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Hormonal Balance Now!

  • A snack that reduces food cravings taking around 30 seconds
  • May help reduce over 30 lbs of weight
  • Helps boost your metabolism
  • This helps reduce 1 lb of weight every 2 days
  • This will help tone your upper arms and Thighs
  • Talks about the 5 Hormonal Blocks
  • Talks about your Thyroids role in your metabolism, which is crucial for losing weight
  • Also talks about Cortisol, Estrogen, Insulin and Leptin, and their roles in helping you lose weight
  • Current price: from $49.00 onwards
  • Comes with a 90 day Guarantee

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Keto Breads

  • Claims that normal bread can aid in weight gain
  • Talks about Wheat, and it's role in helping you gain weight
  • What has a very high Glycemic Index
  • This helps blood sugar to spike
  • Which helps in increasing Insulin, which can cause numerous health issues
  • Talks about Amylopectin A
  • Says it is almost impossible to lose weight if you are eating normal bread, and explains why
  • Could also lead to depression, Skin issues, and difficulty in falling asleep, amongst others
  • Talks about Lectins
  • Explains how you can enjoy having bread, even if you are into the Paleo or Keto diet
  • A user has reported losing around 35 lbs within 5 months
  • Current price: $17
  • Comes with a 60 day Guarentee

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The Cinderella Solution!

  • Some users report losing around 25 lbs
  • Based on a 160 y/old ritual
  • Is 100% safe and uses a prinicipal that is used by Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Helps your Heart by using Carbs in a different, unique way
  • Helps also increase confidence
  • Creator has been featured in interviews
  • Talks about your metabolism and how it relates to weight-loss
  • Also talks about Estrogen, Cortisol and Insulin
  • Also explains the Japanese culture, and how it also helps with weight-loss
  • What, ‘Shoku-Iku' is and how it helps with losing weight
  • Doesn't involve counting calories, doing cardio or being hungry
  • Some users report that in under 2 weeks, they have gone down 2 dress sizes
  • Current price $37
  • Comes with a 2 month Guarentee

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