3. Nitric Oxide







Ah Nitric Oxide…

The chemical that was given, ‘miracle molecule' title in 1998.

I know what you are thinking?

‘What has this got to do with weight loss?'

Great question.

Quite simple to answer, really…

In order for you to lose weight, your digestion systems have to be able to transport the waste out of your body, easily and effortlessly.

In order for them to do that, they have to have a cocktail which allows them to transport blood efficiently, and carry blood away effectively to allow the waste to leave your body as quickly as possible.

Enter Nitric Oxide…

Whilst this doesn't directly get you to lose weight, you'll be a fool (and very naive) if you completely ignored this lovely chemical.

Nitric Oxide, it turns out, declines after your twenties, and is almost halved by the time you get to 40.

(yes, it's age related, who would've guessed)

But what is it, exactly?

Put simply, it is a vasodilator, which helps expands blood vessels, which also allows more blood to reach vital organs and blood tissues.

Like I implied earlier, this extra blood also helps remove toxins and wastes from your body.

An added bonus to this, is that this extra blood can increase uptake of glucose via the muscles. (Yes, athletes and bodybuilders love this stuff as it helps them to do more reps, and is also fantastic for recovery).

And it's not just your body…it also helps support your brain (cognition, memory) your immune system (very important), your libido…

As well as promoting great sleep.

Without keeping your Nitric Oxide topped up, you are effectively going to slow down your weight loss efforts big time.

(For goodness sake, don't do that!).

The Research

Possible Solutions

Keep your Nitric Oxide topped up. L-Argenine (an amino acid) is good for this, as well as Beetroot.

You can buy Beetroot in a local supermarket. You can purchase L'Argenine separately, or do what I do and have it as part of collagen, as it is one of the Amino Acids that makes up a part of collagen powder.

Like I said earlier, sleep is also improved when you increase your Nitric Oxide, and that will be crucial on the next page…