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Custom Keto Meals

  • Talks about Ketosis in great detail, and why it's important to weight loss success
  • Keeps the Keto plan simple and easy to understand
  • Talks about the scientific evidence
  • Talks about exercise, and why you don't need it
  • Provides plenty of scentific graphs for further proof
  • Includes and 8 week plan
  • Also mentions about various other benefits of the Keto diet, from your Heart to your Brain
  • Promotes a huge variety of recipes
  • Current price: $37
  • Comes with a 60 day guarantee

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Keto Soup Detox

  • Talks about the missing link in weight loss
  • Also talks about the Lymphatic slowdown
  • Contains a 10 second test
  • Explains how your lymphatic system causes cellulite
  • These natural soups help with weight loss
  • Users reported losing 14 lbs using slimming soups, although it's made clear this is not typical
  • Contains several bonuses, including soups that help with your immunity
  • Also has a quick start guide
  • Current price: $15
  • Has a triple guarantee

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coming soon

  • Talks about the number 1 mistake of the Keto diet
  • Also explains how you know that your body is in Ketosis
  • Contains guides that explains in more details Intermittent fasting, Macros, Ketosis and much more
  • Is honest that results do take time
  • Some users report using jeans that are 2 sizes smaller
  • Contains bonus gifts if you act fast, including having chocolate fun
  • Some users report losing around 32 lbs
  • Current price: $37
  • Comes with a 60 day guarantee.

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