If you're struggling with a few extra pounds and rolls that you'd rather lose than be rich, it's important to set a realistic goal.

After all, it is impossible to lose 10 or even 3 kilograms per week. Sustained weight loss takes time and effort, so setting small realistic goals will help you avoid disappointment.

For example, rather focus on losing one kilogram instead of twenty at a time. Then you focus on the next one, because success fuels success. And the more success you achieve, the greater the chance that you will remain motivated.

But what does that mean in the here and now?

Realistically, how soon can you really expect success?

Well, in truth, no one loses weight at the same rate…

That is why it is important to be aware of all the things that can affect your weight loss, things that you may not think about at first when you rush to buy a sports subscription and fill your fridge with healthy food.

So before you set a target weight for yourself, know that these 5 factors can play a role in whether and how quickly you lose weight.

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