This one is a stunner!

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I discovered this Indian Herb quite by accident about a decade ago…

I think I was doing an article at the time on sleep (yeah… I know… ironic…) and discovered that Ashwagandha helps with the REM part of your sleep… go figure.

Not only that, but I also discovered that it's great for reducing prolactin, giving Testosterone an indirect boost, so great for a pre-workout drink… but anyway, enough on that… nobody cares, right?

Well, I bought a satchel worth, and gave it a go… little tip, try not to use it last thing at night…

It does help with sleep, that's true. But I also found, was that it helped with my anxiety. So, when you're stumbling out of bed, and your brain feels numb, and you wish you never opened up your eyes to the big, sad world that you find around you, this stuff actually helps with the jitters.

No, you don't become numb to the weird void in your belly of jiggling nerves (as if this stuff is the holy grail, I mean, come on) but it will promote a sort of, cool-water-is-now-on-my-flaming-nerves-so-I-no-longer-feel-panicky-per-say vibe.

Surprisingly, within about 30 minutes.

And it also helps promote focus (they say, but I'm still not so sure about it…) Maybe it's due to a reduction in anxiety, you become more focused… that could be what they mean…

Anyhow, at the risk of coming out with pure written drivel, yes, Ashwagandha is very good for your body and your brain, and has a host of benefits. 

But, sometimes, you need to go to the root source of the issue, which in my case, was my Dopamine levels, and Ashwagandha, as good as it is, doesn't really address this…

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