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The Truth About Abs Ebook!

  • Arguably one of the best ab/weight loss Ebook on the planet
  • Talks about your gut, and how it affects your weight
  • Explains what Advanced Glycation End Products are, and how it influences your weight
  • An Ebook which gives you a proper diet, as well as good recipes which help you avoid the downfalls of many poor, weight inducing foods
  • Talks about the dangers of Wheat, and how they can harm your body
  • As it can help speed up the aging process, as well as increase blood sugar levels and promotes weight gain
  • Also talks about the dangers of Vegetable oils with regards to gut health
  • Low fat foods, low carb processed foods and skim milk all help to increase your weight
  • After you start using this Ebook, you will feel more rested due to increase sleep as well as a faster metabolism
  • Current price: $10
  • Contains a sensational Guarentee

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Eat The Fat Off!

  • A 21 day guide
  • A clever Enzyme is found abundantly in certain foods, helps lose weight naturally
  • An Island near Greece has this enzyme as part of their diet
  • The publication of this story is told here
  • This enzyme helps dramatically metabolize fat
  • The soil on the Greek island has a higher enzymatic content
  • Explains what Lipade-P is, and it's role with the human body
  • Talks about Icaria in Greece
  • Talks about a certain combination involving fatty foods
  • Some users have lost around 35 lbs in 2 months with this guide
  • This enzyme also helps reduce Heart Disease, reverse the signs of aging, and much more
  • Current price: $19.95
  • Has a sensational, 2 times Guarantee, including 60 days to try it out

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Eat Stop Eat!

  • Increase the risk of your body cells rejuvenating
  • Talks about rebound weight gain, and how only about 2% of dieters keep their weight off
  • Explains CICO, and it's relation to Intermittent Fasting, which is proven to help with weight-loss
  • Includes your metabolic rate and Insulin Sensitivity
  • Explains the natural cycles of low and high calories
  • Also increases your well-being and your immune system
  • Intermittent Fasting helps with around an increase of a 700% crucial hormone, Increased Testosterone, increased metabolism and a lot more
  • Talks about the relation between Growth hormone, and losing weight
  • Helps you feel lighter, brighter and more energetic
  • Includes a FAQ section
  • From $10 onwards
  • Comes with a 60 day Guarantee

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