knocked out of many adults. And yet, we have all had a gut feeling of something, or have witnessed Déjà vu, so to say that there is no sixth sense, or that psychic ability is a load of New-Age BS, is quite simply inaccurate.

Applied intuition is using this feeling on a more deliberate basis, so you can have a more better life, make better decisions and ultimately, make life work for you rather than against you.

You essentially learn to not only embrace your super-conscious (or your soul) but also learn to not only live with it, but also use it.

And that’s fine, there is nothing wrong in using your soul (in fact, you soul would have it no other way, due to the, ‘oneness principal’). So how do you become intuitive deliberately, so that you can use it to make life better?

I can only describe what has worked for me. As I’m just consciously starting out, I’m still relatively new, but am convinced that I’m on the right track. If you wish to join me, that’s great. If you wish to just keep track, I’ll try to keep updating these posts so that you know of my progress.

Now, I’m going to be honest up here, and say straight away that I’m a highly sensitive person, who meditates frequently.

This means that feelings by default are always multiplied, so having a feeling isn’t something I’m going to miss that easily. Secondly, I have bought and meditated using The ARVARI CD’s, as well as the power-nap MP3 of Unexplainablestore.com.

I want to be honest with you, in the sense that I have achieved essentially the Theta brainwave state while feeling love (If you wish to find a way to open up your Heart chakra so you know how to feel unconditional love, click here).

This has allowed me to receive intuition more easily, all by simply asking myself a question (when my mind chatter is pretty much reduced, this post on mindfulness will help you do that) and waiting for a loving feeling to come to my heart.

If it is a dull loving feeling, I should probably not take the action that I asked myself. If it is a very strong loving feeling, I should really take the action I asked myself as soon as possible.

I say this, because I believe that for you to be intuitive, and then to use your intuition on a deliberate basis, you have to meditate to a degree when your brain is at the Theta brainwave state, and that you are used to feeling love at these deep moments of your meditation practice, and then learn to trust that feeling.

I know some of you who can easily say that you get intuitive insights in the Alpha range, and that deep meditation is simply not required. If that works for you, then fair enough. But for me, I believe Theta meditation with love works best (maybe it’s due to an over-active EGO, I’m not sure).

I’ve began to use deliberate intuition in the last few days, in different situations and have noticed the following outcomes:

Intuition in the workplace

I’m beginning to use intuition in the workplace (taken me a long time to reach this point). Its funny, but when I use my hidden feelings to sort out work and tasks to do, I find that the tasks that I feel good about are pretty simple to accomplish. It’s almost like my soul is trying deliberately to make life easy for me.

Not only that, but I can also sense when the task could be a tough task, taking over 10 minutes to complete, or when it may be a short simple task, taking just a few minutes. Tapping into my intuition has opened up a whole new world of possibilities, making life, even in the dull workplace, slightly more fun.

On top of that, it also helps keep the stress and the nerves at bay, and helps me re-connect (at times) to the present moment. This of course helps me focus and concentrate better. And all of the while, I feel at peace within myself, so when a inevitable stressful situation arises, it doesn’t take me out so much.

The only thing I would say, is that I still fantasize when something that bores me comes up, so of course the stress (if it does kick in) can be slightly overwhelming.

Intuition outside

I regularly go outside and do sprints up a hill.

It’s not only great fun, but extremely healthy as well. Sprinting is a form of H.I.I.T (High-Intensity Interval Training). HIIT is great for stress reduction, and as a result, can be a good tool to help reduce panic attacks and anxiety.

Not only that, but sprinting helps release Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone when you sleep. These are valuable hormones which help promote muscle and repair body cells and helps you feeling refreshed.

The thing with my sprinting, is that I have to use the road. It’s not a major one, but I can still get some traffic on it. I use my intuition to help warn me if there are any cars or vehicles come (especially when I do the initial training drills, which is a must for any sprinter). By relying on my intuition, I am able to do my drills, pretty safe in the knowledge that a car isn’t going to suddenly run me over.

Intuition in the home

I recently tried to apply my deliberate intuition while I was at home. It wasn’t much, but by asking a simple question and waiting for a strong feeling, I ended up doing a little bit of housework (and I’m not even housework fan).

The thing was, even though it took about 30 minutes, my house looked a little bit tidier, and when I rewarded myself by playing a game (I try to live by the motto, ‘work hard, play hard’ routine 😉 I found that I was winning more simply, and it was more fun. Again, it could be an indication of my soul in rewarding me in using my intuition on a more deliberate basis.

Since using my intuition, my EGO fear, which can sometimes make my OCD go into hyper-drive, has significantly been reduced, and I feel more love and peace on a daily basis. Not only that, but small events are working towards my favor, than against me.

And it must be said, using deliberate intuition can be very spontaneous, which allows life to be lived in the present moment and can be more fun. Try using intuition yourself, and learn to trust the feelings of love when they come to you. You should find that being present becomes more fun, as you seek to listen to the soul within, and life will begin to work in your favor.


How To Use Heart Energy To Reduce A Panic Attack

Using Heart energy is a great way to reduce anxiety and panic attacks, and can slowly be used to self-heal and help your desires come true.

It is something which is rarely discussed in helping you overcome anxiety, which is a big shame because it is a very powerful tactic.

But what exactly is Heart energy and how does it help you overcome anxiety to begin with?

Heart energy is essentially unconditional love, and emanates from the Heart Chakra.

You body is connected to the non-physical, and has 7 Chakras which transports the life energy or Qi to the main vital organs for nourishment.

Your chakras are responsible for many things, including your psychology as well as self-healing. Your Heart Chakra is located outside of your heart, and is the gateway to the spiritual world.

Quite simply, as unconditional love is the, ‘oil’ of the multi-verse, your Heart Chakra pretty much helps with the formation of your desires.

It is also used to help reduce anxiety, and can be a great tool in help you feel more relaxed and calm, thereby reducing the onset of a panic attack and helping you keep a relaxed, focused frame of mind.

By using Heart energy, you are essentially reducing the effects of an overstimulated Amygdala (the part which causes you to feel anxious to begin with) and helping bring about a more desired reality…two for the price of one!

When you start using Heart energy to help anxiety, situations which normally causes you to stress out and panic are usually resolved more calmly, and you also help re-programme your subconscious, so that you to get stressed to the same level again.

All this helps promote self-healing.

So how do we get into the habit of using heart energy to dissolve fear-based situations, and then how do we learn to live with heart energy on a regular basis?

The trick is to recognize unconditional love, and then try to get into a habit in living in your, ‘Heart space’.

There is a wonderful way we do this…

To start off, we need to feel unconditional love to begin with. Start by first closing your eyes, and imagine hugging somebody you greatly love and adore.

It doesn’t have to be a vivid visualization, but vivid enough so that you can, ‘feel’ the person hugging you fairly tightly. This works best if it is someone that you love deeply or fancy.

As you hug someone, notice any feelings of love coming from your Heart area, and let the feelings slowly engulf your whole being.

You may feel slightly light and even energized. That’s fine, don’t give up, and accept the feelings as they are.

As you can now recognize unconditional love, you can now use this to help recover from an impending panic attack, or an episode of social anxiety.

Next time you are in a situation that can cause you to panic, use these feelings to help reduce any anxiety that is starting to crop up. You should feel more relaxed and focused in doing this.

So now we can reduce a panic attack with love, we need to learn how to live with love as part of our day-to-day lives, so that we can re-wire our mind to reduce panic in the future.

What we need, is an easy technique which we can, ‘switch’ on, so that the love starts to flow easily and effortlessly from our Heart area, so we feel more confident and even energized in the process.

The simple way of doing this is to see other people and objects as extensions of your self.

This means people, rocks, roads, cars, trees…everything!

You may have to pretend first, but try to see that desk, or that cup of coffee as an extension to your EGO.

By doing this, love will flow from your being, and you will come to experience and realize the ultimate truth; that you are one with the multi-verse.

Doing this on a regular basis has it’s own rewards. Not only will you re-wire your subconscious so you stop feeling anxiety in certain situations, you will also draw experiences that you prefer closer to you as well.

And the best part is…it feels great;-)


How To Reduce The Effect Of A Negative Person In 3 Simple Ways!

Watch out for people who suck out your energy!

They may come in various disguises and in various forms. You may find them in high authoritative positions, or it could be even as close as members of your own family or friends.

Watch out for these people, because when it comes to recovering from a panic disorder, and ultimately going on to the spiritual path, these people will block you from success.

They may not even be consciously aware that they are doing it!

So engrossed in their own behaviors and programmes, that they will justify their actions saying that they are only, ‘looking out for you’, or that you may be, ‘weird’.

But if you really want to keep your stress levels low, and as a result, recover from your panic condition, these people need to be recognized and weeded out of you life.


Quite simply, they will stall your recovery!

So you suffer from panic attacks, or you have anxiety related depression, and you want to recover and lead a happier lifestyle…

Do you seriously think this is going to happen if you are under the roof of somebody who continuously drains you of negative energy, by listening to their negative thinking?

Of course not!

In some circles, these people would be called energy vampires. I don’t necessarily call them that, but I mention that term here for your reference.

So, how do you stop them?

You firstly need to recognize their main characteristics. They often display the following:

-Slightly-to-severe narcissism



-Slightly-to-severe in-approachability

-No consideration for your feelings (obviously)

-You feel their negative energy, even if they are not outwardly aggressive

-Slightly-to-severe form of righteous

-A form of arrogance

The trick, ultimately, is to feel sorry for them.

Feeling sorry for them stops any anger buried deep inside of you from springing up and stopping you from being, ‘present’ and allows compassion to flow from your being.

They act like this due to social conditioning. Their life has been far from perfect, but instead of admitting that they have made a few mistakes (like we all do), they develop an arrogance and try to consciously (or subconsciously) bring you down.

Don’t forget, their life wasn’t great, so yours shouldn’t be either!

So how do you overcome these people?

I have personally found 3 main ways which work:

1 – Mindfulness in the moment

This is one of my favorite ones, as it really helps, ‘ground’ yourself and allows you to keep your inner peace.

Sometimes you feel that much negative energy, that the only way you can stop your personal energy being, ‘sucked out’ is to keep yourself being, ‘present’ which helps your subconscious thoughts not get too influenced by their thinking.

The easiest technique I have found for being mindful with these people around is to simply keep my attention on my breath. This alone, whilst it may sound simple, is a great way to keep yourself being focused in the present moment which will naturally help increase your inner personal power and will also keep your inner peace so you don’t feel drained.

2 – The Ball of love.

Sometimes you have no choice but to engage in a conversational activity with these people.

You have to actually think, which of course will loose your presence and could open yourself to be subconsciously influenced (actually think and say thoughts which are not necessarily your own).

The easiest way to deal with this situation is to imagine a big ball of love envelop and, ‘cocooning’ your body, so that any negative consciousness heading in your direction is, ‘repelled’. Again, sounds simple and works an absolute treat.

3 – Sending compassion their way

If you can, (and you are psychologically strong enough) open up your Heart Chakra and mentally, ‘throw’ love in their way. This alone will help diffuse any negative energy and will also help reduce your current stress levels, leaving your chances of recovering from a panic disorder a lot easier.

Sending love or compassion is always a great way of distant healing anyway, so you will (at a deep subconscious level) be helping them overcome their own negative imagery that they will be having.

By loving them as best you can, not only will you be stopping yourself at getting angry and stressed, but you will also be helping them get to their inner peace as well.

Recovering from a panic disorder is a tough nut to crack, but being with people who suck your positive energy out of you isn’t any better either, and you’ll have a hard time trying to recover.

Don’t be one of those people wanting to recover, but who surround themselves with negativity.

Be positive, be spiritually smart and be spiritually strong. You’ll be glad you did.


6 Ways to get your confidence back if you suffer from anxiety!

Millions of people worldwide suffer from an anxiety condition, which means that millions of people have confidence issues as well.

Suffering from lack of confidence will have a debilitating affect on your life, and severely limits your work productivity to your social circles.

Yet people who have successfully recovered have gone on to enjoy greater confidence and have learn’t how to re-take their life back.

Confidence is a priceless commodity. With it, you can enjoy life more fully, have more experiences, and be more happier and healthier in mind, body and spirit.

But if you do suffer from an anxiety disorder, confidence will seem like an alien concept. Lets look at 6 ways you can bring confidence into your life, so you are more engaged in life actively and are leading a healthier mind.

1 – Take small steps to being with.

Sounds obvious, suffering from an anxiety disorder means that even the most slightest challenge will seem like a big deal to you, so take it easy! Learn to start small, and actually congratulate yourself once who have successfully completed one task!

2 – Learn to recognize the anxiety and accept it.

This is going to feel painful and even feel dangerous. But the thing this, accepting the feeling of anxiety, and trying to be comfortable with it is a secret that many recoverers have found.

Of course, this isn’t easy to begin with, and you will stumble and fall a few times. Try to be kind to yourself, and say ‘I can do this’ and carry on. The feelings of anxiety will pass, which leads me to…

3 – Be more nice to yourself!

Sounds weird, but your self talk is crucial to the road of recovery.

You must learn to put the effort in consciously, and replace any negative self-talk with positive ones.

Initially this will feel weird (your subconscious doesn’t like change) but if you keep going, you will find the self talk easier, which will ultimately promote compassion and then confidence

4 – Be more active with exercise.

You may not think it, but to have more confidence, you need to feel good. Nothing beats an increase in Endorphin production in your brain, than that of exercise.

This can be anything, of course, but try to go walking in woods, or skipping. If you are feeling adventurous, a great way to increase your Endorphin levels (and also increases the release of Human Growth Hormone when you sleep) is sprinting. Sprinting itself has numerous benefits, and one of them is to have a healthier body, which in turn will lead to a healthier mind.

5 – Improve your posture.

Your physiology is of great importance to recovering from anxiety, and has the added benefit of actually influencing your thought pattern.

While it may sound strange, try to get into a habit of sitting straight, with shoulders back and your chin held up slightly high. When done correctly, you should feel a nice warm feeling coming from your chest (heart chakra opening up) and you will feel slightly more confident and even motivated and focused.

6 – Practice overcoming obstacles.

This will take place once you have practiced the above for about a month, you’ve learn’t how to accept the recovery, and your more nicer to yourself.

Learn to practice overcoming challenges, so when they inevitably crop up, you are not unprepared. It can be anything, life rehearsing being more assertive to a bad co-worker, to being more kind and forgiving to a mean parent or friend.

By rehearsing overcoming these challenges, this will also help increase your confidence, and you will also learn another valuable skill: learning to say, ‘no’ when you need it!

Try the above out, and you should find that your confidence levels will improve within a short span of time.

Anxiety does knock the confidence out of you, but by using small, manageable techniques, you can learn to recover from anxiety, be more confident in the process, and learn to love your self and life again.

If you liked this post, and would like more information in recovering from anxiety and panic attacks, please sign up to receive more posts direct to your inbox.


30 Things I Wish I Knew At 20!

1- You cannot rely on people, always rely on yourself.

2- Forgiveness is optional, but always recommended.

3- Be aware of your emotional field and that emotions are swirling around you during a difficult time. This helps to keep the negative emotions at bay (and gives you clarity of thought).

4- Try to remain present as much as possible. Thoughts in your mind are just that…thoughts.

5- Try to be more tolerant of your friends. You’ll never know when you might need them in the future.

6- Life is all about creation, so create. Try to reduce the things that are done for you and instead learn to enjoy the process of creation (this should stop laziness).

7- Try to learn the art of appreciation. When a moment goes, that it…It’s gone! (you won’t get it back).

8- Your parents did what they thought was right, so try not to judge them (this will get easier when you get older).

9- While spiritual time is infinite, physical life is short, especially when it comes to sport. If you want to be a pro athlete, best to get into a healthy body routine quickly.

10- Keeping your fitness is simple when you’re young, but requires a thing called, ‘effort’ when you’re older.

11- Try not to judge other people or celebrities, and stay in your heart-space instead. While it may bring cosmetic reward initially, keeping your heart-space is always better (and more healthier to your body).

12- Fashion fads come and go, but class and integrity is always important.

13- Try to keep using your brain smartly. In college, it gets plenty of stimulus, but when you’re older, self-education suddenly becomes key (and you’ll never know what gem you’ll pick up).

14- They say that a healthy mind equals tidy surroundings. That is so true, so get into a habit of keeping yourself hygienic and tidy (and you’ll feel better as a result).

15- Learn to appreciate an individuals evolution, especially when it comes to their image. It keeps judgment at bay (and you may start to like them more).

16- Learn the art of melodrama dissociation. Put simply, this is about disassociating emotionally from other peoples personal dramas (especially family). Still send them love, but remain centered at all times. It’s better for your heart and your ego!

17- Learn to realize that although there are a lot of scoundrels and murderers out there, there are always people who are sweet and kind as well. Therefore don’t be cynical. It gives you a poor representation of society.

18- Learn to recognize and then change your beliefs that don’t serve you. Take time out during each weekend to do some, ‘inner work’ . Trust me, it’s worth it!

19- People have egos and run programs all the time. Therefore, don’t take their criticisms emotionally and personally. In most cases, they secretly care about you (otherwise they won’t waste their effort).

20- Learn to keep in touch with old friends from college. You’ll be surprised how often you’ll think about them when you’re older.

21- Learn how to be patient. There is no such thing as a quick fix. Things do take time.

22- Try to be rigorous when it comes to following your dreams, but don’t be delusional. Be aware of the consequences and the changes of reality while you pursue, and always try to be practical.

23- Learn to see people as extensions to your self. It’s great for your heart (and keeps you nearly present).

24- It’s one thing to fantasize, it’s another to visualize. Learn the difference, and then use it to attempt change in your life.

25- Try to make a person feel important every day. You’ll be surprised at the outcome.

26- Do something that makes you come alive. We need more people to come alive on this planet, and you get to feel young at the same time…two for the price of one!

27- Try to learn free methods to keeping your cool… Trust me, it’s worth it!

28- Try to set your goals as small as possible when you’re starting out, especially if you are unmotivated. This saves a lot of headache.

29- On the subject of goals, it goes without saying that you should never give up, and keep moving forward. But on the other side of the coin, it also goes without saying that you should always learn from your mistakes.

30- One last point, try the art of smiling at a stranger, at least a few times a day. You’ll never know the impact it may have on their lives (and should put you into a good mood for a few seconds at least;-)


My Top 10 Mistakes, And How You Can Learn From Them!

As I’ve just past my birthday, I wanted to see what thoughts and beliefs really counted, and began to realize which ones I need to throw away. I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 beliefs which I’ve observed to be true. You may be able to relate to this. But then again, you may not…see what you think;-)

1. Thoughts mixed with fear WILL MANIFEST…slowly!!!

I’ve lost count on the number of times of unwittingly visualized negative events to happen. Oh, you may call it fantasizing, but it’s visualizing nevertheless…at the earliest times during the mornings (say, between 6-8 am when I’m half asleep) These thoughts were fear based, and ones that I didn’t want to come true!. I’ve visualized them while in theta or alpha state (basically when I’ve come out of a dream!!!)

They do come true, when left long enough…Although it can take between 3-6 months for them to happen! Now, this is a good thing! Why? Because it means that the process/illusion of time is working on your side. It means, that everything you have feared will have plenty of time, NOT to come true.

Tip 1– Don’t take your negative thoughts too seriously. You would have to be visualizing for a good month (if not more) before ANY manifestation will begin to take place. Learn to keep you thoughts happy when you just wake up, or if you are daydreaming

2. Being Cynical isn’t being smart, its being stupid.

Having been brought up a cynic, throughout my young adult life, I can tell you that being cynical might seem like a good idea, but it does soon backfire. Soon, you’ll find yourself alone, very little friends, and probably little money. And the sad thing is, you’ll think this is normal.

Fortunately, it isn’t. Once I broke free from being cynical, I realized how much of my life I wasted. I had to take a good look at myself and be really honest with my beliefs…something very few cynics do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still skeptical to this day, and that’s not a bad thing. Skepticism, in this modern day and age is a good thing, as it means you are on guard from fraudsters and scams. Having a healthy does of skepticism means that you are not likely to be gullible to people who pray on your weaknesses and manipulate you.

Tip 2- Be skeptical, by all means. Be on the lookout. There are an awful lot of funny people around. But not everybody is funny, and you can always find people who have similar interests in you, and are not motivated by self-interest. Yes, they do exist.

3. Visualizing doesn’t manifest straight away, just improves your subconscious…

which CAN lead to improved changed!!! This one took me many months to discover, and finally get. You subconscious faithfully records every experience, so it’s logical to believe that if you want to affect your subconscious (which, by the way, controls how your life plans out in more ways then you can imagine…), visualizing is the best way of doing it.

HOWEVER… don’t expect to receive that $1m dollar cheque to appear overnight, just because you visualized a million dollars!

What usually happens is that you change your behavior at a deep level, which will get you to be inspired to take certain action/create new behaviors…which THEN could lead to improvements (even financially;-)

Tip 3- Visualize by all means, but only expect to achieve certain behaviors which is necessary to achieve a particular outcome.

4. What you resist, will always persists!

God, I hate this one…want to know why? Because I could have changed my personal circumstances a long, long time ago had I, ‘got this’!

When you start hating things with a passion, you’ll subconsciously attract them to you in little sizes. You’ll find it very difficult to motivate yourself, and you’ll find yourself dwelling on things that you don’t like, rather then appreciating the here and now…which is what you are supposed to be doing. Yet, when you finally accept the things you hate, and make peace with it, you essentially let it go. As consciousness goes into making form, you’ll find that you will start creating a reality that you enjoy doing, or at the very least, tolerate more!

Tip 4- Don’t resist reality. Trust me on this one! Just don’t resist reality!!! It may be awful (and I’ve suffered depression and suicidal thoughts during the last 10 years) but if you resist it (and, ‘resisting’ is defined as inner talk along the lines of, ‘oh Ihate my job/my life‘ ‘this lifetime sucks‘ ‘I can’t take it anymore‘…you get the idea!), it’s not going to go away (or it will take a long time).

At the very least, be at peace with the situation. Keep meditating, and things will turn out for the better;-)

5. Passivity works with meditation, not with, ‘doing things throughout the day’

I’ve suffered depression and have got OCD (getting reduced as each day goes on). One thing I’ve noticed…you’ve got to be more aggressive with your thinking when it comes to doing stuff, hopefully to achieve a particular desired outcome. Being passive while doing an OCD thing doesn’t work…apart from getting you stressed at 2am in the morning, trying to lock the door!

Tip 5- Be ruthless with achieving your outcomes (and be ruthless in a nice way…you know what I mean;-) But keep passivity with meditating…unless you’re in the present moment (in that case, keep, ‘being’ until you have to, ‘think’ again…)

6. Mixing the, ‘Now’ with love is the key to manifesting at lighting speed…

This helped me to get better jobs. Stopping the resisting, being in the, ‘now’ as much as possible and opening my Heart Chakra (as your soul is love, and it is your soul which gives you your reality).

This got me a nicer job within just 3 weeks!

Tip 6- Meditation will help you manifest…visualizing will help you manifest (although in most cases, indirectly) But the real secret? Act from love (try to imagine kissing someone you love, or holding their hands, and use that feeling of love to spread over your body…trust me this works;-)

7. Don’t waste your precious mental energy on negativity!

I was driving to a mates house, when a startling thought hit me…I was wasting up to 50 % of my mental thinking on negative, aggressive events. What a waste. And if thoughts are creative, how destructive as well!

Did any of those thoughts come true? 99% of the time, no. So why did I do it? Habit!

Tip 7- Get into a habit of being more focused with your thinking as soon as possible. Do something to achieve a desired goal by taking just 1 hour a day doing it…that’s it! 1 hour per day, and you will soon start seeing fruits of your labor before too long (as well as a sense of getting something done!)

8. Get your self-talk constructive, not negative.

I’ve played online games with a few friends of mine. I’ve played Badminton and football at a club during the year. What’s the common theme I’ve noticed that links the successes and the failures? The thinking behind them!

When I’ve had a good day at work, and I feel confident, I play well. When I’ve had a bad day, I play crap. What’s the key? Your inner talk. It’s more important than you realize, and when that inner talk is loving, excited, or constructive, great things WILL happen.

Tip 8- Keep the self-talk positive at ALL TIMES! (or at least, at peace with the situation.) Keep practicing. This isn’t about being delusional, it’s about being dangerous (just kidding!!!) Seriously, keep the inner talk loving, or at the very least, peaceful. You will be AMAZED at what you will achieve (or even turn around;-)

9. Find a discipline (and this includes meditation) and STICK TO IT LIKE GLUE!!!

I’ve been undisciplined for about 9 1/2 years of my life. I’ve also been disciplined (for some part) in the last couple of years. Which period has been productive in the achievement of my desires and goals? Yep, you guessed it, the last couple!

Tip 9- Have a discipline. Doesn’t have to be a long one, but have a discipline, where you do your stuff to achieve your goals at least an hour a day (if not more) and you will soon see rewards. Add some meditation into this for added fruit-bursting flavor.


This one is a BIG guilty pleasure of mine. Fantasy/escapism and visualization, some people would argue, are different. NEWS FLASH…THEY’RE NOT!!!

How do I know? I’ll tell you why! When you fantasize, your using your imagination. You fantasize for escapism reasons (you’ve seen a lovely hotel in a brochure, and you suddenly daydream being at a beach somewhere). What’s visualizing? Using your imagination!. What is the most powerful gift GOD/SOUL has given you? Your IMAGINATION. What eventually manifests? YOUR IMAGINATION…get the message;-)

Now, the odd day dream here and there is harmless enough, but don’t make the mistake I made and fantasize 10 years of your life away! Use your imagination to achieve your desired outcomes, change beliefs/behaviors etc…

Tip 10- Fantasizing and day dreaming is nice isn’t it…but totally a waste of mental energy!

That same mental energy, when more focused can help you achieve your outcomes much more quicker! As a famous actor once said, ‘You really gotta focus!’

Visualize by all means. A good 5 -10 minute focused visualization, mixed with love, can do wonders for your subconscious. But try to keep the fantasizing at bay!

This is a list based on my observations of my own experiences this year. Feel free to add your own… together we can help the world;-)


Top 8 Things About Being Spiritual From A Former Cynic

Being spiritual is not an easy thing to do, as you are having to go up against what most people think. It tends to be for people who have endured a lot of suffering in one way or another (it was for me anyway) and certainly decreases a lot of arrogance/assumptions you may have had about life itself. Strangely, despite the huge amount of suffering taking place on this planet, there is still a lot of arrogance, as if people think they know what to do and are trying to force square pegs into triangular holes

The sad thing is, I’m ashamed to admit, is that I’ve been there myself. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been cynical, and was brought up in a cynical, religious family. I’ve had my fair share of people ranting at the TV, as well as heated opinions at the dinner table. I know how easily it is to be manipulated by your peers. Breaking away from that isn’t easy.

Which leads me to ultimately believe, that the people who are spiritual are people who are searching for answers, and are desperate to find meaning behind the chaos. When this mentality is embraced, arrogance gets thrown out of the window, and you are now primarily searching for your truth. Here, I list the top things I’ve realized trying to be spiritual. Hopefully you’ll take something good out of this;-)

1- Having an obe/lucid dream is more advantageous than you realize.

I know this is a tricky one for most people, but by having some form of a regular obe session, or even lucid dreaming, will be hugely beneficial to your self/spiritual growth (as well as helping you with the law of attraction). The reason? Having an obe will constantly remind you about your spiritual truths (as you are now separate from your body so you can explore more stuff with your mind) and you get to do many wondrous things, like visit your loved ones, heal yourself (yes, it’s possible), speak to your soul guides, plus much more. Even having a lucid dream (which is like having a partial obe) will still yield some spiritual benefits which will help you with your spiritual self-development.

The only problem for most people, of course, is that achieving such a state is tricky. You do really need to watch your conscious thoughts when you drift of to sleep, or even easier (from what I’ve read) get up after about 4-5 hours, go somewhere else (like a living room) settle down in a chair and watch your thoughts carefully as you relax your body into the vibrational state. This does require practice and self-discipline, which in this modern day and age, not everyone has.

But when it works, it’s an amazing adventure;-)

2- Being present is very simple to achieve, yet super difficult to maintain.

The art of being present, in my opinion, isn’t so much achieving presence per say but to maintain it. It’s one thing to feel present when you are walking on a nice country path going to your local village. It’s something quite another to feel present when you are in the office, and you have lots of work to do, lots of customers to speak to, etc… That is when it counts. This is where fantasizing, while giving you a coping mechanism for your EGO to use, is actually more of a hindrance than a help.

Keeping present when you are mentally at work is an art indeed, and requires lots of practice. Your EGO will try to fantasize/day dream/create melodramas out of nowhere, so you do have to watch your thoughts very closely. However, if you can do it, you’ll find that your general work stress levels will be reduced significantly, and you will also be more attentive and more mentally sharp (as well as more emotionally in control of the situation). Food for thought.

3- Having an understanding of your Chakras is pivotal for self-growth.

It’s all very well meditating and reading about stuff on spirituality, but if you don’t get a good grasp on your Chakras, and learn to use them/balance them, you are majorly missing out. Your non-physical vortices, which connects you to your non-physical self do need to be maintained. True, meditation will help you do that by default. Also true, Yoga helps as well as sleep. But if you don’t do any of the above, you do need to actively cleanse/balance your Chakras.

The problem when it comes to psychology, is that the chakras don’t often get taken into consideration. And yet the Chakras do govern your psychology all too often, from how you speak (Throat Chakra) to how emotional you are (Sacral Chakra). By learning about the Chakras, and then taking active steps to help them when the going gets tough (including using EFT), you get to help the Qi energy flow into your physical body much more easily.

4- Meditating is simple to do, but you do need routine.

Meditation isn’t difficult to do. I mean, it’s all about creating a sort of, ‘space’ in your imagination, so you can feel the peace/deep love from your soul/higher conscious. Now, you can do this while being present; or you can imagine a spinning object, and once you have your full attention on the object let it start to slowly fade away. You will be left with a blank space, meaning that you are therefore meditating. And of course, meditation has numerous health benefits, from increased attention, to the reduction of the aging process, plus much more.

The problem with meditation (I find) is getting into a routine where you do it on a regular basis. Of course, if you go to a Yoga class, (which you’ve paid for) routine isn’t an issue. If on the other hand, you don’t have any schedules outside of work, getting a routine and sticking to it can be really tricky for the undisciplined amongst us. It does go without saying that be creating and sticking to a schedule will do numerous benefits to your body and mind. So it is really worth it to find a good technique out there (there are may meditational techniques to choose from) and sticking to it. You’ll thank yourself 1 month from now!

5- You still need your sleep, or you’re playing catchup!

You can be spiritual all you like, and can read about the spiritual laws, or how we are all one, or how to visualize for perfection. But take it from me, if you don’t have you’re beauty sleep and are exhausted the next day, being spiritual is pretty much useless. The only exception to this, is that you can try to meditate in Theta to have a few quick energy bursts during your break times, or use a Theta/Delta CD to have an hour nap if you’re at home (whatever works best for you!).

Just because you understand (to some degree) what spirituality is all about, doesn’t mean to say that you skimp on sleep. Far from it, and this is a hard core lesson that has taken me years to overcome. Why? Because I had got into some real bad habits of going to bed and to sleep later than I realized. And of course, it doesn’t help if you suffer from anxiety, which perpetuates the situation even worse.

I won’t go into the benefits of sleep too much (this article does a good job of doing that), but needless to say if you do want to take maximum advantage of your souls power, getting your beauty sleep is an absolute must!

6- You can still enjoy EGO melodramas, but keeping to your heart-space is better.

This is a tricky one, because melodramas are a proven money maker, especially when it comes to the visual arts. We all love to see a good thriller/drama, and we all love that exciting, almost intense feeling of justice and right and wrong, and seeing the villain ultimately getting crushed by the hero/heroine. And some of us take this to the next level, by fantasizing that we are the hero, and that we can beat everybody that crosses our path. And we feel so righteous about it as well…

…only except that the feeling of happiness when it comes to EGO melodrama pleasures are actually cosmetic. I once tried to differentiate a feeling of happiness from EGO and happiness from the soul, by trying to observe my emotional state while fantasizing being in a heroic situation, versus being present and in the now, and seeing everybody as extensions of myself (oneness). The results were spectacular…while I did feel excited when I had my EGO fantasy, the deep love and peace when I was experiencing oneness (albeit for a brief moment) went deep into the soul, like a warm gentle dagger to the heart. There is simply no comparison. But it’s not easy either, as you have to make a conscious choice to actually try to live fully present, and actually stay there. But the rewards of exuding unconditional love and presence are numerous.

7- Letting go is super tough when you need something badly or are stressed.

This is back to the old law of attraction, where you have to let go to get what you choose. Trouble is, your EGO has more control than you give it credit for, and for most people who practice the law of attraction, letting go is tough. You are essentially accepting on blind faith that something IS going to happen, and that you are thankful for it in advance (of course, for those obe explorers amongst you, you will already know that you thoughts are, ‘physical’ in their own right in the non-physical world, so blind faith is no longer required…just patience;-). And when you are stressed, this makes the situation even more complex, and feels like you are going though hell. Not a great way to practice the law of attraction, believe me.

So, what is the solution? The ultimate trick, (and this is going to sound harsh and insultingly cliche, but here goes…) is to try to be genuinely grateful for what you have. That is the secret to letting go. Being grateful for the here and now, and realizing that you are not attached to the outcome. Sure, it will be great if it happens, but you are grateful whatever happens. I know, this does sound insultingly borderline unjust, but the truth is, this is how the multiverse works. Practicing gratitude has long been an old spiritual concept, and it is no wonder why certain religious textbooks also promote this as well. But the ultimate trick is to be genuinely grateful, which may require a change in perception for some people.

8- Changing your mental perception is not a 5 min thing!

Being formally cynical, and then being spiritual, is not easy. There is a lot of deconstructions taking place, and you do feel like you are loosing your sanity along the way. Plus the fact that you might still be hanging around with the same people who got you there to begin with and are themselves also cynics and zapping the energy from right under your feet. True, certain spiritual/psychological techniques, like affirmations/EFT etc do help, but you do have to be on your conscious guard nearly all the time, especially if you are with people who love coming out with negative opinions on why life is hell.

Try to give yourself time to adjust, as life won’t suddenly change for you overnight (if being spiritual was that easy, everybody would be doing it). It takes a thing called, ‘time’ for the changes to reflect in your behavior, and then your physical reality. It’s not a 5 minute thing. Most successes aren’t. Changing your inner perception and then your attitude is always the crucial first step, and must always be taken. You cannot think of helping the world, unless you help yourself first. Harsh but very true.


Your 7 Main Chakras Explained, And Why They Are Important To Your Health!

When it comes to stress and anxiety relief, there is a topic that few people want to get involved in. And the reason only a few people want to get involved in it is because it may challenge their very own core beliefs about the nature of divinity. By default, when anyone mentions or insinuates about the non-physical, people are either thinking you are talking about science, or even worse, death.

Yet, the very nature of who we are can help us in understanding out lives, our particular lifestyles and ultimately (sticking to the topic of stress relief) how to use it to feel more better, more energized and more healthier (and in some cases, more mentally sharp). The non-physical is nothing to be ashamed of, but rather embraced. And this shift in mentality can help us not only reduce stress and anxiety in our everyday lives, but also has a knock-on effect on other things as well (including using your very own body, arguably, as a manifestation tool…but that is for another day).

You see, at the risk of proselytizing, we are all spiritual beings (of some degree) in a physical body. And believe it or not, your whole body doesn’t just encompass the physical you (i.e. skin, organs etc…) but also the non-physical you. People who have had out-of-body experiences, or near death experiences will testify to this. This non-physical vehicle (if you will) help them, ‘float’ around and do all sorts of stuff. But you don’t have to be a mental or spiritual guy to feel your non-physical body. You can do it using various techniques.

Your physical body has points which allows Qi or life energy, to flow in to, ‘feed’ your organs, and these non-physical contact points between your physical body and your non-physical body, are known as,  ‘The Chakras’.

Now, some of you will already have been put of this article by this point. Unfortunately, some people are so strict with their beliefs (rightly or wrongly) that any mention of the non-physical is automatically associated with the almighty upstairs (or your own particular version). Now, I don’t want to offend anyone, but if you are not open-minded enough to consider the following article, I’m afraid this article may not be for you. But if you can suspend your beliefs for just a few minutes, you’ll find information that can help you reduce stress in numerous ways.

Having said that for some of you, what I’m going to say here will probably not be the first time you’ve heard this. For some people, they will already know what the Chakras are, and are probably even using other techniques (as well as the ones in this article) to help balance them out (more on that later). If that is the case, please see this as a gentle reminder, and nothing more;-)

If you do, on the other hand, want to know more about your Chakras, than keep reading. Hopefully you’ll take away a lot than you think, and although the exercises may seam downright insultingly obvious, it’s amazing to think how many people don’t know or even do this. Of course, as always, don’t be fooled by the simplicity. Your Chakras are powerful, and have more of an influence than you give them credit for. While I’m doing more research on the correlation between the Chakras and the subconscious (even I have questions about this subject that need answering, as the subconscious also has a big control over your body and your conscious thoughts and actions) needless to say that taking your Chakras into consideration when it comes to any form of negative relief (stress, anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts) will greatly help in recovery and an automatic improvement in ones lifestyle. Try it and find out for yourself!

This is quite a long article (over 3300 words) and does talk primarily about your 7 main Chakras, what they do, and how you can balance them. If you do find that there are more tips you can add to this list, please feel free to let me know (I’m all for finding out more:-).

Now to begin with, you have over a 100 Chakras from places like your toes and your hands to above your head, but there are 7 main ones. Each one serves a big role in the development of your consciousness, as well as helping your emotional, psychological, mental, spiritual and physical needs. So your Chakras have a huge influence to you and your emotional well-being, stress levels, and your manifesting skills (if you are into anything like the law of attraction, but that is for another day;-).

Your Chakras are therefore responsible for your emotional well-being, as well as your general mood, how well you place yourself in society and how well you communicate to your loved ones and the public in general. Your Chakras are the, ‘jack of all trades’ so to speak. And don’t forget, your Chakras are the connection between your soul and your physical body.

There are so many great videos online on helping you open your Chakras, and whether you can tell if it is open or closed, but before I carry on, some quick terminology. When we say open or close down your Chakra, what we mean is opening or closing your vortex. Your Chakras are vortices swirling around like a funnel, and you can close one, open one up, and make one spin quicker or slower to stop any unbalances and therefore balance the Chakra which gives you the correct proportion of pure Qi energy flowing into your etheric body and therefore influencing your physical body. By contrast an unbalanced Chakra will give you too much or too little energy, which will negatively physically and emotionally influence you. And this will be reflected by the way, in your behavior.

Now your first Chakra is your Root Chakra, and is located at the bottom of your spine and is also the most physical one, and is the one which has the lowest vibration of energy and as a result the lowest wavelength. And that is because it is closer to the physical. Your root Chakra is really your connection to the physical world. Physicality is energy at it’s most slowest vibration.

Now if you were an energy healer, you would be able to see the colour red, as this Chakra emits a reddish hue. Now it does govern our physical energies, it governs our survival, securities, passions, our money, our job, really our vigour in life. When it is balanced, you do feel very secure, very stable, very grounded, you do tend to use very good common sense. When it is blocked, you are blocking the flow of life energy, you may ask very deep questions, for e.g., ‘Why am I here?’, you may feel disconnected towards life. And of course, your ability to manifest will be stuttered.

If it is over-active, it is the opposite. You will be very greedy, you’ll demand everything, you’re highly strung, almost aggressive, can be reckless and impulsive, even sexually manipulative. When it is under-active, you can be very tired, very lethargic, very weak, afraid of change, you lack confidence, fear of abandonment, all of these are psychological issues, and this is the thing about the Chakras, they will govern your psychology.

But you can open the Root Chakra, by visualizing a red flower opening and spinning, by dancing, you can stamp your feet for short periods of time, and you do feel more better as a result. You tend to feel more alive. Interestingly, when I did some research behind this, I discovered that the sense of smell is associated with the Root Chakra, so if you can smell very easily your Root Chakra may be very well balanced. Now how does it feel? Well your Root Chakra feels like a low hum down your spine, a bit tingly at times. You have to be really careful as this should be a good tingling sensation. If it is a bad tingling sensation, you could have a very serious medical condition. So with practice you should be able to differentiate between a good tingling sensation, and a bad tingling sensation. I’ve noticed that mine tingles in a nice way, certainly hearing some bass and listening to some types of music, as music often stimulated the Chakras.

The the next main Chakra above is near your sexual organs and is called the Sacral Chakra, and this is located near the sacrum and testes/ovaries that produce the various sexual hormones. Again, if you are an energy healer, or can see non-physical energy, the Sacral Chakra emits an orange colour.

This Chakra is involved in relationships, violence, addictions, basic emotional needs and pleasure. It does mentally govern creativity, governs joy and governs enthusiasm, so again, psychological influences there.

You know when it is out of balance or blocked, when you are no longer enjoying life, you are very angry or frustrated, your suppressing your emotions, and in some cases no sexual desire, your lacking creativity, have feelings of guilt or jealously. If you do tend to be unemotional, or very stiff, (and we have all met people who are unemotional and are very stiff, they have like a poker facer!) that is also another symptom that this Chakra could be under-active.

If it is over-active on the other hand, you can be very emotional most of the time, you can be emotionally attached to other people and can be very sexual as a result.

There are many ways to open and balance this Chakra. You can take walks by an ocean or a lake, you can go swimming, you can have relaxing, aromatic baths, you can of course, visualize the colour orange, or an orange flower opening and spinning. And it goes without saying (at the risk of sounding unprofessional or intimate) you can even make love to yourself, or your partner to balance this Chakra.

How does it feel? You know when you feel sexual energy in your body. It’s similar to lust, you can feel it around your body, but most notably around your sexual organs.

The next Chakra is your Solar Plexus Chakra, (or sometimes called your Naval Chakra, as it is located above your navel, or belly button). The colour this Chakra emits is yellow. You would need to work on this if you lack self esteem, if you lack will power (if you give up easily), if you experience aggression, anger, if you have difficulty expressing your feelings, if you have trouble getting things done, stuff that comes to productivity and completion of projects.

Feeling tired can be an indication of an underused, or blocked Solar Plexus Chakra. If you have too many negative thoughts, suffer from anxiety, that could also be a symptom of a blocked, out of balance Chakra. It’s all about asserting yourself in a group, and if your Chakra is under-active, you do tend to be indecisive, sometimes passive.

Of course, if it is over-active, the complete opposite will occur, and you will be domineering at times, sometimes aggressive (and we have all met people who seem to dominate the group).

To open and balance this Chakra, you can take a walk in the sun, take regular walks, wear yellow clothes, do things that spark your interests and passions, and another great way is being in the, ‘Now’. When you are in the, ‘Now’, you feel that rush of Qi energy rushing into your body via your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Now the Chakra above, is your Heart Chakra and is located outside of your Heart. This emits a greenish hue and is also deemed the, ‘gateway to the spiritual world’ hence why if you come from love, (a little tip, if you can feel unconditional love for around a few minutes, not only will it help you to reduce your stress, but you can also reduce any future fear-based scenario. Out-of-body explorers already understand this) you are really using the spiritual world, which of course creates the physical world. We are in a spiritual multi-verse.

When it is opened, you feel love, kindness, compassion, you are affectionate, you’re very friendly, you work in harmony, and you work at creating harmonious relationships.

If it is closed, or out of balance, you can be very distant and cold (something I was guilty off in years gone by). You do need to work on it of course, if you have problems with relationships, if you have problems keeping friends, if you feel lonely all the time, if you feel unloved, if you are unable to love yourself and others and you have difficulty letting people into your life. You can also catch a cold quite easily because your Heart Chakra does tend to work in close relationship with your immune and nervous system, hence the psychological and health influences.

You can open or balance it in several ways. You can let go of negative people, not always easy of course…so you can do the next best thing, and forgive them (which helps you to love unconditionally) and letting go of anger from unwanted past experiences (forgiveness should help you with that as well). Wearing green clothing can sometimes open and balance your Heart Chakra as well as surrounding yourself with things you enjoy as well as imagining hugging someone you love and admire, and feeling that love spread across your body.

When you have opened the Heart Chakra or balanced it, you feel the feeling of love emanate from the vortex, and it will soon spread across your body. Feelings of fear soon dissipates, as fear cannot exist when you feel, ‘unconditional love’.

The next Chakra is the Throat Chakra, and is all about self-expression, and emits the colour light blue. It is located at the throat.

You know when you need to work on it, when you find it hard to express your self freely and find it hard to communicate, you can sometimes find yourself telling white lies most of the time; you find it difficult to listen to other people, your lacking in self esteem and have speech problems. You know when it is under-active when you don’t speak much, you are very introverted, perhaps shy, even not speaking your personal truth.

Opening or balancing your Throat Chakra can be achieved by singing out load very loudly, by speaking louder than usual, and by saying something as simple as, ‘Hi’. Not many people realize this… just saying, ‘Hi’ to people on the street is a great way of doing this. Reading poetry out loud is another great way of doing it, as well as standing firm in your opinions, in a non-argumentative way. If the opinion is going to create an argument, the best thing to do is to stop the opinion.

When it is open, you don’t have any problems in communicating, and may consider yourself to be a bit of an artist.

The next one is one that most people are curious with. It is often talked about, and one that has the most attention, and that is your 3rd Eye Chakra, located between your eyebrows, but slightly above.

It is all about insight and visualizing. When it is opened, you have very good intuition, but you may also tend to fantasize a lot.

You need to work on it if you are not very good at thinking for yourself, if you find yourself relying on other people, like your parents, and your friends; you may be rigid in your thinking and rely on your beliefs too much, which may lead to confusion. If you suffer from panic and anxiety attacks and you cannot think clearly or if you have trouble concentrating, and are having problems finding a purpose in life, this could also be an indication. Another indication is that you lack goals for example, if you lack faith or you cannot find your own inner voice.

One thing I read, is that it could be blocked or very imbalanced if you have learning disabilities or if you have hearing problems, so that’s worth bearing in mind (no pun intended;-).

If it is over-active, you tend to live in fantasy land too much, and in some cases may even hallucinate. If you are not careful, you do tend to lose focus very easily. The 3rd Eye Chakra is the gateway to intuition and higher perception and people who have a strong vibration with this Chakra are people we would call psychics. We are all psychics, and we all have that ability, but most of us have to work on it as you would do like a muscle.

It can be opened/ balanced by being in the, ‘Now’, which helps reduce mental chatter, or meditating with Yoga. Theta and Delta, brainwave states between 0.5hz to 7 Hz (the measurement of the electrical activity of your brain, commonly before you go to sleep and when you wake up) are also a good way of opening up this Chakra. Now unless you are a trained meditation expert, you would need CD’s to help you achieve Theta or Delta. A package I personally recommend is the ARVARI course, which not only helps you get to Delta (which lowers your mental noise), but also helps you reduce your stress and allows you to manifest a lot easily, as you are very close to your soul.

The feeling of an active 3rd Eye Chakra is the equivalent of someone gently tapping your forehead. It is like a tiny, throbbing sensation, and in some peoples cases, can cause small headaches if it is being opened, or balanced for the first time.

The final Chakra is one that is above your head, and is called your Crown Chakra, which emits a whitish hue and is your connection to source, higher consciousness, or essentially your soul.

Remember what I said about the root one being the lowest vibration? Well your Crown Chakra is your highest vibration because it is the vibration closest to your soul/higher self.

When it is blocked, unbalanced, you are not aware of your spirituality, you have very rigid thinking, you may even suffer from depression or a mental disorder, and you may have a weak immune system or you suffer from chronic fatigue.

On the other side, if you intellectualize a lot, obsessed with spirituality, or neglect your basic bodily needs, it may be over active and you may need to work on it.

When it is balanced, you do connect to your inner being, and you feel a oneness with divine source; you feel a sense of bliss, with an understanding of your life’s purpose. You become more aware of the beauty around you, with nature, and you feel its natural energy. You are happier because you are connected to the, ‘all that is’, and as a result, you don’t feel lonely. This means you are unprejudiced, and are aware of yourself and this world. You become very non-judgmental, and exhibit unconditional love.

To open this Chakra or balance it, you do need to meditate daily, it’s as simple as that! Take time to be still, being in the, ‘moment of now’ really helps. Try and be thankful and grateful for everything you are and have. By being thankful, you uplift your soul. This connects you more to the spiritual aspect of yourself very quickly. Again, being in Delta also helps in this case.

So, this is just a quick run-down of the Chakras, as they are pretty essential, not just to manifesting your reality, but also to your emotional, psychological and physical well-being. You can also help balance your Chakras when you have an out-of-body experience, by using the healing power of love to flow though your consciousness and direct it to one of your Chakras, and as a result, begin to self-heal in that way.

Combining your Chakras with other mental and emotional tools (like EFT, please see my article about it) will help you reduce your stress or depression, give your life purpose back to you, and allows you to not only recover from your illness, but lead a more healthier and happier lifestyle. Try it for 30 days and see what happens. You should be pleasantly surprised;-)


Managing Your Time To Beat Stress- The Easy Way!

Time management is essential for stress and anxiety reduction, because without managing your time, beating stress would be near to impossible!

There are some great tips in order for you to be able to manage your time, so that stress becomes reduced. But why?

Don’t forget, stress comes as a perceived threat. It isn’t the action that causes the stress, but the meaning we give to the action.

Let me give you an example.

Lets say that it is raining outside, and you can hear the rain on the window. Now some of you might be irritated by that, as the rain might be making a noise, preventing you from going to sleep.

Some of you might be relaxed about it, as it might be making a meditative rhythmic noise which could make you feel sleepy. And some people (lets just say a farmer), might actually enjoy it, because they know that their crops are getting a good healthy does of water. Do you see what is going on? It’s not the rain that is causing the emotions, it is the meaning that we give to the action/event.

Don’t forget, no event has a meaning, apart from the meaning that you individually give to it. So with that in mind, it is imperative that we manage our time, our workload, or our day, so that we can keep stress at an all time minimum.   These are the little things you can do, to make your life a lot easier.  

  • Prioritising your tasks– We will talk about this more later on


  • Taking the, ’10 min exercise’– Do a task that you have been avoiding, and do it for 10 mins. You may find that as you are starting it, it gets a little easier. Who knows, you may also end up finishing it as well;-)


  • Concentrate on the outcome, and not the process– Don’t focus your energy on how badly this is going, focus your energy on the ultimate outcome. This should give you peace of mind as well as the ability to work smarter and not too hard!


  • Start a stress journal- Try and quickly record what things stresses you out, how you felt physically and emotionally, what your response was, and what you did to feel better. If you can, you can try EFT to help alleviate the stress, to try to prevent it coming back in the future over a particular trigger (we will deal with EFT later in this book).


  • Let go of life, and accept everything that comes your way– I know, this is a hard one…but there are simply things that we cannot change. You have to control the controllable, which is always your response to a given task, and let the uncontrollable go. What I mean is, it’s very easy to get stressed out when there is a bad client to deal with, a horrible meeting to attend, or lots of emails to catch up on. We all have deadlines, but you cannot change that. Stop thinking that you can. Simply focus (as best you can) on the outcome, and let life takes it course. Try to remain focused!


  • Keep a healthy diet- Drinking coffee first thing may be nice, but it scatters your thought, messes with your internal thermostat, and before you know it, even the slightest noise is distracting. Try to drink more water, not caffeine, and don’t forget the fruit (don’t forget the chapter on foods and drinks, which will complement this nicely). When you have a break, try to relax and do the opposite that you were doing during work time, that is to say, give a chance for your mind to recuperate. If you can find a private place (like a car), try and meditate. This alone will work wonders (I’ll show you how you can do this later).


  • Make sure you have plenty of sleep- I know from personal experience, that when you barely have 7 hours of sleep, you feel groggy at work. The result? Poor productivity at work, and a bad mood. Do this for a long period of your life, and suddenly your subconscious is re-trained (and not for the better!). You can become depressed (even chronicly) and be, in extreme cases, suicidal (and trust me, I’ve been there).

  Get your sleep! Once you feel (at least) remotely refreshed, you’ve just improved your day by 50% (and that’s big, by the way). It will allow you to Concentrate, be more focused, get less distracted, and (if you avoid the morning coffee rush, and stick to water) be more healthier.  

  • Try and share a good laugh, when a joke comes your way- This will help lift up your mood, allowing you to concentrate and get the task done quicker.

  But how exactly do you prioritise?   There are many different ways. The one that I do is to simply to the table approach. stress10

  1. Place down all of the tasks on the left hand side
  2. On the right, mark from A to C which level of priority it has. A is very important and C is not that important…can be done later.
  3. Look at the A’s, and do those first, making sure that the B tasks are done afterwords.

    There is another variation of this, where you do a cross. stress9

  1. On the left hand side, you label, ‘High Importance’, on the right hand side, ‘Little Importance’.
  2. Below the table, you put, ‘done now’, on the right, ‘done asap’.

  Of course, these are two fairly simple exercises, that many courses and books cover.   But I thought these two will at the very least, get you on your way in prioritising tasks.   The stress reduction strategy   This is one that I came across, and thought it would be fitting to include it here. The trick is to look at the 2 C’s. Either change the situation, or change your reaction. You can change your reaction, by either trying to adapt to the stimulant/ what is causing the stress, or accepting the stimulant/ what is causing the stress. You can change the situation, by either trying to avoid the stimulant/what is causing the stress, or by trying to alter the stimulant/what is causing the stress. Lets look at each one in particular, to see how they fit into reducing stress.   Part 1: Adapting to the stimulant/what is causing the stress  

  • Try to look at the bigger picture/ broader view- This goes a long way, and you’ll be surprised that understanding the bigger picture can help change your perspective, which in the long run will reduce the stress.


  • Try to alter your own personal standards- we all want to be perfectionists, but we don’t live in a perfect world, and no event is perfect either. Don’t set your standards too high, and set out to achieve perfection. Something always happens that will knock you down. Learn to be happy and at peace when things don’t appear to go your way, and learn to accept the old cliché, ‘it’s good enough’.


  • Try to re-frame the picture of the problem in your mind- Don’t forget, it’s not the event that is stressing you out, it’s the meaning you are giving the event. Try to remain positive, and learn to adapt this as your attitude. Despite what cynics say, being positive does more help than harm (and you’ll start to feel good in the process;-).


  • Try to be grateful/learn gratitude- This is a hard one, I know. Being grateful when you have a client screaming at you, or being made to look like a fool by a colleague is no easy task. But surprisingly, gratitude (when done properly) has a great side effect at reducing your stress levels. Try, when you have 5 seconds of breathing space, to be really grateful for what you have. You should (if done properly) have a healing type of energy spring up, which should cool you down. You’ll be surprised at the results;-)

  Part 2: Accepting the stimulant/ what is causing the stress  

  • Try the art of forgiveness- We live in a judgemental world, don’t we? The problem is, love is unconditional, so is the world, and guess what, so is our life. Things will happen that is negative and positive in our life, whether we like it or not! The trick is therefore to learn forgiveness, and accept that nobody is perfect and that we all make mistakes, and sometimes there is ignorance around. How do you forgive? Let go of the event that caused your negative feelings. Just let it go. This will also let go of some if not all anger/ resentment and will allow you (if done properly) to feel more better and ultimately, more healthier (negativity has been proven to cause illnesses, and rage can shut down the immune system, which fights illnesses and disease, for up to to 4 hours…food for thought;-).


  • Try and share your feelings with someone you trust- This is why therapy can work very well, or having that nice long chat with a friend over the phone. The thing is, we use so much instant messaging and texting, that we forget the benefits of good ol’ fashioned socializing. Talking about your feelings lifts you up (and trust me, you will feel better afterwards). Just one word of caution: Don’t feel embarrassed about it;-)


  • Don’t forget, what doesn’t take you out, makes you stronger- It’s such an old cliche, I know, but it is so true. Try to look at the upside of everything, and you will begin to realise that you are stronger than you give yourself credit for. Don’t forget, your higher consciousness will always give you challenges for you to overcome. You may ask why? Is your soul cruel? No! It’s simple…to help you feel empowered. Dissolving a fear based situation, using love, is the most empowering thing you will feel. Don’t believe me, try it! Do an action that normally scares you slightly (always start small, of course) and using love (because love heals and is the opposite to fear) do the action and walk away. You will feel empowered (and strangely powerful;-).


  • Don’t attempt to control the stuff that you cannot control- Sports psychologists know this all too well, and convey this to top athletes. Only control what you can control, not attempt to control anything else (leave that to nature). Just do the best you can. Focus and concentrate on the stuff that only you can do, and (politely) ignore the rest. Why worry about something, and waste your precious energy over something that you cannot change? That’s crazy!!! Instead, focus on what you can change, and be at peace that you have done the best thing you can! (of course, it goes without saying, don’t do anything irresponsible/illegal).

  Now lets look at the 2nd C, which was changing your situation!   Part 3 – Avoiding the stimulant/what is causing the stress  

  • Look at your action list, and analyze it- Look at your appointments, schedules, and tasks. Like the priority tactic above, look at the ones that are the, ‘should do now’ versus the, ‘can do later’. Prioritise critically.


  • Take control of where you work- It sound obvious, but if simple things like the news stresses you out, turn off the TV! If you are in the car, for example, and the traffic gets particularly bad, go another way (even if it is longer, but of course take the time into consideration).


  • Learn how to say the, ‘No’ word- this one is tricky, especially for those people who love to feel like they are helpful all the time, but just saying, ‘No’ (politely of course) is one of the great simple things in getting things done and avoiding stress, because you are able to reduce your workload.


  • Learn to avoid the hot button conversations- Again sounds obvious, but if you know someone is going to turn into an angry politician due to a certain topic, avoid the topic altogether! This is another easy way to stop stress. Of course, these topics may flare out of nowhere, despite your best efforts, so remain calm and do deep breathing/ be in the, ‘now’ as much as possible if that happens.

  And consequently…  

  • Learn to avoid people who stress you out, period!- Doesn’t matter if it is family (that’s a big one, I know!) friends (although I would like to think that your friends shouldn’t stress you out) or your boss (who probably does it all the time). Of course, when it comes to work, you have no choice but to see your boss for meetings, and informal work related discussions. But limit the time as much as possible. You could save yourself a headache!

  Part 4- Altering the stimulant/ what is causing the stress  

  • Manage your personal time better- Poor or ineffective time management skills really make stress at an all time high! When you have loads of work to do, you’re behind, and if you have had a poor nights sleep, you really know it! Your stress levels go through the roof, you are unable to concentrate and results in poor productivity. If you plan ahead (starting with your sleep) you will ensure a better day, a more organised time, better focus and improved productivity.


  • Express how you feel, rather then keeping your feelings inside yourself- Bottling up your feelings towards someone that is causing you stress isn’t the best way to handle stress, and could lead to lack of focus and a potential argument. Always try to speak to someone in a respectful and careful way, to try to find a productive and constructive solution, rather than bottling up your feelings. Otherwise, the situation will keep taking place, and you’ve fallen further behind in your workload!


  • Be able to negotiate or compromise a situation- Negotiating a situation is one of the few qualities that is under-rated in social and work skills, and can work wonders in keeping your stress levels low! If you are able to alter your behaviour, because someone is willing to alter theirs to keep the peace, this will ensure a more productive outcome to both of your goals.

  But at the risk of contradicting…  

  • Be more firm/assertive- Learn to face your problems straight away by taking issues or problems head on. Don’t delay! Try to perceive them ahead of time and avoid them, or work around it. You will start to feel like you’re in control, with a better chance of reducing your stress levels.

  Hopefully that will give you a good foundation on how to use good time management tips to help reduce stress. Time management is such a big topic, enough to feel many books, but I wanted to give you some quick and simple ways of being able to be more productive. But what do you think? What is your best way of managing time? Let me know in the box below