10 Self-Improvement Seminars Smart People Will See!

Seminars are vitally important. They're a chance to really get to see the author of your favorite book on the stage, and get to experience them first hand. They can also articulate truths in such a way which you may have missed in the original material, and are usually open to questions afterwards.

Here, I present the top 10 seminars which I believe everybody should see. They range from religious material, to business sense, while helping people in between. Some of the videos can be seen for free, some need to be paid. Have a look and see which ones you like. You may be pleasantly surprised;-)

1- God Says Yes – Neale Donald Walsch

This seminar was taken in Scotland, and features a small group of people in a very intimate setting. Neale Walsh talks about the material in his books, as well as practical applications for it. It's a wonderfully close and intimate environment, where Neale talks about the nature of reality, and how to manipulate the system of energetics to creating the lifestyle you choose to have. He also describes why the process of, ‘wanting' can push away your desires, by expanding on the material in the, ‘Conversations With God' trilogy.

2- www.TonyRobbins.com – Tony Robbins

A guy that most people know would've heard of. Quite simply, a guy who gets motivation and the practical uses for it. An NLP and business expert, this guy can pretty much get you out of a rut, just by listening to one of his short videos online. Ok, maybe not quite, but you will get motivated to take almost instant action. And this can be enough to start living a life more on your terms and take control of your own reality.

3- The Mechanics Of Mind Control – Dr Joe Marshalla

I stumbled upon Dr Joe last year, and one of the first things I saw was one of his free videos on the mechanics of mind control. And it wasn't a quick video either. It deals with how most of us are under the control of the mind, and presents the case of three unrelated but crucial experiments that give a startling realization into why the planet is the way it is. A true eye opener, and one that you should see if you are starting out on the realization of your goals and dreams.

4- The Work – Byron Katie

Byron Katie is one of the best authors of learning to love, ‘what is'. That is to say, trying not to judge and learning how to love unconditionally. She does this by allowing us to explore 4 questions that challenges us to think in a different way and as a result, stop the suffering. This DVD wonderfully shows 4 case studies of this in action, where she gets 4 people to use the 4 questions in their dilemmas. Despite the 4 questions seemingly simple enough, the power that comes from answering them cannot be overstated. Very powerful and truly remarkable work!

5- Eckhart Tolle TV – Eckhart Tolle

This guy is almost too good when it comes to talking about being present and being spiritual. True, being present isn't difficult, but maintaining it is a another matter. He also helps you understand parts of certain metaphors found in certain famous spiritual textbooks, which previously you may have overlooked (or not understood fully). And he explains spirituality and the role of the EGO with such clarity, it's hard to argue. A must have.

6- Freenlphomestudy – Michael Stevenson

The guy that got me into NLP big time, and made me realize how easily it was to manipulate my own conscious, and learn how to refocus. His website contains over 10 hours of free footage, taken from a seminar a few years back, and shows case studies of NLP techniques being used in action. Now, for those of you who don't know, NLP is about using the language of your conscious and the subconscious together, so you can create change more quickly and effectively (may not be the best definition, but it suits this article well). Essentially, by learning how NLP works, you can get to manipulate people and build rapport with them more easily. Definitely a one to watch if you wish to change your life for the better.

7- I know What To Do, So Why Don't I Do It – Dr. Nick Hall

The DVD from this program was taken from a seminar and features Dr. Nick Hall describe about the human emotions. It tells of his journey, how giving a service is vitally important to achieving your goals, and the emotion of fear, and how it holds you back. He describes a process for identifying which beliefs need to be changed, so you can lead a more happier and abundant lifestyle.

8- We are God, God is Love – Neale Donald Walsh

As you can tell, I'm a bit of a Neale Donald Walsh fan, and I'm proud to say that this was my first Neale Walsch DVD that I brought, and features a seminar of around a 1000 people. In this seminar, Neale talks about his upbringing, fear, and the nature of divinity.

Its a clever seminar, as the material presented by his books are discussed, and is presented in an easy to follow format. As always, people who have a strong religious belief system may find it difficult to accept some of the truths in this DVD, but for the mild believers and for the skeptics, it's very informative. And as always, Neale Walsh is very funny. Which always helps;-).

9- Dani Johnson

A true entrepreneur in every sense of the word, due to her story. This lady was broke (around just $2 to her name) , before becoming a millionaire within just two years. Her videos and audio CD's (which you can tell are seminars) helps you to become motivated, create a sales force and become more abundant than ever before. She is heartwarming, driven and very passionate about helping others with her work.

10- Ted Talks – (various speakers)

I had to include this one on the list, because quite frankly, you can take up a whole weekend just watching their stuff. Don't get me wrong, you may not agree with every seminar you watch, but each one has thought provoking and gifting ideas from how to lead your life better, why you do the things you do, to practical ways on how to help the world. Truly brilliant and inspiring work!


Top 8 Most Influential, Self-improvement Experts


I was reading a few articles, when I realized that in all of my years of self-improvement and spiritual learning, I haven’t had a top 8 list. I've read so many books, and listened to so much stuff that it has been mind boggling. So it got me thinking of the best self-improvement experts out there, for the newbie who was starting to slowly get into this.

Now, before I carry on, just a few things. Firstly, I don't really believe in the word, ‘guru'. I think it conjures up to many negative connotations. The following list are people who have inspired me, but just because they have inspired me, doesn't mean they are going to inspire you. Inspiration is subjective. Secondly, being brought up in a cynical family, it takes a heck of a lot to change my core beliefs. Not because I don't want to, but because it takes a lot of effort. The following people are people I believe who are so good, even a cold-hearted cynic would find it difficult to disprove them. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they could quite easily, for their own beliefs will understandably reflect in their reality, thereby confirming that their beliefs are correct. I'm just saying that it takes a lot to convert a cynic into somebody who likes anything self-improvement related, and the following people certainly get my tick.

And finally, the following people are not new at all, they have been around for some time (some since the nineties). They're good, and draw in huge crowds, so their influence are huge. This means that they can create change quicker than most people.

So, in no particular order, I present the top 8 most influential ,self-improvement experts online.

Read and enjoy;-)

1. www.freenlphomestudy.comMichael Stevenson

I came across this almost by accident, and to be honest with you, I'm glad I discovered it. Probably one of the very few times an email address gives so much information, as when you subscribe you get around 10 hours of video footage of the founder, Michael Stevenson in action. It's a very good intro into NLP, which if you don't know, stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It may sound technical, but it's all about how the mind operates, consciously as well as subconsciously.

Watching the videos (and I haven't even finished them all yet;-) was a real eye opener for me. There are some great case studies involved, as you get to understand the inner workings of how your mind works. Be warned though, this isn't for the faint hearted;-) You'll find out how easily it is to create good rapport to help influence someone (or even a group) and you'll also get introduced to conversational hypnosis. All in all, it's a great introduction into a subject which I believe everyone should be aware of.

2. www.deepakchopra.comDeepak Chopra

I'm currently listening to one of his audiobooks called Synchro Destiny, and it is a real eyeopener to me. But on top of that, Deepak Chopra has authored many books, narrated many audiobooks and seems to get the nature of the cosmology of the universe all too well. And to top it off, he understands how to get the best out of your life using simple tweaks to your lifestyle. Having listened to some of his stuff, I can quite easily testify that this guy knows what he is doing. He has a great soul, and a lovely voice which soothes yours when you listen to him, so his truths are easily accepted.

His website contains many articles ranging from Health issues to Conscious itself, and they are very insightful, as well as a huge video library and book collection.

3. www.nealedonaldwalsch.comNeale Donald Walsch

I came across (and even met) Mr Walsch many years back, and have brought some of his books and audiobooks. Quite simply, this guy is the real deal. He has a fantastic sense of humor, and delivers his truths with such clarity, it's hard to ignore. While he may be most popular with the, ‘Conversations With God' Trilogy, the first book I read from him was, ‘Tomorrows God', and found myself agreeing with almost everything he was saying.

It takes a lost of guts and courage to openly and honestly talk about religious matters in the modern day and age, and yet Mr Walsch makes it looks so easy, it's hard not to fall in love with him. Anybody who has a slight to moderate religious background should read (or listen) to his stuff, as it makes for compelling reading. As it stands, ‘Conversations with God' is one of those books that you pick up to read just 10 mins of it, only to discover that you end up loosing about half an hour instead. That is how addictive it can be;-)

4. www.eckharttolle.comEckhart Tolle

I still rank the audiobook of, ‘The Power Of Now' as one of the best audiobooks I've listened to. The reason? I just keep coming back to it again and again. Being present has never been so popular in the modern day and age (which I suppose says a lot about modern society, doesn't it;-). And yet, trying to distract the attention away from the EGO is something that is very seldom talked about in most peoples lives, and I'm not quite sure why.

Sure, mindfulness meditation (another form of being present) might be just another great way to meditate, but the health benefits from being present are too big to ignore. Apart from keeping your youth on your side (yes, there are articles I've read that say it reduces aging) there are also numerous cognitive and anxiety related benefits as well. In this society which seems to promote fast talkers and quick thinkers, it's refreshing to know that there are several mechanisms that can turn it off (or in most peoples cases, reduce it).

5. www.psychicbutsane.comAnna Sayce

So far I've done mostly guys from all areas of the self-improvement niche, but I thought, (in the balance of equality;-) that I'll include a lady which I believe is super inspirational. And that’s Annas site, www.psychicbutsane.com. It's great for a number of reasons. Like me, she's read some of the authors in this list (so I automatically like her for that;-) secondly, she also knows about spirituality all too well (she is a psychic, what do you expect…) and thirdly, her website has probably one of the most coolest sounding names out there!

I once spent a couple of hours reading her articles, they were that articulate and good! And the good news is that they are not running out. Her website is full of great, intuitive self, ideal if you want to develop your psychic ability (because as we all know, we all have that 6th sense) and great about ways of discovering your soul and life purpose. Highly recommended if you have 2 hours to burn 😉

6. www.probablefuture.comGerald O'Donnell

I came across this website almost by accident, and yet to this very day, I'm still learning new things about the nature of reality. Quite simply, the most straightforward, transparent viewpoint on life and the cosmology of the universe out there, but it gets better. It lets you experience it as well, giving you a direct experience on the powers of creation. As they sometimes say, it's all very well knowing the theory, but it is real life tests that give you the experience, and the 2 courses do just that.

Now, I'm not going to make out I'm an expert at creating from thought alone (I'm still re-listening to some Remote Viewing CD's that I brought a while back), but even I've managed to Remote View a few places thanks to the course. Now, before I carry on, let me explain some terminology. The website is offering 2 courses (as well as interviews and articles for you to listen and read) and the 2 course are about Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. Sounds a bit technical, I know, but essentially Remote Viewing is the ability to meditate very deeply so you can see distant places, people and events, without never having to be there. Remote Influencing takes this even further by allowing you to meditate even deeper than before so you can actually manipulate events in your favor (and hence allow your desires to come true).

Now, this may seem a bit too much for some people, but anybody who has brought the course will testify, it is money well spent. The website offers a forum, where people who brought the course meet up and give a helping hand to get the maximum out of the materials. If you are into the Law of attraction, the website and the information on there is a must.

7. www.stevepavlina.comSteve Pavlina

Unless you have been in a coma for a long time, you must have surely heard of Steve Pavlinas website, or read one of his articles. Quite simply, this guy knows his stuff, and isn't afraid to challenge core assumptions (I'm still loving the article he wrote on the nature of subjective reality, but I'll leave that for you to discover;-). Very spiritually articulate, and also anything self-improvement related (just in case you have something against being spiritual). His articles are the longest I've ever read, some well over 5000 words. But it is certainly worthy of an hour of your time spent on his website, because his knowledge is just that good.

Steve Pavlinas website is one of those places where you read one article, hoping to read it is just 5 minutes, and out of nowhere end up using a couple of hours of your time! It's that good. But don't just take my word for it, go there and check for yourself. The articles are on all sorts of things self-improvement related, from finance to the law of attraction (obviously) and some more. Be careful though, once you read his stuff, your life might not be the same again☺

8. www.repeatlessness.comDr. Joe Marshalla

Ok, so you've meditated a few times over the years, and you understand about goal setting. You may even have heard a bit of the science behind how all this works. What you need right now, is somebody to come around and round this information up for you, in one neat tidy package. That guy is Dr. Joe Marshalla, and between his videos and his book, you are pretty much set for life.

Again, very spiritually articulate, but has the added bonus of balancing EGO/mind nature with the nature of the soul. His videos are not short (and that's a good thing) and yet, just like some of the above authors, you'll end up re-listening to his stuff time and time again. He shows you how to completely change your life in the most easiest way possible, from goal setting to a great neat way of being in the, ‘now' (and this technique was new to me). Highly recommended for anyone who wants to make quick and profound changes in their life.

So there you have it, authors who have had a big impact in my personal and spiritual growth, and who I believe are the biggest influences in the self-improvement niche. Each one has there own spin on the nature of reality and how to achieve your dreams. Be careful though, once you read their stuff, you may not want to go back to your old way of life again;-)