Macuna Pruriens

I thought I'd save the best till last (like you didn't expect that, lol).

If you have any Dopamine issues (READ: Struggle with motivation, sleep, general mood and wellbeing, even focus) this stuff is for you…

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Quick story…

I remember hearing the about Macuna and how it affects L-Dopa, the precursor to Dopamine and I immediately called BS… are you telling me that there is a herb or plant that specifically targets the very neurotransmitter that puts you in a good mood?

Well, sort off…

Truth be told, what Macuna does is to influence the precursor to your Dopamine levels, and that is L-Dopa. 

Again, the usual benefits of mental and physical well-being are a plenty, but what is interesting with this one and the last one is that it is a gradual increase of feel good emotions, and a gradual decline. Yes, you don't have the sudden rush, which you may experience with Beroccas, but you don't get a sudden crash in the afternoon as well…

This isn't to say that Beroccas is bad… far from it… but having a possible sudden crash can be nervy for some people (including myself) where as, something more gradual, like Macuna Pruriens is right up my alley. 

That, and the fact that it helps with promoting longer motivation, as well as good sleep (I seem to be plugin things that are good for a good nights kip, aren't I.. Oh well… ) means that Macuna is one of the few number 1 products that I go to that is very reliable. 

Not only that, but it is very good for athletic performance (surprise surprise) as well as very potent; you only need to take a tiny bit.

I've used this sometimes around the beginning of the day, as well as around lunchtime. Again, don't take this just before bed… you will have surprising focus just as you are about to nod off… 

But I like Macuna. I think it's very under-rated, but no only that, it's also one thing that few supplements have (and I've taken my fair share…) And that's this:

It's just cool.

Seriously, that's it. For something that is under-rated, despite it's bundle of benefits for you physically, emotionally, and dare I say, spiritually, it's just a cool powder to take. As long as you respect it, it's fine. 

But like I said before, one of the few hacks I can talk about, is to take it with a small piece of fruit, such as Plums, Strawberries, or Raspberries. You should never really take anything on an empty stomach (I have tried) and something small before you do a workout, or even in the early hours of the morning when you wake up (Breakfast at 6AM… no chance) can be just your thing.

And if you want to cycle your supplements (which is just a fancy way of saying take one, leave it for another day and then take another to stop our body adapting), then that's even better.

But do yourself this one favour… take this seriously. Whilst there are many great supplements out there, few pack multiple punches such as the 3 I've mentioned here.

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