Heart Space and 4 Ways To Keep In It


Heart energy is not only a useful space to keep, but is crucial in helping you not only spiritually evolve but also keep your emotions in check. But what is heart space, and how do you stay in it?

Heart space is essentially keeping your heart chakra opened as much as possible, so you feel compassion and love for most of the day. This has numerous healing effects, as well as allowing you to focus and be more productive. It also helps things happen more in your favor, as you start to use consciousness more towards your benefit.

Keeping in your heart space also helps with reducing stress and helps with your intuitive abilities (which has it’s own rewards). Just imagine what it feels like to do everyday routine chores, but instead of being on autopilot, you simply ask yourself if you should be doing this chore, and you get a loving feeling instead.

Wouldn’t that be great, maximizing that loving feeling, so your day winds up being slightly different than you planned but you felt love and joy throughout?

That is what living in your heart space is all about.

It’s about healing and it’s about intuition. It’s about being guided by your higher consciousness and allowing your life to be easier as a result. Small things happen in your favor, and you simply begin to, ‘flow’ with your life.

Here, we talk about the 4 easiest ways of opening up your heart chakra, and keeping in your heart space. If you require more information about your chakras and their benefits, simply click here.


To help stay with your heart energy, it is often best to be as mindful as much as possible. Being mindful is simply about paying attention to what is happening in this present moment, from the sounds you hear, to what you are seeing, to what is going on with your body.

Usually when you pay attention to the outside noise, or pay attention to your body, your mind-chatter will be reduced significantly, allowing you to feel more present.

When done repeatedly, this feeling can help open up your heart chakra, so you feel heart energy easily and effortlessly. Further repeated attempts can mean that when you become mindful, you also open up your heart chakra, due to increased life energy, or Qi in your non-physical body spreading (kinda like a 2nd reward for reducing your mind-chatter).

If you have issues with being mindful, and would like ways on which to achieve being present, click here for more info.

Listening to a compassionate song

This is a great one if you simply have to think, but are unable to focus that wandering mind.

All you have to do, is to think of a song that allows you to feel nice,warm and healed. A song which is very compassionate, and can even make you slightly tearful (but in a good way).

Next time you have to do a task, and you find your mind wandering from place-to-place (maybe due to the task not being mentally stimulating enough), you can, ‘select’ this song in your head, so you feel more heart energy around your heart chakra.

If you can, try and build up a, ‘song list’ of favorite compassionate tunes, so that if you struggle to remember the tune of one song, you can always fall back on another. This will also prevent another thing from taking place: Boredom of a tune.

Pretending to hug somebody

If you are struggling to feel love, one of the best ways of opening up your heart chakra is to quickly imaging someone that you are in love with, and pretend you are hugging that person from head to toe. This will allow the feelings of love to pass from your heart chakra, and will allow you to feel heart energy radiating out.

Once you get used to this energy, it will only be a matter of time before your heart chakra will open just by thinking of hugging somebody. And once you get good at it, you can simply open up your heart chakra, ‘on demand’ just by thinking of the feeling and letting the heart energy pour out.

Seeing yourself everywhere

This is one that isn’t always taught, but one of the best ways to feel connected to heart energy (and even help the law of attraction due to the reduction of your EGO) is to see yourself at, ‘one’ with everything.

Of course, one could argue (forgive the pun;-); how can you possibly feel what, ‘oneness’ is, if you don’t know what that looks like?

That’s a good question.

The easy answer is to pretend that everything around you, is a personal extension of your self.

So that Computer you can see, that’s you.

That wall behind you…yep, that’s you as well!

But don’t just look at it and half-heartily agree with the concept…actually imagine that you go well beyond your feet and hands, and actually imagine that your surroundings is you as well.

Of course, anyone who has had an out-of-body experience will testify to this,as when you float out of your body, you can literally float though walls, and even be part of the surroundings itself (although for most obe explorers, the excitement itself of leaving the body means that they would rather travel and fly away, such is the awesomeness of obes).

But the reality is, you are more than your mind and more than your body. In fact, your body isn’t just your own personal body, but everybody elses’s as well.

Initially, this may sound like a ridiculously stupid concept to get, and unless you are spiritually incline, will put this down to just plain stupidity.

And yet, when you think of oneness is, can you not think of a better way to describe your consciousness?

When you start seeing yourself everywhere, heart energy becomes a thing of the norm. You begin to question normal everyday dogma, and you start to feel healed. And because consciousness creates form, things will start to happen in your favor.

Keeping in your heart space is crucial to your psychological and emotional well-being. You become less stressed, and start to make life easier for yourself. Give it a go and let me know how you get on. I think you will like the journey.


A Quick Intro Into The Law Of Attraction, And The 1 Thing To Do To Ensure It’s Success!

Do you believe that intentions work? Do you know what an intention is? Some people think that they do, yet struggle with the law of attraction, or finding any results with their desires. Maybe you are one of these people?

Do you even believe in the law of attraction? Maybe you are too cynical for it. Chances are you are skeptical about it, not even trying any visualization exercises whatsoever, yet refuse to completely reject it, because at some deep level you believe that there is something towards it that you simply cannot explain. Maybe you have read books and seen DVD’s. You may even had a few successes, yet nothing huge. If this doesn’t sound like you, and you completely reject the premise of thoughts turning into things, then you have my best wishes, and good luck.

And you’re going to need it, because you may find that along the way you may begin to find similarities between having a desire, and seeing some form of manifestation taking place. It won’t be much of course, and it may even be quick (I’ll explain why later) but it won’t amount to much. But the sad thing is, you’ll become more and more cynical, because due to the very definition of beliefs creating events, you will subconsciously sabotage yourself, and you’ll find yourself living more in a cynical world. Essentially, you’ll be experiencing exactly what you are denying.

If on the other hand you are not cynical, but have tried all hands of the law of attraction, this article may be for you. Now, I’m going to lay my cards straight here, and be brutally honest right up front. I’m no guru when it comes to the law of attraction. I’m not writing this armed with false trophies, making out I’ve got this sussed out, because I haven’t. I’m writing this because of a few experiences I’ve had, which I strongly suspect that the law of attraction was behind.

Some of these experiences have been metaphysical, and some have been downright physical. But before we carry on, a word of warning. I’m giving you results based on subconscious (and conscious) tests that I’ve done. When the law of attraction has worked for me, without any prior conscious knowledge (i.e. I’ve had a fleeting desire, and within a week it’s manifested…I’ve done no prep work, no visualization, or anything like that) I’ll be calling that a subconscious test. Simply because I’ve had very little conscious awareness of it. A conscious test on the other hand, will be on with prep i.e. visualizations, being in the now, feeling love…I call this a conscious test, because I am clearly consciously trying to manipulate my reality. I am consciously trying to think my thoughts into physicality. But being straight up front here, my subconscious tests have easily beaten my conscious tests, most of the time. Again, I’ll explain later.

It all boils down to what you believe an intention is, and how it manifests. Now when I first came across the idea of setting an intention, I wasn’t sure the best way to go. Is visualizing the best way, or vision boards? How about affirmations? I’ve tried all three, but over the years, I’ve discovered a few things which have hindered my conscious progress. Of course, subconsciously, I have manifested every desire that I’ve had, both negative and positive. At times this has been annoying. But having had out-of-body experiences, I can testify that you thoughts do form up in the non-physical dimensions. It all boils down ultimately to a few things. Again, (for the last time:-) I’ll explain more later.

So, what is an intention, and how do you set one? Many people have differing ideas to what an intention actually is. I’ve heard many definitions, from a single thought, to focused thought packed with emotional intensity. In my experience, there are two types of intentions, due to the fact that thought by spiritual definition is creative.

Type 1 – Fleeting Intention.

A fleeting intention is essentially having a single thought, or more accurately, a fleeting desire. Desire is the key here, and when I say a fleeting desire, I mean just that. It’s fleeting. It’s a secret quick desire. Kind of like when you walk into a supermarket, and you see somebody that reminds you of somebody you used to fancy once upon a time. You then have a fleeting desire to see them again, but it’s only a quick thought, and you soon forget about it. You then carry on your supermarket shopping and go home. You’ll find then that in a few days to a about a week, you’ll see that person in real (and you’ll wonder what a coincidence that was;-).

The amount of times I’ve had this experience has boggled me. I’ve had many fleeting desires, or fleeting intentions and most of them have come true. But why is this? I imagine it’s because of the, ‘letting go’ process. Essentially, to make any desire a reality, you need to set the intention (fleeting, or focused) and then let go. These ones I call subconscious tests, due to the fact that there is very little conscious awareness behind them (you just have a quick desire and that’s it….takes like less than 10 seconds!). And due to me letting it go (I’m focused on other stuff) there is no resistance to it manifesting. There may be an odd thought that it won’t happen, but that’s it. An odd thought. And in most cases, an odd thought is not going to stop a fleeting intention from manifesting.

Of course, if you are cynical, you won’t necessarily see the connection between the original desire and the physical outcome. Chances are you’ll write it off as a coincidence, or act likes it’s a pleasant surprise. And of course, due to the desire being fleeting, in some cases, so will the outcome.

Type 2- Focused intention.

A focused intention (in my opinion) is a desire that is consciously focused upon…that is, loaded with emotional power. Or put simple, unconditional love (or gratitude…both work extremely well). This is what I call a conscious test, because you are preparing your subconscious. That is, you are doing action that the subconscious recognizes; that is, imagery (visualization) unconditional love (feeling, nature of soul) and affirmations. Of course some of you will do more and that’s fine. But the crux is, you are actively and consciously manipulating your reality.

Now I’m going to be honest here. This has only worked once for me, and there are reasons. For this to work, you need to be close to the present moment as possible. This allows the manifestation to be quick. Secondly, you need to let go. This is the part I believe, that trips most people up, and is the single reason why the subconscious tests work so well, compared to the conscious tests. Or put simply, a fleeting intention has more chances of manifesting than a focused intention.

Why is this, when you are essentially adding more thought in the non-physical realm by visualizing? When you have a fleeting intention, you let go quite easily. There is almost, zilch resistance. Your subconscious does most of the work. When you are doing a focused intention on the other hand, your ego objections kick into gear. You become emotionally attached (even if you know better and you don’t want to be). Essentially, you are not letting go!

And this is big news, because the art of, ‘letting go’ is an art indeed. There are ways of trying to let go, but this isn’t going to be easy. Most of us have been brought up to be emotionally attached to outcomes. We become desperate for success (some of us anyway). This desperation has led to the law of attraction for some people working sporadically at best.

So, how do you let go?

In my experience, there are a few ways (or one way spread over different formats, if you will). The easiest is by being grateful for the here and now, and sticking to the present moment as much as possible throughout the day. On top of that, you can also let go by trying to understand that everything happens by design. That is, whatever happens to you is part of a larger plan. Being grateful in the here and now is probably the best move for most people, and you can do this by being present or even feeling unconditional love (which does help to remove some if not most of the resistance) towards other people as much as possible (please click here for the simple exercise to help open up your heart chakra to feel oneness with everything). Letting go, consciously, is tough. There is no other way to describe it, and especially for a newbie who is just discovering the law of attraction for the first time.

Interestingly, when you are in the now, you do mostly exhibit the theta brainwave state, and is a similar feeling of presence you have when you have an out-of-body experience (an inner dimension where time doesn’t exist. Things manifest almost instantly there). It seems that thinking lots of thoughts requires more brainwave electrical activity (which when you think of it, makes sense). The least amount of thoughts and the more presence you feel, the least amount of electrical activity is needed.

Letting go does require an art, so don’t be surprised if your desires don’t manifest that easily. As long as you practice gratitude as much as possible, some form of outcome will take place (it may not be much, but something does happen, most of the time). Being grateful is a great way of letting go, as long as you do it on a constant basis (and especially if you do it when negative doubts kick in).

Give it a go. I’m not going to promise that it will be an easy ride, but let’s look at it another way. What’s the worst that is going to happen? You’ll feel more love and peace than ever before, and your personal power will increase.

And you never know, something better may come along instead;-)


What If Life Was One Big Metaphor? 4 Examples That Could Blow You Away!

What if life was one big metaphor? How would you know? Would you have a hard time believing that? But if your subconscious understood symbolism and metaphors more easier than your conscious, wouldn’t your life make more sense? Maybe you don’t believe in metaphors, or maybe you do believe them, but in small doses.

I must confess when I heard that life was a metaphor, I was just as skeptical as you are. Of course, we can only rely on our eyes. Our eyes are rather simple tools. They are a basic converter, and that’s it. They convert light photons into a nerve impulse that our brain translates into an image. And guess what part of our conscious helps that? That’s right, our subconscious.

Of course, if you solely believed what your eyes are saying to you, you could miss some of natures tricks of the trade. For example, you can’t see in a dream, yet some people claim to have divine insight or premonitions. You can’t see your intuition, yet how many of you haven’t had Déjà vu, or some other psychic experience. And talking of psychics, what if there was a way to develop your own psychic ability, and as a result peer into the future moment of now. Some people actually do this, and are called Remote Viewers (Psychics and Remote Viewers are essentially the same thing, people who can get an image or an impression of a distant time event, or a distant person, or both. For more information, click here).

Also, it is scientifically proven that our eyes only see a tiny minute fraction of the total light spectrum. It has been compared to seeing just a grain of sand, whereas the total light spectrum is a tall skyscraper.

So, as you can see (or not;-) your eyes don’t give you a full view of the world in front of you. They can’t. They are just basic converters, and that’s it. Sure, we need them, but we also need our 6th sense, our intuitive-self just as well as our emotions as other tools to direct and experience our life.

And we also know that our subconscious understands symbols more better than our conscious does. Don’t believe me, think about dream interpretations There is a whole niche on interpreting what dream means, and this can often help someone explain their life and highlight areas for improvement. Dreams are most commonly understood to be nothing more than the subconscious filling away memories and experiences of the day, like a filing cabinet. And while some of this is true, there are ways you can understand your life more by merely writing down what happens in your dreams.

Keeping a dream journal is a great way to know yourself more intimately. How often have you had a striking dream, tried to trivialize it saying it was just a dream, only to look at a dream dictionary and realize it may contain a truth. Some dreams have even been responsible for people to make discoveries and help the evolution of humanity.

I used to have a frequent dream where I would be chased by people in authority figures. It would start of ok, but then I would sense a threat, and would need to run quick. And of course, I would be tired (like in waking life) so I would mentally have to struggle running up hills in going though corridors in buildings. It was so mentally exhausting.

In my waking life, I wouldn’t confront people with an emotional issue (still have a hard time doing it to this day). Instead, I would choose the passive, ‘let it go over my head’ approach, and all because I didn’t like verbal fighting. The only problem about not speaking your truth, is that you ultimately repress those feelings which can turn into rage (I went though a period where I would be angry for a melodrama created in my mind, which never took place. The punch bag would come in handy then). Thankfully, I didn’t live with anybody, and kept it all bottled inside, while trying to smile and act of sweet and light on the outside…not a great combination!

So dreams are a surefire metaphorical way to understand problems and solutions in your waking life. But your subconscious works during the daytime as well as the nighttime, so wouldn’t it make sense that everything around you is also a metaphor of some description?

Lets take the only conscious way of discovering your subconscious in real time, and that’s the out-of-body experience (I’m not including lucid dreaming, due to the fact that it involves a partial awareness, and we’re talking about about full conscious awareness…but lucid dreaming is a great way to helping you discover more about your subconscious, and making changes to your life).

Now anybody who has had an out-of-body experience will be the first to tell you several things: Firstly, the objects, people, and situations are an aspect of mind. That is to say, all subconsciously generated. Secondly, you are in the inner dimension of the multi-verse and therefore not in the space-time continuum. As a result, your thoughts manifest almost instantly. This means you have to be really controlled in what you think, say and do (not a big issue for people who practice mindfulness meditation, they can simply be in the, ‘now’ which helps mental control).

So, you are floating around being directed by your soul, and bumping into places and people and events, which are nothing more than just figments of your subconscious imagination. Oh, the non-physical people are real, don’t you worry, but they are still aspects of your subconscious. This though begs the question, ‘If the only difference is time, wouldn’t the same be true in your normal waking life as well?’

This is where we come full circle and back to the age old question, of whether life is one big metaphor. Of course, if you believe in the illusion of separatism, dreams probably would hold little significance for you and as a result, you probably wouldn’t care about the wonders of life.

If on the other hand, you are on the spiritual path and believe that we are all one, that we are one consciousness, and that what you see in one person is what you ultimately recognize in yourself, your dreams and your life would make perfect sense.

I was pondering this very question while re-listening to Conversations with God Book 2 (By Neale Donald Walsch). They were talking about how time wasn’t really linear, but more like a spindle. It began to get me thinking on how we really should be viewing life and came to a few metaphors.

Metaphor 1- Trees are like time.

They are everywhere, aren’t they (unless you live in a desert!). Yet metaphorically, trees could be likened to time…or lack there of. There is no such thing as time. The hands on your clock is nothing but that, a hand, measuring a perceived field. All there is are, ‘now moments’. Even most scientists say that what we have is a space-time continuum.

So when you look at a tree, you could say that it is a reminder that time is more like a spindle, allowing you to make your next choice into a reality (a reminder, if you will, of choosing your thoughts and the images in your imagination more carefully). If you see a tree as a spindle of a, ‘now’ moment, and all of the leaves/branches as possible, ‘choices’ in this, ‘now’ moment, you could arguably say that a tree is a great metaphor on the moment of now, and the quantum field of infinite possibilities. Arguably…

Metaphor 2 – Clouds are like your thoughts.

The next metaphor I got was when I read Ken Elliott’s, ‘Manifesting 123’. In the book, the author describes how he is told that your thoughts begin to form as bits of smoke, before added concentration allows that smoke to form into a reality.

I thought that the sky beautifully demonstrates this. How does a cloud form, through water vapor. What happens when there is a lot of vapor, it gets heavier, condenses and physical droplets begins to develop. Then what…it rains! Just like what happens when you think about thoughts. They start of as bits of smoke, while added focus and thought increases the smoke in the non-physical subconscious, before finally forming into a 3D hologram, forming into physical reality.

Having had both lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences, I can personally testify that your thoughts do form on the other side really quickly. I once had an obe when I was slightly above my body. I then tried to command the power of the multi-verse to enable me to try to self heal. I saw a wisp of whitish color start forming into a small dot, quite white in the center, above my body. But due probably to the excitement of having an obe, I quickly stopped this, and went on to have other adventures.

Needless to say, when I look into the sky, I am often reminded on how thoughts form, and how they manifest into physicality. Food for thought (no pun intended…well I tiny bit maybe;-)

Metaphor 3 – The sun is like your soul…non-judgmental and powerful.

I’ve had this metaphor in my mind for some time. Essentially, you could argue that the sun is like your soul…always shining in its unconditional love and infinite power and creativity. The clouds that cover it, arguably could be seen as your negative thoughts that stop the light from shining (or even a better one, thoughts itself, stopping you be in the, ‘now’. Two metaphors for the price of one). While it may somehow contradict the above metaphor on thoughts, it’s still a great reminder that when you look near the sun (obviously don’t look into it due to health and safety!) you are reminded to be unconditional, forgiving,nimaginative and creative.

When you think about it, the sun gives power to everything on the planet. It is always shining, come rain or wind, and it is extremely warm. Could you not think of a great way to think about your soul?

Metaphor 4- People are your inner personalities.

This is one that I’m still sketchy about, yet it does (to some degree) make perfect sense. Ok, coming from the point of view that we are all one, and if you’ve read that by seeing people as extensions of yourself, you can open up your heart chakra and raise your inner consciousness; see people as parts of your own inner personality shouldn’t be too far a stretch.

They do say, that what you see in somebody, you have in yourself. Let me explain…next time you see yourself being angry at somebody else, due to a perceived character flaw, ask yourself the ultimate question: Am I reacting because I see this in myself? This of course takes into account that you are honest, and that you can go deeply within…traits that not everybody can do. If you learn to practice this exercise, you’ll discover (to your amazement) that you can discover more about yourself by how you criticize others.

When I’ve noticed this, I’ve realized that I can be quite the narcissist, and also arrogant. Of course over time, I’ve tried to heal those aspects of myself, and allowed myself to try to accept other peoples opinions and points of view. This hasn’t been easy, especially due to the face that I had a speech disorder in my early days, so had to do an abnormal amount of listening rather than speaking. As I grew up in a cynical atmosphere, it began to dawn on me that nobody was going to listen, so I would just shut up, listen, and do as I was told. These days, I only try and speak when I am spoken to. I try not to force my opinions down other peoples throats (I let other people do that;-). Only when somebody actually speaks to me directly do I then speak. I’m not perfect at this, but I’m getting slowly better.

Believe it or not, from what I’ve observed, everybody has a million and one things to say. So it’s a great exercise also on how to listen correctly and how to be compassionate, especially when people go through tough times.

If you find yourself nodding or agreeing to any or all of the above points, it may be an indicator that you are slowly waking up. Consciousness it seems, has be conscious of itself. That is part of the deal of this lifetime: to be aware and to be aware that you are aware. This allows you to manipulate life and your reality more effectively, heal many hurts and keep your inner peace (which is highly recommended for people suffering from stress/anxiety and many psychological problems).

Of course, you could look at this list and say that I have it all wrong. And you would be absolutely correct in that reaction. Why? Because whatever happens, you will always be led to your truth, and as a result this article has done it’s job; you’ve been led back to your own truth. And that is the key, to finding out your own inner personal truth, and then trying to live it.

Because at the end of the day, what is the point in life otherwise?