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The Top 5 Smartwatches For Christmas 2023
With the Apple Watch Ultra 2 tipped the next best thing with regards to the Smartwatch, I look at the pros and cons, and suggest alternatives to it.
A fantastic advanced fitness smartwatch that has all your needs met, with a rectangular design
  • Very bright display
  • Crash detection, fall detection for starters, as well as allowing you to go to depths of up to 40m in water
  • Very durable, corrosion resistant titanium case
  • For outdoor adventurers and athletes, inc. GPS, distance calculation and a workout
  • Up to 36 hours of battery life
  • Priced over £795, quite expensive, but there are payment plans available.
It's a fantastic Smartwatch, but the price may be off putting for some.
Here are some alternatives
Google Pixel Watch 2
A sleek, circular watch that just looks so cool on your waist.
  • A very mental- health based watch, including an app that helps monitor your stress levels
  • Has a lovely clutter free display, with a simple and effective design
  • Has cool, stylish bands to give you a new fashion statement when you wear it
  • Has a fantastic auto-dial system, which will connect you to the emergency services if you fall unconscious
  • Probably the most health based smartwatch yet, that not only helps your physical wellbeing, but also watches over it
  • You must be careful not to fall in love with it's design, it can be that addictive 😉
Current priced, £349
Garmin fēnix 7
A serious looking smartwatch, that has all of your fitness needs met
  • Great GPS and battery life, around 2 weeks with GPS tracking
  • Has a cool way of allowing you to pay for your groceries, by using a contactless solution, although this is only available with certain providers/stores
  • Sports app that helps with, well you name it…Golfing, hiking, biking, plus more…
  • Have a Spotify account? You can download your playlist, plus more music features
  • App allows you to check your health, inc. sleep and Heart rate
  • Includes a cool barometer to measure weather, thanks to the ABC sensors
  • Solar version allows you to have solar charging… how briliant is that
  • Some users report it looking clunky and having a screen contrast
  • Open water swimming data may be inaccurate, according to some users
Current price, £469
Fitbit Charge 6
A neat and tidy watch, which has a refreshing, almost seductive display
  • Simple and elegant display
  • Exercise app improved since the last version, inc. H.I.I.T and crossfit
  • Uses a google account, great if you use gmail
  • Allows you to use youtube music with a subscription
  • A Smartwatch which contains most bang for your buck, this is great if you want something quite advanced, and yet you are on a budget
  • May require a subscription to use some data.
Current price, $159.95
Garmin Instinct 2
A serious looking smartwatch, which as all the bells and whistles that you would expect to give you the goods
  • Has an advance monitor for checking your Heart rate
  • Looks seriously sleek on your wrist
  • Has its stuff on health and safety, inc. mental health, sleep, Heart rate and more
  • Advanced fitness data, allowing you to achieve your goals smoothly
  • Great battery life, some users charge it once a week
  • Some users say that the screen size can be a little small, and the brightness of the display can be a small issue
  • some surfers have issues with this, despite downloading several apps
Overall, a stunning smartwatch, which showcases why Garmin are damn good at what they do
Current Price, £182.00
PineTime SmartWatch
A brilliantly simple almost nostalgically designed smartwatch that has all of your basic needs met
  • A cleverly designed open-sourced smartwatch
  • Fantastic price for what it can do
  • Heart rate monitor inc.
  • Very good touchscreen, very responsive
  • Doesn't have everything, if you are looking for something advanced, try the Garmin series, but you will need to spend money

A great smartwatch to intro someone into the smartwatch industry and get them hooked, you get something decent for the price of a good supper

Current Price, $26.99
One to look out for in the next few months…
Suunto Race (just launched)
A snazzy looking smartwatch that looks, oh so cool
£389, a fantastic, almost intuitive display, with a battery life of around 2 weeks
The Polar Vantage V3
A sleek looking smartwatch, at around $599.90, and is available to pre-order, with availability from the 25th of October, look out for a future review.