1. HIIT Training






You know it's tough….

People seem to look at you. You can't seem to avoid their gaze.

It's not the look you are expecting, either. It's the look of disappointment. Maybe judgement.

Either way, it doesn't feel good. You want to feel good. You want to feel like a million dollars!

You deserve it. You're the main gal. You want people to look at you in admiration. You want them to look in envy.

You want to be the centre of attention. After all, you work hard, so that's fair!

What's not fair, is that you keep hearing the same ol' spiel…

‘For you to loose weight, you have to spend hours in the gym!!!'

I know what you are thinking…

Seriously? (who has time for that?)

The thought of dragging your heavy ass down to the gym, so that people can judge and gawk at you for hours is not even remotely sexy!

Not only that, but the CICO routine that everyone raves about doesn't seem to be working as promised either. After all, you're careful with your diet, but you're not losing weight.

And it's an uphill struggle. And you want this struggle to end!

After all, you just want an easier way. Who doesn't?

Well, believe it or not, there is!

Because, thanks to the brilliance of High-intensity interval training (HIIT) you can now improve your cardiovascular fitness and burn fat quicker than ever before…

In just half the time.

HIIT is an interval training and has been designed to really push for fat burn, but be careful…

HIIT is NOT for the faint hearted. If you're serious about burning calories and want to see some serious results very quickly, using HIIT workouts can be one fast shortcut to your destination. And that is NOT an exaggeration.

Using HIIT workouts requires concentration and determination. It involves discipline and a vision.

Your muscles, lungs and heart are going to be screaming for you to stop, but you need to keep going anyway. Whether you like it or not. (Look, I'm being honest here)

Here's how to use HIIT workouts to improve your cardiovascular fitness and to blast some off those pesky calories off your body in a single exercise session.

Always start with dynamic stretching and a warm-up.

There are many people who consider stretching and warming up as a bonus.

It's not!

If you plan on doing HIIT interval training workouts, this is essential!

The reason is simple…the risk of injury without stretching and warming up are quite high. Also, you won't be able to work out as hard if you're not properly warmed up beforehand.

You start off with a warm up period, and this can be by stretching your entire body for 3-5 minutes. This could be jogging on the spot, it could be a brisk walk outside.

Then you start your HIIT workout, the trick being is to go at 90-95% of maximum heart rate.

Use the heart rate monitor on your local gym's workout machines or your own heart rate monitor to gauge how hard you're working out.

The Research

  • It's been shown that individuals will lose even more weight, if they have a higher VO2 max.

  • HIIT allows you to burn more calories than traditional, moderate exercise.

  • Metabolism is affected with HIIT for several hours after, more better than resistance training and jogging.

  • You can even burn the same amount of calories with HIIT as with normal cardio, but in less time.

  • The Carbohydrates, from Glycogen that you consume is used as fuel for HIIT. This helps reduce weight.

  • 424 obese and overweight adults were looked at in 1 review. The review showed that both traditional, moderate cardio exercise and HIIT exercise reduced waist and fat.

  • Sprint interval training reduced weight by around 12% in a study.

  • Good news for obese and overweight individuals, their resting heart rate was reduced thanks to HIIT training.

  • HIIT training also helps reduce your blood sugar levels as well.

Possible Solutions

Here's a quick video from After Skool, which beautifully illustrates this.

This WILL get your body into a state called, ‘Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption.' (EPOC). To put simply, you'll be burning weight for the entire rest of the day.

It must be noted, that if you have Adrenal fatigue, some research shows that intense exercise may have the opposite effect to what you want. Always check with your local GP or doctor to make sre that your Adrenal Gland is not being overworked, before undertaking any intense exercise programme. (More on the Adrenal gland later)

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