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21 Day Smoothie Programme


One of the best, effective, weight-loss programmes on the planet

  • Chances for rebound weight is significantly reduced
  • Cravings for Junk Food to effectively disappear within a few weeks
  • Over 30 amazing weight-loss smoothies using natural ingredients
  • Some users have reported losing, in 3 days, around 3 lbs
  • It takes just 21 days
  • Very quick-to-make recipes, which are ideal for those who are in a rush
  • Helps increase healthy energy
  • Also helps you if you are on a very strict budget
  • Founder is a certified Health Coach
  • Helps promote clearer thinking, better sleep, great energy, and much more
  • Comes with a 60 day Guarantee
  • Current Price: $37

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The Nutribullet Weight loss smoothies (book)

  • Paperback (approx. 96 pages)
  • Over 70 ratings, lots of happy customers
  • Smoothies are the latest in helping you lose weight, in a very natural, healthy way
  • Fun doing so, making a smoothie is a fun process
  • These smoothies all are under 200 calories, a perfect way to feel great without overdoing it.
  • Current price, £4.99
  • Published in 2015
  • Many users report that this is an excellent book, and that they will be recommending it to their friends
  • Comes in a paperback and ebook version

Weight loss smoothies (book)

  • Contains recipes for smoothies that contains just 95 calories
  • Smoothies are a very healthy and fun way to reduce calories, and helps you feel full
  • Recipes include Mandarin and Grapefruit, Banana and Plum, Banana and Fig, plus much more
  • Provides nutritional values
  • Around 100 recipes
  • User love that the health benefits of each smoothie is explained
  • The ingredients used are at a good price, they are not expensive
  • Comes in paperback as well as Ebook version
  • Current price, £4.99
  • Published in 2016

Smoothie for weight loss (book)

  • Over 90 ratings
  • Helps explain the benefits of why smoothies are healthy for you
  • Some users report losing around 10-20 lbs
  • Includes weight loss charts and 3 week meal plans
  • Smoothies include proteins and healthy fats
  • Approx. 114 pages
  • Published in 2022
  • Includes Black and White photos
  • Some users report that they are nutritious and very delicious

Slim down with Smoothies (book)

  • Over 330 ratings
  • Smoothies are a great, cheap, healthy and delicious ways to lose weight
  • Has 100 smoothies, including The Pretty Peach and The Raspberry Rocks
  • Written by Dietician Laura Burak
  • Includes benefits of the recipes, including Brain and Heart health
  • Users report that the smoothies are tasty and friendly
  • Approx. 176 pages
  • Current price, £11.63
  • Comes in paperback and Ebook version
  • Published in 2020

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