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Unlock My Hips!

  • Talks about how your hip flexors (muscles around your hips) helps influence your weight
  • Tight hip flexors help contribute towards weight gain, sleeping issues and high anxiety
  • These are videos and pdfs that help show you a specific stretch sequence in order for you to stretch your hip flexor, Psoas muscle
  • Talks about your Automatic Nervous System (ANS) and your Parasymphatic Nervous system (PNS) and how it can reduce your weight loss efforts
  • Also includes a diet to help reduce inflammation
  • As well as a sequence to stretch your tight hamstrings
  • Why reducing sitting, on it's own, wont help the issue
  • Not only is your weight affected, but your sexual performance and your mental health is affected as well
  • 1 user reports being able to deadlift 500 lbs
  • Current price: $10
  • Comes with a 60 day Guarentee

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29 Day Flat Stomach Formula!

  • A unique, ‘hack' that takes about 10 minutes
  • Talks about Heart hypertension
  • Feel lighter and rejuvenated
  • Explains what Leptin resistance is, and it's dangers
  • Describes a clever 3 second move that helps you identify if you have Leptin resitance or not
  • Talks about a special type of cardio that helps tone your body
  • This programme doesn't involved you doing CICO, or even doing any tough exercises
  • Some users can lose, within 14 days, up to 10lbs
  • Some users have reports losing 2 inches around their waist
  • Current price: $15
  • Comes with a 60 day Guarentee

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Metabolic Stretching


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