Thursday, November 26

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10 Self-Improvement Seminars Smart People Will See!

10 Self-Improvement Seminars Smart People Will See!

Seminars are vitally important. They're a chance to really get to see the author of your favorite book on the stage, and get to experience them first hand. They can also articulate truths in such a way which you may have missed in the original material, and are usually open to questions afterwards. Here, I present the top 10 seminars which I believe everybody should see. They range from religious material, to business sense, while helping people in between. Some of the videos can be seen for free, some need to be paid. Have a look and see which ones you like. You may be pleasantly surprised;-) 1- God Says Yes - Neale Donald Walsch This seminar was taken in Scotland, and features a small group of people in a very intimate setting. Neale Walsh talks about the material in his books,...