The NLP Practitioner Training Video Course With No Certification – My Review!

The NLP Practitioner Training Video Course
With No Certification – My Review

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Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short, was designed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler around the 1970's, and is all about the language of the mind, and how to change it. Over the decades, NLP has evolved and now includes various techniques, all help with the way to change how you think and communicate with yourself, and with other people.

As NLP deals mainly with the cooperation with the conscious and sub-conscious minds (which makes up over 95% of our behaviours, that is how powerful it is!), it makes change incredibly fast and allows old patterns to eventually be replaced with new mind patterns. In fact, NLP can be used with its techniques for a great deal of many things, from learning to be motivated, to stopping an old habit, to even creating great rapport with your family, friends or potential customers/romantic interests.

And this is one of the reasons why NLP is so popular; the ability to make changes and the ability to establish quick rapport. In fact, NLP can boast to help many famous people to this day, and is also taught by NLP trainers, called practitioners, around the world. When taught correctly, NLP can do the following:

*Help overcome bad beliefs and habits

*Help improve your memory

*Help create and set great goals for goal setting

*Improving your relationships, both with family and with your loved one, via creating better rapport

*Help improve clarity and focus

Plus much more

What it looks like when it arrives

The NLP Practitioner Training Video Collection is bought and viewed online and is delivered by, with its teacher, Michael Stevenson. This home study course is viewed online by having a membership login and password to enter the members area to be able to view the material.

The course is delivered mainly in video format, with a few links to additional resources like various accommodating ebooks. The videos are of a seminar, and are between 50 minutes to 1.5 hours long (on average). There are 21 videos in total.

What you need to use the product

It goes without saying, but an open mind is a must (like any other mind-based subject matter). The reason being that some of the concepts given will likely be new, and will almost take your breath away (it took my breath away, and I have been studying consciousness for nearly 10 years…).

Simply put, there is no place for dogma here. There will be some stuff that will sound obvious to do, and some stuff that you haven't dreamed of (for example, there is an excellent way to build rapport without even saying a word!). Therefore, if you have a closed mind, you are going to struggle with this course. On the other hand, if you have an open mind you will benefit from its wisdom.

Also, a good broadband internet connection, and a decent pair of speakers/headphones and you are good to go!

What you have to do to use the product

Once you log into the membership area and click the relevant link to be taken to your course, who will be able to watch the various videos. It is recommended that you view the videos in the correct order, as it is taken from a seminar. If you were to watch the videos near the end first and then the beginning, you could be miss-interpreting the various contexts that are given.

This course was filmed at a seminar, and you get to see Michael Stevenson at the front of the room with a board and a TV. The TV is used to show examples of NLP in action. From here, Michael teaches what NLP is about, and over the course of the home study course, talks about a wide range of subjects which uses NLP, such as creating rapport, language patterns in communication as well as ways to improve learning, and yourself. As I said before, keeping an open mind is essential here, as there will be concepts that, most likely, you wouldn't have heard before.

Can anyone use this or a select few?

The beauty of NLP, is that it is designed for both the newbie and the hardened professional alike. Quite simply, it doesn't matter if you have done NLP before or you are completely new to it, you are most likely going to either have a big wake up call, or you are going to gain a new gem of wisdom. As always, it goes with out saying that just leaning NLP isn't enough, you also need to practice what you have been taught, until it becomes second nature (well, you don't have to, but it does help;-). But the good news is that you can practice the small things first, and then build up to bigger things.

How long for the results?

It depends on what you are trying to learn. It is true that NLP can deliver some results in a short space of time, but you do need to know what you are doing. Or to put another way, when I first learn't a way to build rapport, I was able to use this wisdom the next time I went to my local store to buy some stuff. So it can be pretty quick. Then again, to develop constant motivation so you can build a business, for example, might take a few attempts at some exercises that can help with motivation as it also depends how easily it is to get motivated.

For example, I've suffered from deep depression in my time, and any depressed person can tell you that being motivated easily is one of the most toughest challenges you can face. But there are a few techniques with NLP that, when done a good few times, will enable you increase your motivation to get back to enjoying life again. It just depends how severely un-motivated you are.

Any additional help/resources needed?

Throughout the seminar, Michael Stevenson has a stack of books, and from time to time, will show a particular book that he has read and would recommend. These books are not necessary to learn NLP, but can be used as an obvious resource to expand on the previous knowledge.

Will this work?

Yes, but in some cases, you do need to take time. There is a huge wealth of information in here, which can affect a wide range of things in your life, from business to relationships, so please don't think this is going to take 5 minutes. Time and effort will need to happen for you to get the best out of this course. Simply put, if you can dedicate just one hour of your day on this course, you will become a more effective, and more focused person as a result of it.

Some of the techniques will show almost fairly quick results, and some techniques can take about 10-20 minutes, if not more. Again, everybody is different, and while some people only need about 5 minutes of an exercise to reap it's benefit, for others, it is going to take longer. This doesn't mean to say that the techniques don't work, it just means that everyone's sub-conscious is just slightly different. But then again, we are all in different body's, aren't we;-)

No product is perfect, what isn't so great about this one?

To be fair, very little. You do need to have the discipline to take an hour (or more) out of your day to sit down and watch the seminar (whilst you don't have to sit down, I found that you absorb the information better if you do, but there is nothing stopping you from doing some mundane tasks to kill two birds with one stone), and the initial motivation you had when watching the first video, may start to waver a bit by the time you watch the 3rd seminar day, so you do need to be a bit of motivation and patience. As I said above, there is a wealth of information here, so it does need to be carefully absorbed and practised but the patience is definitely worth it.

Also, despite the techniques being generally fairly short to implement, you would need to practice them, and use them multiple times to not only get the hang of it, but also the best result.

This is an online course, but you don't need to be tech or internet savvy to not use/enjoy this course. Michael Stevenson provides very clear instructions on how to login to access your course materials, and there is even a help section as well.

Tips and Tricks

  • Do be patient with this course, as there is a lot of info here. The stuff you will learn, most likely, will be completely new to you (it was with me), so don't think you will be an expert overnight. This will take time.

  • Try to get into the habit of practising a technique once you learn it, as this is a great way to becoming fluid with it. When I first learn't about building rapport, I tried to use it quickly when I was next in a social situation. Don't forget, practice makes perfect!

  • Lastly, please do keep an open mind, and allow the techniques to help you. By dong this, you will be enriching your life experience and helping the quality of others.

Overall, I enjoyed this course tremendously, as I believe I have a great set of skills that I can use when it comes to making negotiations, communicating with people, or simply having some drive and determination for my business (including this review ;-).

I thoroughly recommend this course, as I believe it can help people become more effective communicators and should help one on their first steps to realising their dreams (although, please don't jump off any buildings, flapping your arms, and hoping you can fly, the laws of physics still apply;-).

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