Thursday, November 26


4. Your Hips

Yes, again being serious. Your muscles in your hips plays a huge role in whether you retain weight or not. Especially your Psoas muscle.
They are described as one of the most largest muscles in your body, and are often overlooked even by atheletes.

But I know what you are going to say…

‘Why the hell are muscles involved in weight loss?'

Quite simple really.

Your Psoas muscle (near your hips) continously sends signals to your nervous system whether you are in flight-or-fight mode for survival, or if you are relaxed. If you are in flight-or-fight mode, you will acivate your Automatic Nervous System (ANS). If you are relaxed, you will activate your Parasymphatic Nervous System (PNS).

‘But', I hear you say, ‘I am relaxed most of the time!'

Oh really? Not according to your Psoas muscle, which acts like a, ‘scout' to your nervous system. It it gives feedback based on a simple qustion…are you are curled up in a ball (which is a traditional survival instinct posistion as it helps protect your vital organs).

Now, I know what you are thinking… you will only curl up in a ball, in bed. However your Psoas also regards sitting with poor posture as an attempt to curl up in a ball (which most people do anyway, unless you have a straight back and sit on your glutes). And when you sit down, it sends a message to your nervous system that you are under attack. This then allows your ANS to release more Cortisol, (the stress hormone), into your blood. Thanks to an overs-stimulated Adrenal gland, your blood will also have high amounts of glucose in it. All that extra Glucose and Cortisol in your blood will mean that you will store more fat around your thighs and waist. And all because you sat down with poor posture. (Incidently, fatigued Adrenal glands will also create a whole host of other problems as well.)

The solution?

Apart from the obvious sitting with a straight back and resting on your glute muscles (which, lets be honest, requires some habit changing in its own right), learn to work your Psoas muscles first thing in the morning, and after you come home at nght. This will ensure that your hip muscles aren't too tight, and will send the CORRECT signal to your nervous system that you are not under attack, and to not release more Cortisol. This will result in more of an activation of the PNS, which will also stop extra fat from being accumulated in your belly and thighs. This will also mean that you will also have a good night sleep as well.

And now you know why sitting is the new smoking.

Having said that, you are still missing one, crucial thing, and it involves your diet and the, ‘Mysterious Metabolic Malfunction'…






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