Top 5 DVD’s That Should Change Your Life!

DVD's are a great way of delivering information and wisdom to the TV screen. It's a great alternative to use if you find reading boring or don't like listening and prefer wanting something to see instead. And as the self-improvement niche seems to be ever expanding, watching a DVD of your favorite speaker can be a great way to relax with your friends during the weekend, or watch for your own self-educating reasons in the comfort of your own bedroom on a laptop.

I must confess, I've brought my fair share of How-To DVD's over the years, from making money online, to the mechanics of the cosmology of the universe, to even exercise DVD's. The main attraction for me is that I like to watch what is going on, and sometimes that is better than listening in the car. Sometimes, while listening is good, one has to concentrate on the road or tidying the house (or another household chore) so focusing on the material isn't always easy. Having said that, fitness fans could point out that a simple MP3 player and good headphones is all that is required to enjoy listening to your favorite teacher, while you do one of your bodies little chores: going for a run;-)

Still, some of us prefer watching over listening, and that's fine. Sometimes when you watch a person on stage, you get to see the audiences reaction and you can tell which truths the audience are accepting, and which truths are not. Not only that, but you can also tell a lot by the body language itself. That is something you cannot do while listening to a CD/MP3.

So, watching your favorite speaker on the stage is still a great way to deliver wisdom to the individual. Here, I reveal the top 5 DVD's which I believe should change your life! As always with these list type blog posts, this is very subjective. After all, what inspires me you may find weird, and vice versa. Ultimately, it seems that wisdom can come in all shapes and sizes, but you will only accept it when you're ready.

So, without further ado, I present the DVD's which (I believe) will change the way you think and act in the world but only if you take the inspired action required to put them into use. See what you think;-)

1. Physiology of Excellence -Dr. Harlan Kilstein

I thought I start with one which involves a bit of NLP and physiology, and one that helped me last year when I was in work. Essentially, it's a case study of Dr Kilstein with one of his students. It's not a long DVD (around 45 minutes) and is set in (what looks like) a library. Dr Kilstein is with one of his students and during the 45 minutes, helps the student change their physiology which in turn helps their way of thinking, using a few NLP techniques.

Now, for those that don't know, NLP is a language which essentially communicates with the subconscious and the conscious (at times almost simultaneously). It's been around for decades, and has helped thousands of people with their lives. NLP can be as simple as saying a statement to yourself, in a certain tone, which then (almost automatically) changes your posture so you are more confident and more focused (and I should know as this has happened to me on numerous occasions). That is the power of NLP, and can be used in nearly every situation.

And to be fair, Dr Kilstein does a good job of walking his student through an exercise that reduces (and eliminates) a certain problem she has. It's fascinating to watch how your posture really can influence your way of thinking and even your mood. It's certainly a DVD that surprised me, and I believe will greatly benefit you

2. God Says Yes – Neale Donald Walsch

This seminar was taking in Scotland a few years ago, and expands on the, ‘Conversations with God' material. Neale Donald Walsch talks about humanities issues when it comes to creation and living a good lifestyle. It's a clever DVD as he is in an intimate surrounding with only about 100 people, who do ask him quite tough questions about the nature of divinity (one person actually challenges him quite well, and he has to go, ‘within' to retrieve the answer. It's a good clip).

He talks about questions that many people don't ask, and explains why we may not be living a reality that we want to be living. It's a good DVD as it provides insight into the way society is sometimes the way it is. If you are a fan of his, like his books, like him, or just want to have a clever and humorous approach towards how life works, this DVD will be for you!

3. The Voice – Intention Media (Various)

Probably one of the few DVD's which got me taking spirituality more seriously. Up until I watched this DVD, I flirted with the ideas presented in books and online materials. This DVD pretty much woke me up to the fact that we do have a higher consciousness (if you want to replace, ‘consciousness' with the word, ‘soul' or ‘god', that's up to you.). It asks the most pressing questions about humanity, involving attaining world peace, to whether the mind can influence matter, plus more. It also provides case studies of people who have had metaphysical experiences, and interviews spiritual and holistic practitioners alike.

Not to say that science is ignored, because this DVD is one of those that adds a good healthy dose of science as well. Scientist are also interviewed when it comes to spiritual matters and the big bang, as well as discussing vibrational frequencies (most of which we can't see) plus much more. If you are a skeptic wanting to believe, but feel that the science isn't sufficient enough, this DVD should change your mind;-)

4. Install And Transcend The Secret– Dr. Joe Vitale with Mark J. Ryan

For all of you law of attraction followers, or people who want to take the mind over matter concept and apply it to everyday life, this DVD will help you with that. It features Dr. Joe Vitale, who is a law of attraction expert, who guides you to how to practice the law of attraction, giving real life case studies of the law of attraction in action. Now for some of you, this will be old material, and for some a new age fantasy. However, it is worth pointing out that your feelings do affect (to some degree) electromagnetic fields, which covers every physical object. So from that point of view, it's not really hard to imagine that by thinking of your desires with loving feelings in your mind, that will increase the likelihood of manifestation.

On top of that, it has one of the best Q&A bonus sections out there, where Dr. Joe Vitale answers some of the most common law of attraction questions, such as how to deal with initial resistance, as well as the power of gratitude. He also talks about the Ho‘oponopono method, which was invented by a guy who helped the mentally insane criminals of an Hawaiian prison, by repeating a sort of mantra in his mind (sounds far-fetched, but completely true). Once you watch this DVD, you will start focusing on what you do want, and will start freeing your own mind from limiting beliefs.

5. Beyond the Physical– Path 11 Productions LLC (various)

This DVD is one of a few of it's kind to hit the mainstream, dealing specifically with the non-physical. It covers the law of attraction, the knack of making a good intention, and out-of-body experiences. It features several speakers and authors in their field, from the owners of the Monroe Institute to William Buhlman (amongst others), and even attempts to explain why a thing called, ‘Hell' may exist.

It's a thought provoking DVD, which again challenges what we think we know about the non-physical dimensions using case studies and peoples testimonies. It's a DVD which not only helps reduce your fear of death, but also helps you examine your thoughts more carefully, so you can choose the rights ones (and as a result, start affecting your initial non-physical reality). For any out-of-body explorers, or law of attraction followers, this DVD will help you understand, in more spiritual terms, how it all works.

By Julian

Julian Sirian is a personal development blogger. His blog, is dedicated in helping people lead a happier, healthier lifestyle by using natural methods as well as psychological, spiritual and weight loss/fitness techniques.

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