April 2023

@theskinnybrat5 Lift weight doing this ???? #hack #motivation #weightloss #theskinnygit #viral #exercise ♬ Powerful songs like action movie music – Tansa Here, I talk about a simple tip anyone can do to double their burn for maximum calorie burning when it comes to weight or resistance training. By tensing your arms, you add more resistance […]

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@theskinnybrat5 Weight loss hack ????#motivation #weightloss #exercise #theskinnygit #hack #viral ♬ I Just Wanna Be with You – DEEVZIE Here, I talk about a fitness hack to be used with Suicide Sprints, a great form of H.I.I.T. By tensing your abs, you get to maintain decent form, as well as activate a bit of your

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Hey there, busy mommas! So you want to lose some weight but you don’t have the time to hit the gym or the patience to follow a complicated workout plan? No problem, I’ve got you covered! Here are some effective weight loss exercises for busy moms that you can easily fit into your daily routine:

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