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Anabolic Running

  • 16 minutes a week to help you loose fat and increase your muscle mass
  • Improved muscle mass has been scientifically shown to burn more calories
  • Talks about the connection between Endurance running and weight gain
  • Helps improve your metabolic rate naturally, which is crucial for weight-loss
  • Proven to increase natural Testosterone levels
  • Talks about the Testosterone myth
  • Increases Lactic Acid, the gateway to over 500% Growth Hormone
  • Also increases Nitric Oxide, crucial for muscle building and weight loss
  • Talks about a 30 second movement that helps shred fat
  • Which vitamin to take to increase the power of your workouts
  • Current price: $15
  • Comes with a 60 day Guarantee

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  • One of the most popular work-out sessions on the planet
  • Working on your strength or cardio is a proven weight loss strategy
  • Allows you to workout anywhere
  • Also has a stunning app, perfect for on the go
  • Access and train with the highest quality instructors
  • You can switch between Yoga, strength, cardio, and much more
  • Over 85% of members reach their fitness goals, which is a high success rate
  • 1000's of classes for stength training, at your fingertips
  • Allows developing fitness habits that much more easier
  • Also includes a clever quiz
  • Current price: £12 a month, upwards
  • Has a 14 day cancellation period

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