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https://youtu.be/5uGphywZrPs?si=w39jALYtVo_jcWYb Credit to JoBlo Movie Clips Hi guys, welcome to The Movie Muscleman. This is about a very famous clip from Castaway starring Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt. So it came out several, several years ago. Now we’re talking about the year 2000. One of my sort of favorite all time movies you know, that […]

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https://youtu.be/ENj6Ff4PY80?si=z8zohF_VdF1UigPF (credit to casiron maiden for the clip) You know, it’s so strange because, I’ve seen my fair share of, Bond movies. I’ve seen them literally all from beginning to the end. And I remember this scene, still pretty vividly. I remember watching it with my Dad in the cinema. And it’s like one of

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Shot Composition and Framing Techniques (Image by igormattio from Pixabay) Turning your drone footage into a cinematic expreience will set you apart from the rest. It will turn a simple idea into a stunning masterstoke. Think about it: you have in forn of you a simple flying machine, that can go places you can only

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(Image by Michael Krämer from Pixabay) Mastering Camera Settings for Aerial Photography If you want to get maximum pride out of your drone, you will need to start owning that camera. Flying the drone. Should be pretty simple. Capturing stunning footage… Not so much. Yet the truth is, taking stunning photography shouldn’t be a boring

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Opening the Skies For the Beginner Drone Hobbiest: Aerial Photography and the Marvel of Drones   (Image by Thomas Ehrhardt from Pixabay) I’ll never forget the first time I used a drone. This was going back a few years ago, mind. I was lucky. I was given a gift card, from people at work for

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@theskinnybrat5 Lift weight doing this ???? #hack #motivation #weightloss #theskinnygit #viral #exercise ♬ Powerful songs like action movie music – Tansa Here, I talk about a simple tip anyone can do to double their burn for maximum calorie burning when it comes to weight or resistance training. By tensing your arms, you add more resistance

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@theskinnybrat5 Weight loss hack ????#motivation #weightloss #exercise #theskinnygit #hack #viral ♬ I Just Wanna Be with You – DEEVZIE Here, I talk about a fitness hack to be used with Suicide Sprints, a great form of H.I.I.T. By tensing your abs, you get to maintain decent form, as well as activate a bit of your

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Hey there, busy mommas! So you want to lose some weight but you don’t have the time to hit the gym or the patience to follow a complicated workout plan? No problem, I’ve got you covered! Here are some effective weight loss exercises for busy moms that you can easily fit into your daily routine:

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Hey there, welcome to our video where we talk about the best breakfast for weight loss and energy. Today we’re gonna be talking about the top 3 high protein breakfast foods that will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Also, read until the end for a special announcment. Alright, let’s get crackin’ with our

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