The Mindbeater

Instructions for use

“The Mindbeater” is a simple 5 minute audio that combines white-noise with ocean waves, designed to help you become more mindful.

As everybody is different, the length of time it takes to help becoming more mindful while listening to this audio can vary.

Whilst the audio is designed to help you calm down, try focusing on the white-noise itself (the actual, ‘schhhhhh') to help you become mindful.

Above all, have fun with this. If you have any constructive feedback in making, “The Mindbeater” better, email me at:  support -at-

All the best

Julian Sirian

PS. Please allow the audio to load a little bit before playing it- thanks;-)

Terms Of Use

This audio is not intended to help any existing medical condition. As always, seek advice from your local health practitioner or professional doctor if you have any doubts in using this audio. Due to this audio being able to put you into an altered state of consciousness, this audio is not to be used while operating any vehicle or machinery of any kind. and the product / creator are not held liable if any injury or damage is caused in the usage of this audio.

By reading this and /or using, “The Mindbeater” audio, you agree to these terms.