February 2021

Tough, isn’t it. You’ve just managed to drop those few pounds, over the last few weeks, and now you’re lighter. Now you’re ready to switch up a gear. You have an event coming up, and you want to own it. But you know the scary truth… For you to own your journey, you have to […]

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It’s annoying… You wake up one morning, and you head for the scales. You feel your belly bulge, yet you feel you are dreaming. You have been careful during the summer, and lost a few good pounds. You’re proud of yourself. All that discipline has paid off. You feel like a true goddess. You’ve had

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It’s annoying, isn’t it? You wake up, and you can immediately feel it. This belly. Moving around. You stand up, and go to the bathroom. You find the scales, and you stand on them. You close your eyes. Dreading. Praying. Hoping. You look down. You read the number. It pierces your very soul. Something has

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