My, ‘Unstoppable Motivation with NLP’ Review

My, ‘Unstoppable Motivation with NLP’ Review

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Do you find it tough to get motivated? Do you have loads of things to do, yet can't seem to get out of, ‘putting your feet up' syndrome? Do you want to actually attempt to turn your goals into reality, using the power of NLP (Neuro-Linguestic Programming) which is a body of wisdom that is focused on how the mind works?

Michael Stevenson is a teacher in the subject of NLP, which stands for Neuro-Linguisteic programming, or the language of your mind. By studying NLP, you gain better understanding on how your mind works, as well as how your conscious works with your subconscious, the latter being the driving seat for behaviour and changing your experience.

Studying NLP offers many benefits, including changing behaviours as well as creating better relationships. “Unstoppable Motivation with NLP” is over 2 ½ hours long, and incorporates 3 videos. The videos are a presentation done by the trainer himself, Michael Stevenson.

We all require motivation to achieve our goals, and this course shows you how to increase your motivation, as well as talk about the 6 laws of success and describe effort vs energy, which is also useful to understand if you wish to maximise your productivity.

What it looks like when it arrives

“Unstoppable Motivation with NLP” is an online course, so you do not have anything sent out to you but is viewed online.

What you need to use the product

As long as you are able to view an online video, and you have speakers or a headphone, you will be able to watch and study this course.

What you have to do to use the product

It goes without saying, but an open mind is a must, as some of the concepts will be new and may be slightly unique to some people. However, if you are willing to suspend your disbelief, you will be able to learn a great deal on how the subconscious mind works in relation to motivation, and how you can use it to help achieve some of your goals.

Can anyone use this or a select few?

As long as you are in decent health, you should be able to use the techniques presented. Basically, you will need to be mentally alert enough to visualize if you have to (although not required if your not a great visualizer) as well as have a broadband connection to be able to view the members only area. You will also need some headphones/ speakers to be able to listen to Michaels Stevenson voice.

How long for the results?

One of the great thing about NLP techniques (for most of them), is that it only requires no more than about 5-10 minutes to perform a specific technique, and you will get a very quick result. You may need to repeat the technique if and when required.

This motivation course is no different, with a few techniques taking no more than a about a few minutes to complete. Once done, you should be able to see some effect pretty soon, normally within a minute or so. That is, you should be able to feel motivated to take a required action within a minute after doing an NLP technique.

Any additional help/resources needed?

Michael Stevenson does briefly mention the goal setting to goal getting course, and having purchased it myself, can testify that it is an excellent companion to this motivation course. However, it isn't required and you will still be able to see great benefit with this course alone.

Will this work?

I can testify that NLP has helped me to increase the efficiency of my life, and this motivation course with its accompanying content and techniques has not only allowed me to see where I've been going wrong with my life, but also has helped me when it comes to motivation.

No product is perfect, what isn’t so great about this one?

You do have to watch over 2 hours of video, and that can be frustrating to some people, however there is nothing stopping you if you are a fidget (like myself) to do two things at once.

Also, like anything in life, you get the best experience by actually trying out the techniques. But be prepared to be surprised at the simplicity and the efficiency of them, as that may take you by surprised. Or to put another way, watching something is only half the battle… to be good, you have to take action.

Tips and Tricks

  • I can only speak personally, and for me, the motivation is at its best when I take on projects first thing in the morning. And when I say first thing, I mean no later than 9.30am.

    In fact, I have got more things done when I was up at 6am, then when I was up after 9am. Of course, this does require you to have a good night sleep, so you may need to get to bed earlier to get your hours of sleep.

  • Secondly, while it's not essential, it is beneficial if you can visualise. Learning to visualize is a great tool, and will help you with goal setting as well as performing some of the NLP techniques.

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