What If Life Was One Big Metaphor? 4 Examples That Could Blow You Away!

What if life was one big metaphor? How would you know? Would you have a hard time believing that? But if your subconscious understood symbolism and metaphors more easier than your conscious, wouldn't your life make more sense? Maybe you don't believe in metaphors, or maybe you do believe them, but in small doses.

I must confess when I heard that life was a metaphor, I was just as skeptical as you are. Of course, we can only rely on our eyes. Our eyes are rather simple tools. They are a basic converter, and that’s it. They convert light photons into a nerve impulse that our brain translates into an image. And guess what part of our conscious helps that? That's right, our subconscious.

Of course, if you solely believed what your eyes are saying to you, you could miss some of natures tricks of the trade. For example, you can't see in a dream, yet some people claim to have divine insight or premonitions. You can't see your intuition, yet how many of you haven’t had Déjà vu, or some other psychic experience. And talking of psychics, what if there was a way to develop your own psychic ability, and as a result peer into the future moment of now. Some people actually do this, and are called Remote Viewers (Psychics and Remote Viewers are essentially the same thing, people who can get an image or an impression of a distant time event, or a distant person, or both. For more information, click here).

Also, it is scientifically proven that our eyes only see a tiny minute fraction of the total light spectrum. It has been compared to seeing just a grain of sand, whereas the total light spectrum is a tall skyscraper.

So, as you can see (or not;-) your eyes don't give you a full view of the world in front of you. They can't. They are just basic converters, and that's it. Sure, we need them, but we also need our 6th sense, our intuitive-self just as well as our emotions as other tools to direct and experience our life.

And we also know that our subconscious understands symbols more better than our conscious does. Don't believe me, think about dream interpretations There is a whole niche on interpreting what dream means, and this can often help someone explain their life and highlight areas for improvement. Dreams are most commonly understood to be nothing more than the subconscious filling away memories and experiences of the day, like a filing cabinet. And while some of this is true, there are ways you can understand your life more by merely writing down what happens in your dreams.

Keeping a dream journal is a great way to know yourself more intimately. How often have you had a striking dream, tried to trivialize it saying it was just a dream, only to look at a dream dictionary and realize it may contain a truth. Some dreams have even been responsible for people to make discoveries and help the evolution of humanity.

I used to have a frequent dream where I would be chased by people in authority figures. It would start of ok, but then I would sense a threat, and would need to run quick. And of course, I would be tired (like in waking life) so I would mentally have to struggle running up hills in going though corridors in buildings. It was so mentally exhausting.

In my waking life, I wouldn't confront people with an emotional issue (still have a hard time doing it to this day). Instead, I would choose the passive, ‘let it go over my head' approach, and all because I didn't like verbal fighting. The only problem about not speaking your truth, is that you ultimately repress those feelings which can turn into rage (I went though a period where I would be angry for a melodrama created in my mind, which never took place. The punch bag would come in handy then). Thankfully, I didn't live with anybody, and kept it all bottled inside, while trying to smile and act of sweet and light on the outside…not a great combination!

So dreams are a surefire metaphorical way to understand problems and solutions in your waking life. But your subconscious works during the daytime as well as the nighttime, so wouldn't it make sense that everything around you is also a metaphor of some description?

Lets take the only conscious way of discovering your subconscious in real time, and that's the out-of-body experience (I'm not including lucid dreaming, due to the fact that it involves a partial awareness, and we're talking about about full conscious awareness…but lucid dreaming is a great way to helping you discover more about your subconscious, and making changes to your life).

Now anybody who has had an out-of-body experience will be the first to tell you several things: Firstly, the objects, people, and situations are an aspect of mind. That is to say, all subconsciously generated. Secondly, you are in the inner dimension of the multi-verse and therefore not in the space-time continuum. As a result, your thoughts manifest almost instantly. This means you have to be really controlled in what you think, say and do (not a big issue for people who practice mindfulness meditation, they can simply be in the, ‘now' which helps mental control).

So, you are floating around being directed by your soul, and bumping into places and people and events, which are nothing more than just figments of your subconscious imagination. Oh, the non-physical people are real, don't you worry, but they are still aspects of your subconscious. This though begs the question, ‘If the only difference is time, wouldn't the same be true in your normal waking life as well?'

This is where we come full circle and back to the age old question, of whether life is one big metaphor. Of course, if you believe in the illusion of separatism, dreams probably would hold little significance for you and as a result, you probably wouldn't care about the wonders of life.

If on the other hand, you are on the spiritual path and believe that we are all one, that we are one consciousness, and that what you see in one person is what you ultimately recognize in yourself, your dreams and your life would make perfect sense.

I was pondering this very question while re-listening to Conversations with God Book 2 (By Neale Donald Walsch). They were talking about how time wasn't really linear, but more like a spindle. It began to get me thinking on how we really should be viewing life and came to a few metaphors.

Metaphor 1- Trees are like time.

They are everywhere, aren’t they (unless you live in a desert!). Yet metaphorically, trees could be likened to time…or lack there of. There is no such thing as time. The hands on your clock is nothing but that, a hand, measuring a perceived field. All there is are, ‘now moments'. Even most scientists say that what we have is a space-time continuum.

So when you look at a tree, you could say that it is a reminder that time is more like a spindle, allowing you to make your next choice into a reality (a reminder, if you will, of choosing your thoughts and the images in your imagination more carefully). If you see a tree as a spindle of a, ‘now' moment, and all of the leaves/branches as possible, ‘choices' in this, ‘now' moment, you could arguably say that a tree is a great metaphor on the moment of now, and the quantum field of infinite possibilities. Arguably…

Metaphor 2 – Clouds are like your thoughts.

The next metaphor I got was when I read Ken Elliott’s, ‘Manifesting 123'. In the book, the author describes how he is told that your thoughts begin to form as bits of smoke, before added concentration allows that smoke to form into a reality.

I thought that the sky beautifully demonstrates this. How does a cloud form, through water vapor. What happens when there is a lot of vapor, it gets heavier, condenses and physical droplets begins to develop. Then what…it rains! Just like what happens when you think about thoughts. They start of as bits of smoke, while added focus and thought increases the smoke in the non-physical subconscious, before finally forming into a 3D hologram, forming into physical reality.

Having had both lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences, I can personally testify that your thoughts do form on the other side really quickly. I once had an obe when I was slightly above my body. I then tried to command the power of the multi-verse to enable me to try to self heal. I saw a wisp of whitish color start forming into a small dot, quite white in the center, above my body. But due probably to the excitement of having an obe, I quickly stopped this, and went on to have other adventures.

Needless to say, when I look into the sky, I am often reminded on how thoughts form, and how they manifest into physicality. Food for thought (no pun intended…well I tiny bit maybe;-)

Metaphor 3 – The sun is like your soul…non-judgmental and powerful.

I’ve had this metaphor in my mind for some time. Essentially, you could argue that the sun is like your soul…always shining in its unconditional love and infinite power and creativity. The clouds that cover it, arguably could be seen as your negative thoughts that stop the light from shining (or even a better one, thoughts itself, stopping you be in the, ‘now'. Two metaphors for the price of one). While it may somehow contradict the above metaphor on thoughts, it's still a great reminder that when you look near the sun (obviously don't look into it due to health and safety!) you are reminded to be unconditional, forgiving,nimaginative and creative.

When you think about it, the sun gives power to everything on the planet. It is always shining, come rain or wind, and it is extremely warm. Could you not think of a great way to think about your soul?

Metaphor 4- People are your inner personalities.

This is one that I'm still sketchy about, yet it does (to some degree) make perfect sense. Ok, coming from the point of view that we are all one, and if you've read that by seeing people as extensions of yourself, you can open up your heart chakra and raise your inner consciousness; see people as parts of your own inner personality shouldn’t be too far a stretch.

They do say, that what you see in somebody, you have in yourself. Let me explain…next time you see yourself being angry at somebody else, due to a perceived character flaw, ask yourself the ultimate question: Am I reacting because I see this in myself? This of course takes into account that you are honest, and that you can go deeply within…traits that not everybody can do. If you learn to practice this exercise, you'll discover (to your amazement) that you can discover more about yourself by how you criticize others.

When I've noticed this, I've realized that I can be quite the narcissist, and also arrogant. Of course over time, I've tried to heal those aspects of myself, and allowed myself to try to accept other peoples opinions and points of view. This hasn't been easy, especially due to the face that I had a speech disorder in my early days, so had to do an abnormal amount of listening rather than speaking. As I grew up in a cynical atmosphere, it began to dawn on me that nobody was going to listen, so I would just shut up, listen, and do as I was told. These days, I only try and speak when I am spoken to. I try not to force my opinions down other peoples throats (I let other people do that;-). Only when somebody actually speaks to me directly do I then speak. I'm not perfect at this, but I'm getting slowly better.

Believe it or not, from what I've observed, everybody has a million and one things to say. So it's a great exercise also on how to listen correctly and how to be compassionate, especially when people go through tough times.

If you find yourself nodding or agreeing to any or all of the above points, it may be an indicator that you are slowly waking up. Consciousness it seems, has be conscious of itself. That is part of the deal of this lifetime: to be aware and to be aware that you are aware. This allows you to manipulate life and your reality more effectively, heal many hurts and keep your inner peace (which is highly recommended for people suffering from stress/anxiety and many psychological problems).

Of course, you could look at this list and say that I have it all wrong. And you would be absolutely correct in that reaction. Why? Because whatever happens, you will always be led to your truth, and as a result this article has done it's job; you've been led back to your own truth. And that is the key, to finding out your own inner personal truth, and then trying to live it.

Because at the end of the day, what is the point in life otherwise?

By Julian

Julian Sirian is a personal development blogger. His blog, Healingbymind.com is dedicated in helping people lead a happier, healthier lifestyle by using natural methods as well as psychological, spiritual and weight loss/fitness techniques.

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